Bobby Jindal–The Grand Old Political “Changeling”

Jindal’s on Tuesday night spoke of immigration, not sure what his parent’s immigration status might be, and spoke of babies, and not having insurance, and his dad making arrangements to pay on time for Jindal’s delivery. His family is of south Indian origin.

Much talk about nothing the critics mock Jindal’s national stage try.

I thought he looked in control standing in the governor’s mansion in Louisiana.  I could be wrong.  My thinking however is spot on.  I couldn’t help thinking that this man is like Christine Collin’s character played so well by Angelina Jolie as the woman whose child was stolen and replaced by a child she railed against the powers that be, was not her own child. She was right, they were wrong.

Who is that child?

That child would be government in this metaphor. What did that child do? That child was supposed to help when Katrina hit NOLA, but it went missing. Jindal asked the public to believe he had found the child! Heloise is not buying it. If Jindal is the Changeling is he right? Yes, he is right about conservative values gone missing, and not returning to this nation. Jindal however is dead wrong about how to get it back.

He spoke of government getting in the way of Katrina aid.  He said  government was not the problem when the levees they built failed, when Bush and Brownie were changing their shirts while NOLA victims had no dry clothes. The flood was not a problem, government was not the problem. Well Bobby what’s the problem?  Bobby ” no goverment, no problem”  Jindal unlike the Changeling got it wrong.

He talks a good game using his own life as a metaphor. And in my ideal universe NO ONE who does not have PARENTS or GRANDPARENTS born in this country SHOULD NOT be POTUS or even GOTUS (governor of a united state).  I don’t like that. I wish the constitution would be changed to reflect that something is wrong with that picture.

I digress, Jindal and Steele are the great brown hopes for the GOP but no brown or black person is on board with the colored express.  Someone made a good point: there were about 37 black folks at the GOP convention and now there are two front runners of color, the face of the GOP? It doesn’t make sense to me either.  So far they both seem out of their league.



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