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Tim Geithner: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave If First We Practice To Deceive–Updated x3

Sound familiar? It should because somebody said it and Tim should think about it. I do my own taxes every year and nobody has asked me to join their cabinet. How on earth can an executive who is akin to a tax lawyer or specialist screw up his own taxes or not oversee the taxes he files?

I’ve worked for a major tax firm in the country now Thomson/Reuters and edited their financial books by CPAs etc. And have actually read tax laws and books for fun and for doing my taxes. After all one must keep abreast of the tax laws…duh!

Geitner is as shady as a tall oak tree and I would not trust him any more than Paulson–and look how that turned out. If a man can ’t get his own taxes right and is asked to oversee the IRS, then all I can say is what the hell was Obama thinking not to withdraw or vote this guy off Obama Island? I vote Tim turn in your torch.

In Tim’s bio we  find that he has connections to the Ford Motor Co.  Both he and his dad. That begs the question for me does he also have connections to JFK through his dad? And here’s the crux of his tax problems and hiring a legal alien and NOT paying self-employment taxes. Let me  tell you folks as one who has done her taxes that way–there is NO way you can NOT know you are NOT doing this wrong unless you don’t want to know that is.

This is truly a tangled, hot mess of a weave that Timothy F. Geitner is asking the gullible American people to swallow.  Let’s blow out the fire under this wet dog.

Tax problems

At the Senate confirmation hearings, it was revealed through documentary evidence that Geithner had not paid $35,000 self-employment taxes for several years,[24] even though he had acknowledged his obligation to do so, and had filed a request for, and received, a payment for half the taxes owed. The failure to pay self-employment taxes was noted during a 2006 audit by the Internal Revenue Service, in which Geithner was assessed additional taxes of $14,847 for the 2003 and 2004 tax years. Geithner failed to pay, or to admit his failure to pay, the self-employment taxes for the 2001 and 2002 tax years until after President-elect Obama expressed his intent to nominate Geithner to be Secretary of Treasury.[25] He also deducted the cost of his children’s sleep-away camp as a dependent care expense, when only day care is eligible for the deduction.[26]Geithner subsequently paid the IRS the additional taxes owed,[27] but was not charged a penalty for late-payment. [28] In addition, his housekeeper’s work authorization lapsed during the last three months she worked for him.[29]



Update: We’re vetting there–2/4/09



  Kyl: Did you rely on the statute of limitations rather than just fail to think about it? Legally, Kyl says, “there’s nothing wrong with relying on the statute of limitations.” Geithner said that looking back, he didn’t think about it “carefully enough.”


“Senator, of course I was aware of the fact that I began work at the IMF in 2001 and 2002,” Geithner says. “But again, I did what I thought was the right thing to do at the time, which is the IRS told me what I owed.”

Kyl grows testy. “Would you answer my question rather than dancing around it please? Did it occur to you before you were nominated or before you were approached to be nominated?”

Geithner says he did not think about it until having gone through the vetting process, disclosing his tax returns to the transition team. “Having thought about it then, I did what I thought was right to go back.”


Upon further questioning, Geithner says, “I did not believe that I was avoiding my liability.” Then he gets a touch personal. “I have worked in public service all my life. My first job in government was as an employee of the Treasury. I grew up in government with a deep appreciation of the obligations that come with that. I would never put myself in the position where I was intentionally not meeting my obligations as an American taxpayer.”

Kyl still appears skeptical and tells Geithner he has the opportunity to amend his remarks in writing for the record since he’s under oath.

1:41:Baucus tells senators they must submit written questions for Geithner by 5 p.m. Geithner must return the responses before 10 a.m. Thursday, when the committee is scheduled to vote on the nomination.  source

The hearing is adjourned





After reading this from the WSJ blog it is even more clear that he was swallowing hard and dancing to the heartbeat inside his head. Trying to pull heartstrings by mentioning his wife and son help at a food pantry where people are getting hungrier and the lines are getting longer. I say his lies are getting longer and testier.

Another tax cheat helping the fat cats hide money offshore in all sorts of exotic caches. They and his ilk, including Obama’s pick and the folks at Fannie Mae won’t be happy until the  have totally bankrupted this country.

I chose the title before I read the transcripts. How right you were again Heloise. This guy is full of it. Cute face, ugly cheat.


 Update: Hmm, seems Obama called this an “innocent mistake” I missed that. Nice one, Obama, good euphemism there for “dishonest mistake.”

Obama has offered his full, continued support for Geithner, saying he is confident the Senate will confirm him despite his “innocent mistake.”

The Senate committee considering Geithner’s nomination released 30 pages of records detailing the tax problems and other issues discovered after he was nominated. The materials show that the IRS audited Geithner in 2006 for tax years 2003 and 2004, noting then that he failed to pay self-employment taxes while working for the International Monetary Fund.

Geithner also received IMF pay in 2001 and 2002, and he handled his quarterly tax payments those years in the same improper way flagged by the IRS. But it wasn’t until his nomination by Obama that he paid those taxes, a fact that’s puzzling in light of arguments that Geithner’s actions were simply “honest mistakes.” source

Here’s what’s interesting, I thought, the IMF gave Geithner the cash to pay the employment taxes and he still didn’t do it. This is not to say he pocketed the cash, but did he have it in a now-failed bank account earning interest that he did pocket?


My article at BC “Barack and the New Mood” updates this post.  


Press Pipeline Road?

Does anybody in the political pipeline that is the DC beltway know anything about anybody. Guess not.

Geez after watching the Sunday talking heads can you believe that no freaking body knows what the hell really happened with the Kennedy senate appointment.

Naturally, she’s mum on the subject. Bobby Jr. is doing damage control and spinning the tale on its end by saying that Caroline did not have a foil…okay. So she was a party of one.

If that’s the case then will she end up on Obama Island in President Obama’s cabinet or nearby?

Keep you posted. My guess is as good as anybody else’s. So here goes: I think she saw the writing on the wall–he was not going to pick her. And Kennedy’s don’t want “loser” anywhere on the resume. That’s the skinny from Heloise.

Caroline Kennedy–The Very Definition of Inarticulate

OK, so what, uhm, you know are like you know what John McWhorter expressed in my interview with him for blogcritics.org. I asked him what advice would you give to public speakers and politicians alike. Obviously, Caroline didn’t read it. He said that simply to avoid “uhm” and “you know” would be enough to make anybody sound articulate.

Enough said? Next time, take your time. Jack Kennedy was not a good public speaker at the advent of his career. When he was just a neophyte congressman people told him he spoke much too fast. He slowed it down and studied the words and speeches of Lincoln to see exactly what made him sound soooo great. Simple formula: lots of monosyllabic words to sound both musical and poetic. After all Abraham Lincoln had been William Shakespeare in an earlier life. He got it.


Movie Review: Defiance — Destiny Ugly

Defiance is a political bomb for the Nazis and their plan to destroy European Jewry. The film is  based on the  true story of Jewish survival in 1942. It is a political  film about destiny, some lived some died. It is the tale of four brothers The Bielskis who leave the Jewish ghetto to live in the woods in Belarus during WWII and the Holocaust of the Jews. Two brothers played by Daniel Craig (James Bond turned Jewish Rambo) and Liev Schreiber who plays the antagonistic brother Zus Bielski are both heroes of the forest and heroes of this true tale.

The original small band of brothers  begins with one handgun and four bullets that they use wisely, and ends with  an arsenal of machine guns and clips enough to kill thousands of Nazis. They grow from a few to a  multitude of would-be survivors.

The movie takes place in the forest and a few precious moments in the ghetto where the brothers return in order to entice more Jews to join them in order to live.

Watching Jews fight back is invigorating to the audience and a huge anoyance to the Nazis. They pull out all the stops to destroy the forest dwellers. They nearly succeed. Strong performances by the cast. The brothers are believable but are over the top with rage about the killing of their parents. They want the running, hiding, hopeful Jews to be more humane than the Nazis who make their life a living, cold hell.

The coldness of Craig as brother Tuvia is trying at times. He does not shed a tear during the film but he sprays lots of bullets. What’s a little killing spree among Jews? This movie would be a perfect made-for-TV flick with some of the violence deleted. It is quite violent and not for the faint of heart. For me it was way too violent. Ugly violence that was part of the true story of the 1200 people who survived in the woods for two years.

Strong performances by the brothers. It was Rambo Jews times 2. Both brothers were killing machines according to the film. They had to be in order to survive what the Germans threw at them. The strongest performance by brother Zus. While Daniel sheds his James Bond image but does not shed a tear or seem touched by the ravages of human ugliness and death. His illness and rage over the death of his parents is the only time one gets to see his vulnerability as a man trapped with hundreds of Jews depending on him for life. The Bielski brothers do give life in the end to 1200 Jews–Bravo.

The film could be compared to “The Counterfieters” which was a lso a true story about Jews who ripped off the Germans and foiled their plans to kill them. However, it does not quite compare. Both films were told from the Jewish viewpoint. The best films like “Shindler’s List” told from the Nazi or German view tend to fare better. However, I can recommend this film for Nazi and Holocaust followers who devour everything written, and filmed about Jews in the Ghetto.

This movie needed to spend more time in the Jewish Ghetto where it began. The brothers went back there to get a boat load of Jews who were told that to remain in the ghetto was certain death.  If these Jews had not survived then the world would be shy of tens of thousands of Jews who are descendants of these forest survivors.