“JFK: Reckless Youth” Or How To Watch The Depression

Rare color photo of Jack Kennedy

Rare color photo of Jack Kennedy

Patrick Dempsey is the best as young JFK in this DVD . It’s been around for a while but that does not make it any less interesting or true. I found the book by the same name some years ago when I was researching my life as JFK. The pictures, the stories and the joie de vivre all rang true…no kidding. His youth was ripe with riches and  opportunity…more karma. Yes, karma can be good.  My love of economics and politics were piqued by the fact that his youth went through the two toughest times the world has survived: Hitler and the Depression.

The Depression was also about greed, Hitler was about power. When greed and power combine we get economic meltdowns. In one sense what is happening these days, and for the past decade, (only we didn’t know it)  is actually worse than the Depression in my economic opinion. Oh, we will survive. And what will bring us out of it is the thing that we should have been into in the first place–unbridled energy. Energy for everybody, not just the oil barons or the Wall Street types, but everyone will share in the bounty this time. Does this sound like socialism to the conservatives? Not sure. I think it goes far beyond socialism to a world that we have not seen before: something new under the sun or courtesy of the sun? How to harness the sun? We need to be as reckless and as creative as Jack was in getting his way, like not taking “no” for an answer. We can do it, yes we can.

How can we do it? By a little critical thinking, or rather many minds pooling their thoughts and thinking and knowing who they are as individuals and as spokes in the cog of history. An energy think tank if you will. It probably already exists and if not it should.

That is how we will win. Sounds arcane or enigmatic doesn’t it? This message is for those who know or will come to be knowers.  And what they have to know to float above this meltdown, this energy meltdown is history.

The future of energy for all

In Obama’s speech on the economy he got something wrong, or rather his researchers…he said that Henry Ford invented the car.  “Daimler and Benz invented cars that looked and worked like the cars we use today. However, it is unfair to say that either man invented “the” automobile.”  Ford greatly improved the assembly line invention of Olds,  so lots of people could get lots of cars then and into the future.

Olds should have become known as “The father of automotive assembly line,” although many people think that it was Henry Ford who invented the assembly line. What Ford did do was to improve upon Olds’s idea by installing conveyor belts. That cut the time of manufacturing a Model T from a day and a half to a mere ninety minutes. Henry Ford should been called “The father of automotive mass production.”

It was all about the little man, in the beginning, it has to be about the little man in the future. That is the future of free energy–it must be for everyone. That is the future of free markets too. Sure, there will still be suffering and greed and grabs and poverty and war and such with us but the energy  future will not look anything like the lack of power today.

History is the key, the thinkers have to know it like they know themselves. I don’t just mean know what Roosevelt did or how he handled things, that is only the surface. Jack is watching

History and its makers are with us still.

The talk of these days  being like, those days, you know the Depression–well, I get it. In fact, I was surprised how long the White House and Bush got away with not telling people that the country was in a recession a year ago. Oh, it was the numbers they said. I say that someone was cooking the books or keeping the flame alive for the Republican party while the rest of the country burned. People did not just start losing jobs or homes last year or this year, this has been going on for more than six years by my count.

Don’t let it get you down, it’s only temporary, that is the lesson of history.

So when I get depressed about the economic morass I watch movies that take me through and out of  the Depression. On of my favorite movies that include both themes is based on a well-researched book “JFK Reckless Youth.” It’s all about how crazy and reckless Jack really was before he became JFK. He felt the urge to merge.

I have my own copy that I watch all the time. And one of the lessons of this film is that not everyone suffered during the Depression, some, in fact many made money. Those who were ruined missed the booty boat and did not continually check the market and the trends. It’s all about trends, patterns in fact. That too is the science behind economics and other disciplines.

I have not had a chance to post photos of Jack and Jackie’s wedding, but I do remember the regale well. Here is a link from CNN when Larry King had guests who recalled the affair.

Finally, not preaching really–If we do our collective homework and digest the lessons learned, which has not happened yet, then we will be on our way. On our way to not just solving what ails us now but preventing it in the future. And the future is what we are all living for.



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