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Steele stole GOP Chair–Updated

Michael Steele appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and here’s what he had to say to them Dems!

“We want you to work with us, and for those of you who wish to obstruct–get ready to get knocked over!”

He said that he wants to move the party forward on the ideas that matter. Inquiring minds want to know “what ideas?” 

 He was talking to Dems and GOP alike. He is “NOT IN THE MOOD” for people to stand in the way and say we “can’t do it because we’ve always done it this way.”

Steele offered this warning (paraphrase) For the democrats who want to put up roadblocks, obfuscation, sleight of hand, and name calling he ‘s not gonna put up with it.

Q: Give me three names that are movers in the party and under 50?

A:  Bobby Jindal, Gov. Sarah Palin, and Tim Pawlenty will define the field in the years to come.

He has mentioned two of the people I also echoed as folks to watch. Doesn’t mean they’re going anywhere, just WATCH ‘EM! LOL

Heloise predicted as much when she wrote an article about the future of the GOP. I said they need to put a black face on the GOP. It was a hard-won battle but apparently Michael Steele prevailed.

Many speculated that it would be Newt Gingrich but I narrowed it down to either Steele or Jindal. Not sure if Jindal was in the area.  I didn’t know they had to vote on it, but that’s how it’s done on the GOP national level:

“We’re going to say to friend and foe alike: We want you to be a part of us, we want you to with be with us, and for those who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over,” Steele said.

He won 91 votes out of a possible 168 in the sixth round. A simple majority of 85 was needed, but it took six rounds for Steele to win.  Reuters


See Heloise’s “I’ll Take One Hot Palin and One Cold Bobby Piush Jindal To Go Please” at my writer’s page

Obama After Rush and Hannity After Heloise Called Them Out

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned either Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity in my many articles leading up to the raucous win of Obama. One is a no brainer–Rush was originally in the Chicago radio market. I listened to him then and since he has rolled out to Florida.

Hannity is also in Texas where he broadcasts from. I am also in Texas and of course he has a media show.

You recall the now famous words of Sarah Palin “I told Congress thanks but no thanks to the bridge to nowhere.” Oh no she didn’t go there I thought.  So I called her out on it the day after she said it 17 times. More times than I’ve ever heard it in my life. I also called out Sean Hannity because after my original article in June he continued to use that phrase in his broadcasts for days and weeks on end.

Some writer slithered my words into the convention speech for Palin. Imagine my surprise. Besides she was lying, I was not. She dropped that line like a hot brick the next day.

Rush has been a bone of contention since he thought he was the one keeping old Hillary in the race. He played the race card and a bunch of other cards. But to no avail. I called him out every now and then for one thing or another. He loves to sing and have his folks create ditties about Obama and other black and democrat leaders.

Is he a racist? I don’t know, don’t care. But if Obama and the Dems are bent on shutting them down as I’ve read some online in accordance with the dead fairness doctrine, then good luck with that. He doesn’t bother me really. It’s better to know what the enemy is thinking rather than merely guessing.

More power to Rush and Sean they make me laugh.


Confirm Eric Holder: Just Don’t Do It

The senate is dancing on Holder’s confirmation as attorney general. The vote and hearings will continue next week.

He would become a  member of Obama Island (my name for Obama’s cabinet) but my advice to the senate–don’t do it! Too much blackness. I don’t mean his skin color but the lack of transparency about this candidate is deafening. I mean look at the man’s name: holder. holes in his story. Hmm.

Time will tell if he is confirmed but the clock has already started ticking on Geithner. Too many skeletons rattling around this guy Holder. He’s cute, but not truthful enough for me. Tim Geitner has been confirmed since I wrote this article. There is no surprise because he is a darling of Wall Street. He knows folks who know folks. He’s an insider. But insiders can be dangerous to the cohesion of this island’s administration. They are natural prima donnas!

In addition to the regular questions one might ask will taxes rear its ugly head in the confirmation of Eric Holder along with other problems and under-the-rug sweepings he performed for the Clinton administration?

My prediction would go along these lines: if he is confirmed sans problem it will be a close vote. If he is not confirmed then it will be due to some unexpected uncoverings in his record.

More later


As The Economy Sinks–The Frauds Will Rise

From the whisperings about JPMorgan knowing something or seeing something coming re Madoff scam to the salmonella in peanut butter to the shrinking packages at the super…lookout consumer. No one else has your back apparently.

Reuters reported today that JPMorgan began pulling millions of dollars in funds from its Madoff hedge funds back in September. The market was pretty hot in September but the top of the markets did not come until about December 2007. I know because I sold all my stocks at the top of that market. Didn’t know it was the top of the market just had a feeling. Did JPMorgan too just have “a feeling” something was rotten in Madoff?

This will also translate into doctors office visits too. Don’t think that your local doctor is above the law or above being unethical perish the thought. Watch your back and your wallet because no one, not even Congress and the lovely President Obama can do that for you. Yes, you can watch your wallet and your health.

Bottom line folks the mass media the main stream/steam media has lied to the public before and they will lie in the future. Watcher beware.


In Rod We Do Not Trust–Illinois Senate Votes Blago Out of Office For Life

In breaking news today the Illinois Senate voted unanimously to remove Rod Blagjevich from office and what’s more–he’s barred for life from ever holding public office.  Keep in mind this is just the senate vote. This does not include a trial that could find him guilty of other crimes. He has to face court for his indictment of other  crimes. The final indictment could be huge. 

The Lt.  Gov Pat Quinn has already been sworn in as the new governor.

In the last week, Blago has been everywhere. He has been caught making the rounds on the TV circuit q day as the senate rolled in and voted him out! He just doesn’t get it. He gets it now. It was reported that he begged for his seat. Should we pity this man who recklessly and shamelessly took for, begged for and courted favors in return for his yes vote? I don’t think so.

Bye Bye Blago!


Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire by Heloise

Mumbai, India is the setting for this brutal look at slum life in a southern Indian city. It follows the life of three slum dwellers, called slum dogs by the film’s writer, who said he “just made up slumdog.”  Ouch!

Well, the natives are a bit restless about the dog part. However, here in America, dog can be a friendly word, but when you are poor, black and the underdog being reminded of it well, hurts.  I’ve been to India and traveled by plane, and by taxi from the city of New Delhi to its northern Punjab region. This region is not nearly as bad as the south but just the same you see people living virtually EVERYWHERE in India.

And what distinguishes India even more than having to step over people sleeping in parking lots in the train station and living on the train tracks is the veritble smell of India.  It is the smell of burning that distinguishes her.

The hero and heroine of Slumdog have lots of adventures that take them from the beauty of the Taj Mahal to an orphanage that uses and abuses the kids. Here’s where it got ugly. The violence and torture in the movie rate it a strong caution.  It is not a kid’s movie even though kids are portrayed in the film.

Its star works his way up to an office job in an offshore calling center where he takes the chance to become a contestant on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” Indian style. It looks like the American version only the questions are very different and as the host says, even scholars have not made it up to the highest levels.

They are suspicious that he has cheated and the police are called in and carry him off for interrogation. The interrogator is the dad from “The Namesake.” He must question young slumdog to get to the bottom.

This is how the story is told in flashbacks that last for long stretches of the film. The end is fabulous. Don’t leave too early or you will miss one of the best music videos ever. It reminds me of the old days back in the 1970s when my ex husband first took me to screenings of Indian films on the north side of Chicago. I’ve always loved Indian films and this one is no exception.

Don’t miss Slumdog Millionaire. Will it win best picture of the year? I predict it will. I’ve seen its biggest competition “Curious Case…” and slumdog will win hands down.

Evil-ution–Not as fun as religion updated

Religionists see heaven as utopia and ask why not. Sientists see utopia as life and earth and ask don’t ask why.  They have to believe only in here and now because they know that when they die that’s it, dead, gone never to return to anything but dust and microbes.

Evolution is the political third rail in this country and in education. It is the only accepted world view.  It is the Bible of the atheists in this country. And yes, they do have a bible, a script,  a scripture they all quote chapter and verse.

If you don’t believe me you need to watch this documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.”

Evolution was a hard-won legal, not scientific, concept that life arose spontaneously on earth. And from a single cell, a single strand of DNA arose all life including and up to man. This takes no intelligence according to and despite the evidence to the very complicated opposite observations made by eminent scientists on both sides of this argument. It warns to beware of one hand clapping.

But if one believed that this was it, life here on earth, I mean ONE, SINGLE life on earth was it, then what kind of life will one lead? Interestingly enough those who push this belief, and it is a belief just like religion, they want  you accept its myopic rightness. Simple, they are right and if you believe in God and intelligent design you are wrong and worse crazy.

After watching an excellent documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” it Darwined on me that my work would never be accepted because it is the antithesis to American worldview–there is no God here.  Atheists make the world go round for sure. I got a bellyful of atheism when studying for my masters degree in Anthropology which means I studied race science and biological anthropology. It is full of racial stereotypes and atheism.  It depressed me. What else is new?

If you want to see just how “free” we are in this country then you need to watch this movie. I highly recommend it  if you have any thoughts rattling around in your brain. My interest is purely selfish. I want rebirth to become the new religion. And I want to be the author of that religion.

Rebirth the truth that I preach will never be accepted in the scientfic community. Why? Because it supposes, implies, deducts that there is intelligent design, intelligent purpose to life, creation. There is a divine plan. A plan that is known to the creator and unknown to His creation.

Finally, you can freely download a pdf copy of my book “Dinner With DaVinci” (for a limited time) at my Web site


Geez, I didn’t know it was also Charles Darwin’s anniversary along with the 200th anniversary of Abe Lincoln. I’ve always appreciated his book “Origin of the Species” because it is a simple book. No talk of evolution, in fact the word evolution cannot be found in his book. He did not invent it, he is called the father of evolution perhaps but he was a mystified as anyone as to how we went from a single cell to a human being or to any animal in between.

Sure, students need to know about evolution. By definition means merely “change over time.” This is what we want students to learn, what we teach them. That’s a simple concept and it does not take you from squirrel to humankind, it just takes you, maybe, from one species of squirrels to another. They changed over time because they moved from one locale to another or because they lost food or the weather changed and they did not bring a coat or clippers.

Darwin is overrated because the scientists needed a fall guy and he’s dead and therefore available.


Movie Review: Some “Doubt” by Heloise

As one who has spent twelve-plus years in parochial school in Chicago, St. Anselm and Mercy CHS to be exact the one thing that Catholic-schooled children know well are the ways of the nuns and sisters. The movie Doubt portrays life  in such a Catholic setting. The watch word is “strict,” not critical. Strictness is what you remember about going to Catholic school and being taught by nuns. They brooke no arguments therefore are never critical. I mean what’s there to criticize when your word is law?

While nuns may not wear the garments of criticism  Heloise does share some critical doubts about Doubt. Meryl Streep is once again nominated for best actress in this little film. Viola Davis is also nominated as best supporting actress. And I can tell you Viola nearly takes nun Meryl’s habit off while they argue in a “bring it” manner on the cold snowy streets near the school her son attends.

Sister Streep is cold, calculating and critical of the priest who is also the pastor of the school. He hears confessions and says mass on Sundays. The object of his affection is a young black boy who is also one of the altar boys. He craves the attention of the priest because he is the token black student in the school. That happens in Catholic school but more often than not. The schools are typically segregated just like the public schools except that they are not housed in run-down shanties as so many black public schools in the deep South.

Streep plays spiritual foil to that other great male actor Philip Seymore Hofman. One can easily worship at his altar . He delivers another crack performance as the suspicious priest of Doubt.  When the token black boy is picked on he is there to literally help him pick up the pieces that some boys have slapped to the floor.

Priest Hofman seems well, sleezy enough, but then that is not the plan. Priests aught to be above suspicion and this is the mantra of Sister Streep–we suspect you therefore we doubt you therefore you must go.

He does go but we know how that will end. We know that he will get another rectory and another chance to appear “suspicious.”  We also get a peek inside the classroom of Sister Amy. She is a new, nervous, shaky teacher who cannot handle the nice little white kids in her charge. That lack of control in Catholic classrooms in my day and the day of this film is just about as rare as married priests, again doubtful.

While I have no direct experience or knowledge of priest doing wrong and wrong doings sexual or otherwise, I have followed those who have experienced this betrayal. And this is the other thing that makes this movie doubtful in my eyes–why would a mother let her son be abused knowingly? This is what Viola’s charater asks us to believe. We should not doubt that it is urgent that her son be accpeted, educated and graduated.

Doubt is a short film, not a very convincing film despite four very fine performances from the cast. Four stars would be one too many for this film. But I do recommend it. Will Meryl pull it off again? Stay tuned for my Oscar predictions.

Times waves Bye Bye to Bill Krystol

Heloise never misses an episode of Fox News Sunday with Mike  Wallace and the clouded Krystal ball. He never gets anything right. So it was a matter of time before the New York Times (anyway) got it right and gave him the pink slip. Sunday morning talk shows continue to be the whitest moment of TV.

Krystol would smirk, grin and spin how Obama could never win and that McCain and Palin would be pulling up to 1600 Pen. That was the most ridiculous thing he ever said. But one has to admire the fact that he stuck to his guns. He was wrong and he was sticking to it.

What made him so painful to watch was his befuddled confusion. He was like the old Elmer Fudd who didn’t know he was a cartoon, a figment of somebody’s imagination.

Readers no longer have to imagine Krystal the conservative in print. but I am sure his seat on Fox News Sunday is safe. Or ist it?


Tim Geithner: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave If First We Practice To Deceive–Updated x3

Sound familiar? It should because somebody said it and Tim should think about it. I do my own taxes every year and nobody has asked me to join their cabinet. How on earth can an executive who is akin to a tax lawyer or specialist screw up his own taxes or not oversee the taxes he files?

I’ve worked for a major tax firm in the country now Thomson/Reuters and edited their financial books by CPAs etc. And have actually read tax laws and books for fun and for doing my taxes. After all one must keep abreast of the tax laws…duh!

Geitner is as shady as a tall oak tree and I would not trust him any more than Paulson–and look how that turned out. If a man can ’t get his own taxes right and is asked to oversee the IRS, then all I can say is what the hell was Obama thinking not to withdraw or vote this guy off Obama Island? I vote Tim turn in your torch.

In Tim’s bio we  find that he has connections to the Ford Motor Co.  Both he and his dad. That begs the question for me does he also have connections to JFK through his dad? And here’s the crux of his tax problems and hiring a legal alien and NOT paying self-employment taxes. Let me  tell you folks as one who has done her taxes that way–there is NO way you can NOT know you are NOT doing this wrong unless you don’t want to know that is.

This is truly a tangled, hot mess of a weave that Timothy F. Geitner is asking the gullible American people to swallow.  Let’s blow out the fire under this wet dog.

Tax problems

At the Senate confirmation hearings, it was revealed through documentary evidence that Geithner had not paid $35,000 self-employment taxes for several years,[24] even though he had acknowledged his obligation to do so, and had filed a request for, and received, a payment for half the taxes owed. The failure to pay self-employment taxes was noted during a 2006 audit by the Internal Revenue Service, in which Geithner was assessed additional taxes of $14,847 for the 2003 and 2004 tax years. Geithner failed to pay, or to admit his failure to pay, the self-employment taxes for the 2001 and 2002 tax years until after President-elect Obama expressed his intent to nominate Geithner to be Secretary of Treasury.[25] He also deducted the cost of his children’s sleep-away camp as a dependent care expense, when only day care is eligible for the deduction.[26]Geithner subsequently paid the IRS the additional taxes owed,[27] but was not charged a penalty for late-payment. [28] In addition, his housekeeper’s work authorization lapsed during the last three months she worked for him.[29]



Update: We’re vetting there–2/4/09



  Kyl: Did you rely on the statute of limitations rather than just fail to think about it? Legally, Kyl says, “there’s nothing wrong with relying on the statute of limitations.” Geithner said that looking back, he didn’t think about it “carefully enough.”


“Senator, of course I was aware of the fact that I began work at the IMF in 2001 and 2002,” Geithner says. “But again, I did what I thought was the right thing to do at the time, which is the IRS told me what I owed.”

Kyl grows testy. “Would you answer my question rather than dancing around it please? Did it occur to you before you were nominated or before you were approached to be nominated?”

Geithner says he did not think about it until having gone through the vetting process, disclosing his tax returns to the transition team. “Having thought about it then, I did what I thought was right to go back.”


Upon further questioning, Geithner says, “I did not believe that I was avoiding my liability.” Then he gets a touch personal. “I have worked in public service all my life. My first job in government was as an employee of the Treasury. I grew up in government with a deep appreciation of the obligations that come with that. I would never put myself in the position where I was intentionally not meeting my obligations as an American taxpayer.”

Kyl still appears skeptical and tells Geithner he has the opportunity to amend his remarks in writing for the record since he’s under oath.

1:41:Baucus tells senators they must submit written questions for Geithner by 5 p.m. Geithner must return the responses before 10 a.m. Thursday, when the committee is scheduled to vote on the nomination.  source

The hearing is adjourned





After reading this from the WSJ blog it is even more clear that he was swallowing hard and dancing to the heartbeat inside his head. Trying to pull heartstrings by mentioning his wife and son help at a food pantry where people are getting hungrier and the lines are getting longer. I say his lies are getting longer and testier.

Another tax cheat helping the fat cats hide money offshore in all sorts of exotic caches. They and his ilk, including Obama’s pick and the folks at Fannie Mae won’t be happy until the  have totally bankrupted this country.

I chose the title before I read the transcripts. How right you were again Heloise. This guy is full of it. Cute face, ugly cheat.


 Update: Hmm, seems Obama called this an “innocent mistake” I missed that. Nice one, Obama, good euphemism there for “dishonest mistake.”

Obama has offered his full, continued support for Geithner, saying he is confident the Senate will confirm him despite his “innocent mistake.”

The Senate committee considering Geithner’s nomination released 30 pages of records detailing the tax problems and other issues discovered after he was nominated. The materials show that the IRS audited Geithner in 2006 for tax years 2003 and 2004, noting then that he failed to pay self-employment taxes while working for the International Monetary Fund.

Geithner also received IMF pay in 2001 and 2002, and he handled his quarterly tax payments those years in the same improper way flagged by the IRS. But it wasn’t until his nomination by Obama that he paid those taxes, a fact that’s puzzling in light of arguments that Geithner’s actions were simply “honest mistakes.” source

Here’s what’s interesting, I thought, the IMF gave Geithner the cash to pay the employment taxes and he still didn’t do it. This is not to say he pocketed the cash, but did he have it in a now-failed bank account earning interest that he did pocket?


My article at BC “Barack and the New Mood” updates this post.