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My Michelle Diagnosed Stage 2 Breast Cancer — Updated

Update: I spoke to my sister on her birthday and she informed me that our cousin had undergone breast surgery. She had a single-side mastectomy. But with lymph node involvement she needs chemo. Will she get chemo? I asked about reconstructive surgery and she reminded me that Michelle was on public aid and they paid for her cancer surgery. Some people have been dumped by their regular insurance for same.

But as for reconstructive surgery that’s cosmetic so she is on her own. She is doing well and recovering. I will see them at Christmas.

A family member for the first time to my knowledge has acquired breast cancer. She has been diagnosed with second stage breast cancer, which is lymph node involvement.

The docs want to do a mastectomy with chemo.

I have believed that breast cancer is a disease of lifestyle and poor habits. In this relative’s case that’s the case. She has been obese most of her life, taken lots of legal and illegal drugs and otherwise not exercised nor taken care of herself. She is African American and over 50 and never had children.

The last two items put women at risk for bc by itself. There is no history of breast cancer in our family.

I’ve had a good friend also over 50 who died of stomach cancer which was in remission but returned with a vengence. She told me before she died that she just simply ignored the symptoms like bleeding.  Candy did not want chemo and her eyelashes falling out she confided.

That may have been her only recourse. Instead of catching it early she underwent more radical surgery having most of her small intestines excised and other parts. The surgeons installed a bag to replace her lost intestines.

We knew each other through the group we joined. She was tall, thin, blond and beautiful. She too was “black.”

We kept in touch up to the day she died. Candy called me frantically asking what we as vegetarians could eat that might stay or be digested by her missing digestive tract. I was at a loss for words.  Her tall frame reduced to skeletal remains by the time it was over.

She died in June over 10 years ago. I still recall taking her soul  across the void to her next birth. We’ve had strong bonds through many past lives. I missed her for a long time, I still do.

Black women die of cancer at higher rates. I know personally of 4 black women whose lives have been shortened by cancer.


Now You’re Talking — Arlen Specter Switch

Even if this move across the aisle is to save his political skin, Specter is the talk of the talkers this week for switching sides.

Ding-Dong the switch is dead.


Specter Has Left The Building!

GOP senator Spector said he has voted 10,000 times and he does not agree with them all. He needed to add meat to his political muscle, so he hefted the GOP out the window. It was heave-ho after 30 years and 5 elections in the state of Pennsylvania.

He’s has probably lost his grip with age and his seat may be next. There is no guarantee his will keep his seat. Some say he should lose his seat to save his politcal soul.

Does he have one? Rush Limbaugh seems to think Arlen has no use for the right. Rush, today, quipped “…and take McCain’s daughter with you.”


Illegal Bugs Too?

We know that Mexico and illegal aliens within the drug trade are helping Americans get high, but now will they help them die?

The right thinks that’s the right equation.


Dem Darlin’ Arlen Specter (D)

Politico says it’s so .

Selma Hayek — Getting Old And Getting Married — Again (Venice)



It seems to be the equation in vogue today. That coughing = fear.

Coughs could be anything. Fever however is something to fear.


Mexico Shutters Schools and Public Venues — Now What?

Folks in Mexico are not happy that they have been put into an isolated pig trough to wait out the coming, maybe, possible pandemic in their country.

Mexico City is like 20M strong. That’s a lot of people. And congestion like that helps to spread the virus like syrup over pancakes. Therefore they have shut the doors.

On NPR the kids are bored with staying at home. It is close to summer break so I guess they get a break early.

Here in Texas near San Antonio, where the school districts (public) in that large metro are already 100% Mexican-Americans, no blacks, no whites in those public schools at all. That is where the cases of flu in Texas are at this time. It’s like 3, I think. But that means that the pig flu was on board somebody’s bag.


Yes, Mexico City Had a 5.6 earthquake too

If swine flu is not enough, the Mexicans are quaking in their boots over a new strong earthquake.


Media Don’t Mention Swine Flu Comes From Pig Crap — Pig Poop is Prolific!

The U.S. should be pointing the dirty finger at itself as reported 4/26-09:

The recent swine flu outbreak taking place in Mexico may have originated at a US-owned pig-breeding farm by the name of Granjas Carroll (aka Carroll Farms), which is owned, in part by the Smithfield Food Company. Smithfield also promotes the consumption of genetically-altered foods, and even owns certain genetic lines of pork breeding. On April 12 of 2009, before the swine flu outbreak was covered by mainstream media outlets, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada broke a story on how Carroll Farms was polluting the drinking water near the towns of La Gloria and Perote, in Veracruz.

As one unfamiliar with pig as food but pig as polluter I have been seeking something be done about the pig farms in N. Carolina before it is too late and the ecology is totally ruined by the great glut of feces that swine and swine farms generate.

Pig poop is prolific.

And if it goes uncontrolled more disease incubation. When the left rallies against pig farms we get shut up. But who is shutting up now? Those living with swine flu, that’s who.

From the same above-named source: at ground zero the local Mexicans are complaining of:

large quantities of pig excrement in the waterways to the smell of chemicals and feces in several towns.