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Could Nastasha Richardson Have Survived Her Fall?

I was hopeful when I wrote my article about Natasha “Death By Ski” despite the title. Why? Because I thought the woman was being treated for her brain bleed as I indicated in my first paragraph. I fully expected her to live and fully expected her to die as a result of her injury…at the same time!

How could that be? It showed my intuition was active here. She could have been saved is the real response if she was being treated for her brain bleed as I thought was happening.

But no, that was NOT the case. In her 911 call it is clear they went there but she did not exit the building. They returned STAT to retrieve her. What she did not know is that there was no freaking CT scan any where nearby. She needed that all-important CT scan, then someone qualified could have trephened her head and allowed the blood to exit the wound, until she could be stablilized then moved to a REAL surgery room and a REAL hospital in the US.

Heloise has lots of hospital experience and I know a real one when I see one. Canada fell short, just like Natasha on this one.


Madoff, Mozilla, Cassano, Raines–All The Criminal Men

Criminals like Madoff (he has been formally charged)had lots of help. Not only should the people who aided and abetted Madoff in his crime spree that lasted over twenty years be in prison but so should the likes of Mozilla, Cassano and Raines. We know Madoff had help. We know that the men mentioned above also had help. But they will probably burn in hell before brought to justice.

In other cities around the country where Madoff was not bilking Jews there was crime enough to go around–running amuk in three companies: FannieMae, Countrywide and AIG. All three were run into the ground. Countrywide  by a man named Angelo Mozilla . In fact, I read Chain Of Blame and it made my head spin. I was sick at what this man has done to our country with Countrywide.

AIG, at the same time, was being run into the ground by Cassano. They are both living in the lap of luxury instead of living inside a concrete cell. You know that all three walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars.

That takes care of the white guys. What about the third bastard Franklin Raines :

Raines, Federal Regulators Reach Settlement

By David S. Hilzenrath

Former Fannie Mae chairman and chief executive Franklin D. Raines has agreed to a multimillion settlement with a federal regulator over his alleged responsibility for improper accounting at the mortgage finance giant.

The regulator, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, said Raines had agreed to forgo stock, cash and other benefits worth $24.7 million in exchange for dismissing the charges against him. However, the regulator’s estimate wasn’t the only way of looking at the value of the settlement. from the Washington Post blog

Guess who’s living in the lap of luxury in London? Joe “the slime” Cassano:

Peering from the doorway of his £6million London home, this is the financier blamed for taking one of the world’s biggest insurers to the brink of disaster.

Joe Cassano was the president of a subsidiary of AIG that ‘lost’ £5.5billion earlier this year, setting the insurer on a path to bankruptcy.

mad as Hel

Dennis “Druggie” Rodman–Finally Fired from Celebrity Apprentice

Alcohol is a dangerous gateway drug. It is cheap, easy, legal and socially accepted. Accepted that is until one is staggering while struggling with his addiction.

I think that this country needs to wake up to the power of alcohol and its power over people, even big people like Dennis Rodman.

Heloise was living in Chicago in the Beverly Hills area when Chicago won it 6th championship under Michael Jordan. At some point, not sure when, Rodman left the Chicago Bulls. Never saw a Bulls game, couldn’t afford it and was working two, nay three jobs at the time. I would pass the United Center where the games were played because I worked my second job at Rush Presbyterian hospital. I would take the train and see the center from the windows.  Wishing don’t make it so. I wanted to go to one of the games but while I do love basketball I am not star struck.

Jordan is truly impressive, Rodman is after market as far as I am concerned. His light was much dimmed by his appearance and lack of appearance and performance on this season’s Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Shocking, shameless and as Joan Rivers indicated really sad to hear Dennis defend his past wins and team playing.

My advice–Dennis grow up before you become an old druggie. And once a drug addict always a drug addict. But you can get help with your money and resources.

The men on the team were really a class act. I have never seen a more classy men’s team on any of Trump’s shows. Bravo and kudos to what you have endured with Dennis “the menace” Rodman.

The women’s team too was quite classy to my surprise. Tione brought them to a great win. My guess was a 92 for their grade, they got a 91. Great job girls and guys. Good luck Dennis.


Obama–Chairman of the Board

So it’s come to this: Government Takes Over Car Warranty, amidst high ratings (64% approval) according to the poll numbers bandied by Morning Joe. My favorite headline on MJ was “Autocrat” referring to Obama. Pat Buchanan said, just wait six months when this mess is seen as Obama’s, his numbers will drop. It seems we are blaming everybody now but Barack and the WH.

The White House seized the wheel of the U.S. auto industry, forcing out GM’s CEO, pushing Chrysler toward a merger and threatening bankruptcy for both, sending stock markets deep into the red.  Full Article | Video  from Reuters

Text of warranty promise also from


It is my hope that the steps I am announcing today will go a long way towards answering many of the questions people may have about the future of GM and Chrysler. But just in case there are still nagging doubts, let me say it as plainly as I can — if you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired, just like always. Your warrantee will be safe.

In fact, it will be safer than it’s ever been. Because starting today, the United States government will stand behind your warrantee

Obama has really announced that even if GM goes bankrupt or declares bankruptcy the federal government will ensure that if you buy a car that they THE FEDS will back your warranty. So I lament–it has come to this? It didn’t have to be if they let them collapse and implode as they were set to do, thanks to their own greedy choices. Many advocated that the car makers just go bankrupt, not to the altar of shotgun weddings. They don’t work, bankruptcy does work. Just as we told, begged Bush not to invade Iraq we are begging Obama not to bail out the automakers and the banks.

Waggoner has left the building with a 20-mllion dollar retirement package, which we are sure he was entitled to.




The Market of Our Discontent

The Dow and the Nasdaq appear to mirror the discontent of the populace. We are the market of our discontent it seems to say.

Obama talks, Geithner talks, and then the market for a minute paints a rosy picture. Then Obama untalks, retalks and takes back and the market then unpaints the rosy picture.

Ever tried to paint over something before it dried? Recall what happened it became an act of unpainting! Yes, Obama and his island are unpainting the market and we are totally screwed.


Let Them (automakers) Eat Cuts

I wrote that comment on  some months back. With many other voices calling for no bailout for automakers went unheeded.

As I commented on the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car” one can see clearly that the automakers and the oil barrons were in cahuts with each other over the low gas mileage. Hell, it’s still low. Cars should have been at or near 30 mpg years ago. The technology has been there, but ignored.

Now, Obama is doing damage, and damage control. The markets are in a tailspin and once again in the trough because the automakers tried and failed at the Fed trough.

I hate to say it we were right once again.


What Part of Madoff Won’t We Get?

I thought of this while listening to The McLaughlin Group talk about Bernie Madoff.

What part of Madoff won’t we get? After learning that his tab is up to 65 billion that he has bilked his friends and fellow Jewish cohorts out of, but that most of it will never be recouped. That’s really a job for Tim don’t you think?

I think Tim should find some of the billions Bernie made off with. But again we should be asking Tim what part of Bernie don’t you get? Do you get at least one billion of him?

This was another Holocaust for the Jews this time a financial one.


Paul Krugman–Talk of the Talkers

There was an old section of a newspaper called “Talk of the Town” and JFK was frequently the talk of Washington, the town.

And Paul has bested that because now he is the talk of the town.

But today with a funny You-tube video serenade  under his belt, a Nobel Prize and a blog (the youtube praise is more valued) don’t you know Paul is the talk of the talkers.

Paul on George today was not blushing with pride but held his head down a bit until George S. told him to hold his head up it was a good song about him. The songster was praising Paul and dissing Tim (never trust a man with a perm) and wondering aloud what the hell was Obama thinking in not appointing Paul over Tim.

Tim Geithner on the other hand said that he has always been a civil servant…break out the violins folks. He was never a mover on Wall Street. We can surely tell Tim! He was a stupid paper pusher who got it wrong. What else is new?

Then there was the cover of Newsweek  wherein Paul K. wrote “Obama is Wrong.” I would have said “Obama was Wrong.” But that’s another matter. Paul is beating Barack back with his critique posted at Huffpo.

Paul has the big head now and he actually agrees with me. What am I saying he probably read my line that he used recently “If the banks are dead, then they should be buried.” He believes as I do why pump money into dead banks. Like an old beater that you just need to replace we too need to start over with some of the banks that were not bought up or out. That’s the way the piggy crumbles–don’t be afraid to start over and stop  the money madness.

I mean look at Enron, those dirty bastards, nearly bankrupted the country single-handedly.

No one dared think that they should be bailed out or saved. They were big, all right but big enough to bury. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm and if you don’t bury a big body like bad banks then they stink up the whole entire street. Get the clunkers and the stinkers off the market. No one is buying rotten meat these days, no matter how hard up they are.

Some banks are toxic and nothing will change that.

They are dead and gone and we say good riddance to bad rubbish that was a company like Enron. Enron was clearly created or rebranded to bilk the state of Calfornia out of billons.

California paid us back with CountryWide!!!

That’s funny Heloise.

We Are A United States Of Stupidity

There is enough blame to go around. And I would like to add to that slather of blame for a moment.

As I wrote in my piece “Rihanna You are Not Alone” I was speaking from experience living with a bipolar, drug addict who beat me for no reason at all. We are still friends and talk all the time. He used recently part of my book to teach recovery classes. He loves the line I wrote wherein I asked rhetorically “If I knew he was an untreated bipolar then he could have been kept out of normal society.” I am paraphrasing myself. He told me to reread my own words because they are helping to heal drug addicts. Who knew?

My point to him to today was that we have a drug problem in this country IMO primarily because we have much untreated, unrecognized mental health issues. This country does not value intervention and prevention. Then there are black people who do not recognize mental health issues and won’t go to the doctor for any reason, let alone mental health stuff.

People therefore are self-medicating with pot, heroin and anything they can make like crack or bake in a spoon! Stupid people make stupid decisions. We are a united states of stupidity when it comes to getting a handle on mental health.

We are paying the price and Mexico is paying the price. Folks are coming up with their own cocktail cures mixing every drug (including alcohol and cigarettes) to heal and calm their minds. It makes it worse not better. Many drugs destroy the pleasure center and it can never be replaced once destroyed. Now we are placing the blame on Mexico. And Mexicans are savvy sellers:

For two decades, a Oaxacan Indian family allegedly ran an international drug ring that smuggled heroin through Tijuana into Southern California, generating millions of dollars in profit that returned to Mexico. And authorities said they did it undeterred by keeping it simple.
Family members lived humbly, with underlings distributing the drugs in open view at parking lots of 99 Cents stores, Food 4 Less supermarkets, Home Depots and McDonald’s restaurants. At these bustling locations, men inconspicuously trading brown shopping bags filled with heroin didn’t seem out of place. They communicated using an Indian language from their home village — initially stumping investigators who listened to their exchanges on wiretaps.  LATIMES
If this recipe has any merit then not only are we in the long haul for healing this headache but it will be expensive and creative. Will the war on drugs be effective as it was in the past tweny years…Negro please!
What is needed is prevention and jobs. I see even younger people glorifying the drug culture by imitating it, in the way they dress, act and don’t work at being students. Big job, big country and now we have involved another country at our southern border. That might be the destruction of our stupid state of denial.

I Believe That This Man (Dan Brown) Was This Man (Dante Bruno)

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most re...

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most renowned Italian poets, painted by his contemporary Giotto di Bondone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2007 I had a revelation about Dan Brown.  I had a rebirth revelation about Brown, not because I met him but because I read him.

After reading his bestseller The Da Vinci Code and even better his earlier book Angels and Demons. The  trailer  is available for Angels and Demons directed by Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks. Thus I became a part of Dan Brown’s astral family. In a rebirth sense I am also related to Tom Hanks. Why? Because he is a direct ancestor of Nancy Hanks-Lincoln, mother of Abe Lincoln.

Yes, I know it gets complex. I tried to explain it in my book Dinner With da Vinci  (which I’ve made available, however this chapter is not a part of it). In order to find a person’s past life you have to in some way become a part of their current life. One reveals the other, and so it was in the case of Dan Brown.

How does one name contain another name? 

And what does it tell us about its owner? I use something I call and created:  name recognition pattern and it garners high marks. One is often limited to obtaining identities simply because you have not met the person in the life. So you place another person in their stead until you do. It’s not a mistake but rather an application. But before one can make and apply one life to another one must become a part of the other person’s life.

It can happen on the astral plane, mental plane or the physical plane or all three. But somewhere there must be a meeting of the minds, so to speak.

In the case of Dan Brown it turns out that we were astral twins of sorts. I was actually writing about experimental physicists I was working with at the time in 2000.  in my book, had a chance to visit Fermi Lab in Switzerland and both Dan Brown and myself were writing about Da Vinci in the year 2000. I did not discover all of this until I read his book Angels and Demos, which in some ways is better than the DaVinci Code.

After getting into Dan Brown’s mind I saw the light of Dante ‘s life flashed through Dan’s life. I compared their history and their names and voila–it was a rendezvous with Italy.

I started researching and writing about this find. It was not published with my book Dinner With Da Vinci  wherein I do include other famous people such as Sylvia Plath whom I identify now a biracial English writer/author: Zadie Smith, who was almost named Sylvia as the reborn Sylvia Plath, just one of many in my book.

I asked the question was Dan Brown reborn Dante Bruno? The answer was most intriguing because few know that Dante’s step father’s name was Bruno. And had he accepted it his name would be in history as Dante Bruno, instead of Dante Alighieri.

Read it for yourself. The chapter I wrote can be found here .