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“No End In Sight” Offers Insight into Bush’s Prophecy

Baghdad will be destroyed and never rebuilt is a Biblical prophecy. Did you know that? And with Biblical prophecy comes fulfillment. Thus within one year President Bush in 2003 destroyed Baghdad. One day in prophecy is equal to one year. The film “No End In Sight” makes it plain that plans were never made to protect Iraq. Only the oil ministry was protected. The looters, people, criminals destroyed everything while the US troops just sat and watched. Sound familiar? Bush sat on his hands and watched the greedy banks and greedy mortgage companies loot the treasury of this country.

Karma out, karma in.

Bush and his men: Bremer, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld to name a few, were part of the evil cabal that made Iraq happen.

If you have not seen the movie “No End In Sight” or if you do not have Netflix then you are out of the loop. This is not really a review of the movie, but my thoughts. You will never look at the decline of America in the same way afterwards.

The vision of Bush was surely short sighted, not really.

Iraq was mere target practice for Bush.

What else can you think when you watch this film but “dirty rotten bastards”  who could care less what happened to a country like Iraq. Baghdad and its history and heritage was completely destroyed by the US invasion of Iraq. The dissolution of the government  and police led to full-scale looting of Iraq in general and Baghdad in particular  from which it will NEVER recover.

What’s next? Economic meltdown of the world’s economies and takeover of same has followed the war. This was said to lay the ground work and the ability for the Anti Christ to come to power.

Bush’s war crushed the spirit of Iraq and its people and left the US economy in shambles. It was not 9-11, it was not Osama bin Laden, but Osama won. Really, it was the Iraq war that has destroyed so much for so many. The eyes were off the domestic economy and the looting of American banks was complicit. The Bible seems to know something that Christians and Jews alike ignored.

Yes, folks that is what we we were looking at: the looting of America by Americans destroying America just as the looting of Baghdad destroyed Baghdad. Who knew? Rush Limbaugh knew. Here’s a quote from The Cutting Edge.


Cutting Edge has long said that Rush Limbaugh was a very clever, sophisticated part of this entire New World Order scenario. We believe he was raised up to be the ultimate Republican Party apologist, and a role which meant that he had to be a very strong Bush Administration apologist. For both Presidents Bush, Rush was their greatest defense, the guy who grappled with Bush criticizers “in the trenches” and verbally won the battles.

We have posted two Rush Limbaugh articles, and would like you to review them before we go any further.

* NEWS1030 — “Rush Limbaugh — Mega-Dittos To The Master Communicator” (Posted August, 1996)

* NEWS1156 — “Rush Limbaugh Blasts Conspiracy Theories As ‘Intellectual Laziness’: Displays great Biblical ignorance” (Posted March, 1998)

We believe Rush Limbaugh to be a very sophisticated and important part of this entire march toward the New World Order. Rush has the ability and the resources behind him to correctly and effectively enunciate the many problems facing America and the world today. This ability is very important because you cannot solve a problem unless you first analyze it correctly first. 


Read more here about Rush’s role as apologist and enabler of the Bush evil. Rush loves torture–who knew?

Will Bush ever be tried for his war crimes? Who  knows?


Will Black Folks Watch the Next “Celebrity Apprentice?”

Donald Trump was on Hannity tonight talking up his latest enterprise that has been wildly successful==The Apprentice. At this point Donald needs a trump card to get his casinos out of hock. Now, The Donald is into “Celebrity Apprentice” because he has watched them “through the years.”

Good show, but then I love reality shows. The regular episodes of the Apprentice were teacher worthy in terms of the tasks presented with each group. People, money and management skills were required to pull off a win. It seemed that the minorities in the group lacked people skills. People skills sank their chance of winning. But exactly what were those same shows teaching young people about race in America? And about races getting along with each other, forget having a meaningful conversation? Not much. Or maybe much, along the lines of the races really do not get along. They avoid each other, evade questions about race and plain don’t like members of the other race.

Anthropologists might say that it is all coded into our DNA, DO NOT ASK! (me about race)

Heloise : “I’ll ask–are Americans watching racism when they watch interactions on reality shows?” I think so.

Trump and his inclusivity is an enigma in that not sure if he is liberal or right wing. He says he likes black people, and invites blacks to participate on the Apprentice. But they always end up behind the eight ball. Not too many bright moments for the brothers and sisters who dare to expose themselves to the very white world of TV. Too white for me.

I could barely watch when blacks participated on shows like big brother, america’s next top model, survivor  or apprentice. They bombed big time. Okay, next.

I checked out the lineup for Trump’s latest–quite a few black folks are slated.

We shall see how they fare.

If Donald’s appearance on Hannity is any indication, then he is pretty much in the conservative camp. They call themselves the big tent party. It’s more like a tent without the poles in place. Much room underneath no doubt if you’re white…No one is fooled by Michael Steele, black man in white face.

Conservatives are one thing, but the party is another…they don’t just get it wrong they miss the whole point of politics, enough said? I hate this buzzword “post-racial society” mostly because I never used it and don’t get its relevance. 

I will believe that we are in a “post-racial society” the day I see black people participate and thrive on white TV reality shows. Funny test isn’t it? But that is perhaps “the conversation about race” that Holder hoped might happen when he called the country a “nation of cowards” when it comes to race.

Eric Holder, the first black AG, you might have a point when it comes to this lack of lingo between the races. Because if you watch reality shows you will see black and white are NOT talking to each other but about each other, even when on the same team! Ouch.

Message to black America–stay away from participating in reality shows, really.

See my posted comment from Bill Moyers here .


Surviving Loss of Income–savings, a bicycle and temp agencies

I survived a two year loss of income. I quit my job after planning to move to California. I did not move and was unable to get another job in my profession for two full years. My income was cut more than by half.

I had a mortgage and a new car to pay for and bills. How did I survive? I had a plan: I had savings, I was able to use temp agencies, and substitute teach. I also had to work in the summer. My other great advantage is that I already had lots of skills to fall back on. They were white collar type skills and it was slim pickings in my small town, but I had my home and I could go to an interview and look nice.

I was finally hired by a different district and was able to come back from losing so much income. I bought nothing but essentials for two years and that helped a lot. I did gain weight and my health suffered in a way that has never recovered. I lost partial hearing in one ear. Now I am able to afford a hearing aid but my hearing will never be the same. Also it was just me. I rode my bike everywhere. I walked to buy my groceries and rode my bike with a backpack to bring home the vege meat.

If you have no savings and no skills then you are in a tough spot. I just watched Oprah to see all the many homeless people who used to be middle class. I feel for you and hate to see it.  Ask yourself: did you buy and live above your means (spent more than 30% on housing) and not have a savings account? Then that’s a big problem. I don’t have a solution for you if you don’t live in a city and if you don’t have good skills.


Bobby Jindal–The Grand Old Political “Changeling”

Jindal’s on Tuesday night spoke of immigration, not sure what his parent’s immigration status might be, and spoke of babies, and not having insurance, and his dad making arrangements to pay on time for Jindal’s delivery. His family is of south Indian origin.

Much talk about nothing the critics mock Jindal’s national stage try.

I thought he looked in control standing in the governor’s mansion in Louisiana.  I could be wrong.  My thinking however is spot on.  I couldn’t help thinking that this man is like Christine Collin’s character played so well by Angelina Jolie as the woman whose child was stolen and replaced by a child she railed against the powers that be, was not her own child. She was right, they were wrong.

Who is that child?

That child would be government in this metaphor. What did that child do? That child was supposed to help when Katrina hit NOLA, but it went missing. Jindal asked the public to believe he had found the child! Heloise is not buying it. If Jindal is the Changeling is he right? Yes, he is right about conservative values gone missing, and not returning to this nation. Jindal however is dead wrong about how to get it back.

He spoke of government getting in the way of Katrina aid.  He said  government was not the problem when the levees they built failed, when Bush and Brownie were changing their shirts while NOLA victims had no dry clothes. The flood was not a problem, government was not the problem. Well Bobby what’s the problem?  Bobby ” no goverment, no problem”  Jindal unlike the Changeling got it wrong.

He talks a good game using his own life as a metaphor. And in my ideal universe NO ONE who does not have PARENTS or GRANDPARENTS born in this country SHOULD NOT be POTUS or even GOTUS (governor of a united state).  I don’t like that. I wish the constitution would be changed to reflect that something is wrong with that picture.

I digress, Jindal and Steele are the great brown hopes for the GOP but no brown or black person is on board with the colored express.  Someone made a good point: there were about 37 black folks at the GOP convention and now there are two front runners of color, the face of the GOP? It doesn’t make sense to me either.  So far they both seem out of their league.


Heloise Not Happy With Ford Service

I have a 2003 Ford Escape, which I love. I’ve never had to do anything to it but change oil, and buy new tires.  I do not drive it once I get home. I park it and walk and/or ride my bike to many errands.

Recently, after last oil change, the Ford service is supposed to be checking all the fluid levels and filling up where needed. The car started making a whirring whining noise when I turned the steering wheel. I thought it was the cheap gas. I used better gas and additives, still the noise. I thought it was because the car was not warmed up enough when it was cold. I warmed it and still it made the noise.

I called Ford and asked them about this and they said if it does not go away then come in, but the noise did not mean anything!

Okay. The noise did mean something because it was driving me crazy. After a couple of weeks of the noise getting worse I finally went online. And in two seconds found that it was because of the power steering fluid level. My car makes a warning sound that the fluid is low…hell, I didn’t know, and neither did Ford and neither had they been filling up my fluids.

They told me it would cost $109.00 to diagnose and see of the pump has failed. I said hell no I won’t pay. You all were supposed to be checking my fluids.

I went to Firestone and they looked at it and added the fluid. They told me I needed a new belt and a new power steering pump. Mind you the car was never hard to drive, just noisy.  No one asked me about that. I was about to spend 500 dollars I did not have to buy something I did not need.

Something told me to go to a local small guy. He was honest and told me how to test if there was leakage and laughed when I told him what Ford and Firestone said. He said I did not even need to flush the system, just fill it, that was done, and if the noise is gone then you don’t have a problem.

Even after the noise went away when Firestone put the fluid in there, they still wanted to sell me a pump. At least they saved me money from buying fluid.

I am so mad I almost spent money I did not need to spend.


Designer Obama–Ready-To-Share Stimulus Line–Updated

Let the stealing begin!

 Just kidding. Tonight was serious because President Obama, the designer of the sharing of the stimulus spoke to joint session of Congress. He was interrupted 65 times with applause. His greatest applause line came when he said the following from the transcript here :

So I know how unpopular it is to be seen as helping banks right now, especially when everyone is suffering in part from their bad decisions. I promise you – I get it.

But I also know that in a time of crisis, we cannot afford to govern out of anger, or yield to the politics of the moment. My job — our job — is to solve the problem. Our job is to govern with a sense of responsibility. I will not spend a single penny for the purpose of rewarding a single Wall Street executive, but I will do whatever it takes to help the small business that can’t pay its workers or the family that has saved and still can’t get a mortgage.

That’s what this is about. It’s not about helping banks — it’s about helping people. Because when credit is available again, that young family can finally buy a new home. And then some company will hire workers to build it. And then those workers will have money to spend, and if they can get a loan too, maybe they’ll finally buy that car, or open their own business. Investors will return to the market, and American families will see their retirement secured once more. Slowly, but surely, confidence will return, and our economy will recover.

Seriously, he sent a resounding message to Congress and to the American people. I was able to listen and it was a good speech.

I wanted to hear what he had to say about overhauling education. Heloise no like the Charter school business. Public schools provide what students need in terms of content. But it is the delivery of that content that is at stake.

Teachers in this country are expected to teach every body that steps across the public threshold including illegal aliens, their parents, special education, kids with IQs well below 60, and smart kids, brown kids, black kids and a few white kids who attend the better suburban schools that are NOT charter schools but are regular public schools enriched by the wealth of their middle class parents.

He invoked the parents who attend parent/teacher conferences. Teachers have no problem with the parents who attend, most do not, and even when they do the student’s behavior still does not improve. He said that the parents are responsible for the education of their children. It begins with the parents…Amen to that.

While he spoke of charter schools being implemented he also said that teacher merit pay could be in the pike. Many teachers don’t like the idea of merit pay for many reasons. Throwing money at the schools is not the answer but maybe throwing some of the kids out of regular education into trade schools (of some kind) that prepare them in terms of technology and other job skills might go a long way in dragging up the scores and raising the bar.

The difference between other countries with good numbers in math and science is that they are not crazy enough to  try to educate every body. They know better, we don’t.

He spoke of tax cuts and that the check was in the mail. I’m waiting.

Good start, good speech President Obama, can we trust this budget and this stimulus plan? Can we trust those that we have to do business with daily not to cheat people because the economy is bad?

Finally, how about that Obama Island cabinet? Love seeing Hillary in her hot pink jacket. Her eyelids were a bit heavy from jet lag.  But wait Heloise did predict that they were a future political couple who would wield much political clout together. I thought as VP but Secretary of State is just fine.


Penn Knew The Best Actor Oscar Was Not About Him!

You can tell by his crazy soap box speech. He knew he did not deserve the Oscar for this role, so he talked about Hollywood loving commies and pinkies!

This was the only miss that made me mad. Frank Langella should have WON or Brad Pitt he needed the win.

What were they thinking? Guilt by association?


Monday Morning Moment–Slumdog Wins big 8

This was predicted by many. I thought it would be this years “West Side Story” and it pretty much was that.

But Sean Penn as best actor was a bad call. He has done great roles and this was an okay role but his competition was wipeout and he should not have WON!!

I Say “Anybody But Sean Penn For Best Actor”

He got on a soap box too. I can’t see it.  With that kind of competition! Brad Pitt was cheated, I am mad as hell!


Best Picture — Slumdog Millionaire — My pick — my pick Won

I picked Slumdog as winner, but wanted to see Frost/Nixon.