Times waves Bye Bye to Bill Krystol

Heloise never misses an episode of Fox News Sunday with Mike  Wallace and the clouded Krystal ball. He never gets anything right. So it was a matter of time before the New York Times (anyway) got it right and gave him the pink slip. Sunday morning talk shows continue to be the whitest moment of TV.

Krystol would smirk, grin and spin how Obama could never win and that McCain and Palin would be pulling up to 1600 Pen. That was the most ridiculous thing he ever said. But one has to admire the fact that he stuck to his guns. He was wrong and he was sticking to it.

What made him so painful to watch was his befuddled confusion. He was like the old Elmer Fudd who didn’t know he was a cartoon, a figment of somebody’s imagination.

Readers no longer have to imagine Krystal the conservative in print. but I am sure his seat on Fox News Sunday is safe. Or ist it?


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