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Texas Two Steps From Busting Blockbuster?

Recall the old Texas two step in the election last year…it sucked. Texas is the home of blockbuster and I would hate to see it go under. It would mean the loss of jobs naturally. But come on people — BB blew it big time. They used to con people into the shop with specials.

I lived close to one and would ride my bike over there or walk and rent one. But when the old freaking movies were costing the same as to buy one or the same as a new one…I took my trips to the freebies at the public library instead. I was not alone.

Lots of folks started using the free library DVDs along with the homeless people…just kidding.

But seriously, when Netflix came along, I freaking fell in love. I don’t have to make the trek to the library and smell the homeless folks and wait for days for my fav DVD I can either watch online or rent one through the mail.


I heart Netflix

Tionne Trump Target?

Tionne was fired this Sunday by Trump. After winning last week, well she was fired unceremoniously this week.

Who is Tionne? Hell if I know, here’s her stuff:

R&B singer Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins is going to appear on the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” She will be trying to earn money for her charity, the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia. Watkins herself was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia as a child.

Watkins was born Tionne Tenese Watkins on April 26, 1970 in Des Moines, Iowa. She is of African American and Native American descent. Because of sickle cell, she spent much of her life in and out of hospitals. She was hospitalized for several months in 2002 due to a flare-up. She did not go public with her ailment until 1996 and is currently a spokesman for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.

Hmmm, I hate to say I told you so AGAIN, but black folks are never treated right on reality shows, even one’s as fair as Celebrity Apprentice. Did I say fair?

Yes, but what’s fair about being good, then being fired because you said you would take the fall?

Tionne, not sure of her celebrity, I don’t know all the pop singers in the world and don’t want to. But she is a slated celebrity so I’ll buy that. She is a young pretty black girl who probably never watched a moment of Trump before this show.

She volunteered to get fired even though she was not the problem. Trump say he no like that so to Tionne he said “you’re fired!” At least she got some dough for her charity in Georgia. Tionne is soft-spoken and a real lady and appears as an easy mark for Trump to pick off, or kick off.

Being black is bad karma sometimes.


Killers Always Advertise

From the Kennedy killer, Oswald to the Reagan shooter the perpetrator aways want big attention. They are captialists run amuk and on the cheap they crave attention thus are more likely to advertise their upcoming sick deeds.

And as a longtime teacher I can tell you one thing I learned well–bad guys who want to fight and start shit always advertise.

The bigger the battle the more they will trumpet what they are about to do. So, if you look at every case of serial or rampage killers the common thread there will be that they TOLD SOMEBODY, SOMEHOW. The how is a little different it may be the Internet or a posting somewhere or a dirty letter written on a sheet of notebook paper, but make no mistake about it — THEY WANT attention and will get it at any cost.

The down side is that the rampage killers often kill themselves and are usually caught and shot, however, the up side is that we should be able to find them before they find their mark. From Philadelphia to Oakland, the killers wanted something. It begins with attention and ends with political power.

I’ve had arguments about these kinds of acts. I call them terrorist acts. However, I was shoulted down and told that they had no political motivation thus were not terrorists. I disagree because the end result is political power for the rifle and the NRA lobbies.

They want societal change, no more cops, no more bullying and/or no more illegal aliens to name a few.