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Debbie Wasserman Schultz (age 42) (D) Florida — Double Mastectomy and Oophorectomy

Fox News today chose Debbie Wasserman (D) Fl as their power player of the week. I call her a trooper. She pulled off quite a coup behind the scenes. No one knew she was facing a terminal crisis. Jewish women could have the highest rate of breast cancer as any group, especially women from Germany and Europe. My guess is that she is a German Jew.

The Broward County Democrat and mother  of three told The Miami Herald on Saturday that she successfully battled breast cancer for the past year and is going public with her story in the hope of alerting young women to its prevalence. She’ll introduce legislation Monday that calls for a national education campaign targeting women between 15 and 39.

‘I wanted to be able to not just stand up and say, `I’m a breast cancer survivor.’ . . . I wanted to find a gap and try to fill it,” said Wasserman Schultz, 42.

She was diagnosed at the age of 40. I always say that is when one’s life goes downhill quick. At age 40 I ended up in an ER needing 6 blood transfusions! But I digress.

What I want to say about Debbie I guess I never said in the heat of the election cycle between Obama and Clinton. Yup if you read all my many articles at Blogcritics.org about this battle I never mentioned Debbie by name but I was watching her. She  moved quickly as a speeding TGV and changed sides. She strongly supported Obama when Hillary was clearly out of the race.

That is okay. Because everyone was not vocal that early on. I was begging top dogs to get behind Obama early and save themselves some face. Only a few heeded Heloise’s call. Debbie, I understand was behind Hillary. I too was behind Hillary but it is the job of a Kennedy to back the winner and the winner is–Obama. So I was staunchly in his camp. I invited other politicos to join me there. I still applaud Rep. Wasserman. She reminds me of a friend because they look like twins even though my friend was “black” she died of stomach cancer that recurred. She was around 50 when she died, I cried and helped her make that transition on the inner plane (that may be too advanced for most of you to understand), but it happened.

Debbie looks like a survivor to me. She is not alone. But cancer can come back so she must be vigilant unlike my friend Candy. Beat it before it beats you.

While there is still debate as to whether general breast cancer rates are higher in Jewish women as compared to women in the general population, research scientists have determined that Ashkenazi Jewish women have an increased genetic susceptibility to breast cancer. Genetic counseling and genetic testing can help determine if a woman carries an altered gene that could increase Ashkenazi Jewish women have an increased genetic susceptibility to breast cancer her risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. The course of action a woman may choose to pursue with that information is the subject of considerable discussion.


How Do You Spell Success? I-R-A-N

What does Obama want from Iran? He probably wants them to stop the sabre rattlling for one. Like little petulant children they don’t respect authority and they are about to do their thing, consequences be damned.

As I tell my students–you may not like this instruction or your task, but we as teachers know what works, and DOING NOTHING does not work. Sitting around looking stupid might feel good, but it does not look good from my vantage point.

He [Obama] adds: “This process will not be advanced by threats.”

This means an end, for the moment at least, to the implied threats of military action.

The president is offering a period of calm in which to allow this diplomacy time to work. He does not however say how long this period will last.

Iran and G20 made the talk of the talkers this Sunday. Obama was talking about Iran and N. Korea and ending nuclear weapons. This Sunday finally saw the advent of Susan Rice, UN ambassador. It’s funny that the talkers have not been talking to Clinton or Rice. What’s up with that? Where’s Hillary these days?

The Buddha however said when in doubt, do nothing. That would have been the unconventional wisdom for the route in Iraq. Iran is the other eye. Since Bush went ahead and screwed up Iraq and the US it was destiny. It was destiny ugly however.

Yes, there is that little matter of Libran diplomacy. Tell them you like them, then tell them you can also kill them either with a bad grade, lost points, call home, detention or expulsion. We too must threaten Iran, I agree. But do we need to be flexing muscles and stretching muscle we don’t have? I don’t think so.

What the hell can we do in the mountains of Afghanistan that we could never do in the jungles of Viet Nam? Just another cake to cut, another field to plow, another country to wreck. Oh boy.