Cheyenne Woods: A Chip Off The Old Uncle (Tiger Woods)

The Boy: A Holocaust Story 

New, riveting look boy in the famous photo as the Nazis liquidated the Warsaw ghetto. Can't wait to read it.

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (paperback)

I watched the author Eric Metaxis on Book TV and Bonhoeffer's life reads like the lives of the saints. He is the only man on par with Thomas Merton IMO. A must read 600 page book.

Tiger Woods: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies) The latest Tiger biography.


Hats off!

Hats off!

Update: TJ Holmes Talks to Earl Woods

Watch “Downfall: The Tiger Woods Scandal” on CNN, Saturday at 10 p.m. ET or Sunday at 10:30 p.m.(CNN) — The last time Earl Woods Jr. saw his half brother Tiger was four years ago, when the family buried their father.

Earl Woods Jr. and his two siblings Kevin Woods and Royce Woods, also Tiger’s half siblings, joined Tiger on his private jet to take their father’s remains to Kansas.

The three are the offspring of Tiger’s father Earl Woods Sr. and his first wife Barbara Hart Woods. The couple divorced in 1968.

“He was gracious enough to allow us to join him on the jet to take my dad to Kansas,” says Earl Woods Jr.

“I remember we came off the jet, walked down the runway, hugged, (we said) ‘Hey, how you doin’?’ And he went that way with the entourage, and we went this way. And that was the last I ever saw him.”

 Tiger is an only child but his beautiful golf sensation,  first cousin Cheyenne Woods–makes up for the sister he never had.

In this morning’s drive to work  I was listenting to the  radio — NPR



 buzz was about Miss Cheyenne Woods who received a scholarship to Wake Forest for golf. Cheyenne is the niece of the larger-than life Tiger Woods.

She is a beautiful biracial young lady. Her mom Susan Woods, now divorced from her dad (who is Earl Woods, Jr. older half brother to Tiger).  Cheyenne and Tiger look like brother and sister, mostly because of the sibling nexus, thus their children would tend to look more like each other as well as Tiger and Cheyenne who look like each other. It will be a while before we see offspring of Cheyenne. It will also depend on whether she marries a white man (highly likely) or not. (Now that Tiger’s life has blow up, so has this post about his niece.)

So, I thought I would do a short blog about multi-ethnicity and multi-raciality vs. biracial blacks. Because of miscegenation in this country — black does not look like black.

My interest was piqued when I saw Cheyenne’s photo. She resembles my daughter and other women in my family. We are not biracial, but Creole, but black. My first cousin, Jen,  joined us on facebook,jennifer as another example. She is not biracial, smile is real, blue eyes are real, hair is real. Just noticed the uncanny resemblance between my cousin’s photo and Cheyenne’s photo.

I have also included a photo of my 1st cousin’s daughter (she  is not biracial, but has mixed blood racially).

Ava with the long black hair

The old “one-drop” rule still holds even if you are a celebrity/star. So the Woods of the world are not less black than Obama because they are also famous.

As my Web search went on I found that I  could not find pictures of Cheyenne’s parents. Based on this photo of her dad (below) who has a different mom from Tiger I know for sure that Cheyenne’s mom is white.

Tiger's older brother/different mother

Since I could not find enough information to my satisfaction,  so I wrote my own “ABOUT” Cheyenne Woods’ ethnicity. There was a dearth of photos I mean NO photos of her parents that I could find. There are a  few of Cheyenne Woods, now that she has a scholarship and attends Wake Forest.

Her mom is white, no doubt. Her dad is Earl Woods Jr. who is Tiger’s half brother. His half brother is most likely also biracial, but not Thai as Tiger.  (Note in the eyes of the law there is no such thing as half this or that.)  He is African-American or possibly bi-racial (white mother)and all that entails with race and mixed blood. Even though she and Tiger have the gold golf thing in common they have different races that are not in common. She is half white, Tiger is not. But since they have paternal side in common, they look alike, like brothers and sisters.

But the father’s side, or the father’s DNA  (in terms of phenotype–looks) dominates the gene pool as far as  facial features are concerned.  From my many observations I found for example that if the dad is black the child will look more black, if the dad is white the child will look more white and so on.

However,  I had a hard time searching for Cheyenne’s race/ethnicity. But from what I could search it seems that she is officially biracial. She does resemble Tiger but looks more white/creole than he does. Tiger looks black to me. Period, but we know he is biracial or rather multi-racial.  How is he biracial?

And why has he come up with all these monikers for himself is beyond the anthropologist in me. He is black, Asian and insecure.  He has publically stated he is “Cablinasian” white, black and Asian, and Native American too.

Please, Negro, most whites, higher percentage than blacks, are 20-50% native American, only you “canardly” tell. Many blacks “think” they are half or part Cherokee and Tiger might well be, but the genes don’t bear this out. I know my grandmother (paternal) was half Seminole Indian and German.  She had long hair down to her butt worn in a ponytail, and fair skin to prove it.

What do most blacks have who claim to be “Indian” not sure, except for their rhetoric about it.

IMO Tiger should have left it at biracial and then shut up. He has, to his credit,  ensured that his children are more white-looking by marrying a very white Swede Elin Nordegen.  They have two children a girl and a boy. At the time of this article the world did not know that Tiger was behaving badly. We know now. That does not change that he was married to the whitest woman on earth. His children will look white no doubt. They will not be biracial IMO. They are white for many reasons. His kids look a lot like Halle Berry’s daughter. You can find many photos of their kids I won’t post them here.

Anyway, Cheyenne is an up-and-coming golfer who is quiet about being a chip off the old Wood’s block. The next time she is out on the golf course the cameras will be popping and looking for signs of Tiger and other relatives. Can’t wait.

Finally, Cheyenne’s cachet — she can cash in her celebrity later on for a role or a part on one some TV series. She can gain endorsements like her famous uncle. She can create buzz about herself if she is a winner on the range. On the other hand, nothing suggests that Cheyenne will follow Tiger in the super-bad-boy prowess on or off the field.



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  1. I am sorry, but Tiger woods does not look black. Seal look’s black.
    In America black has a total different meaning. It seems to me so called black Americans see to have an issue if some one has black ion them they refer to them as black with an almost anger. As is to say “if I am black well you are going to be too”. This tells me a lot of American blacks have still not seeing black as some thing positive. I don’t care what they say but when comments are mad as is in this article in reference to Tiger Woods race, the proof is there. Yes we mat refer to the Barak Obama as black put the fact of the matter is he is half black and half white. So if because he is half black he is going to be called black then he can also be called white. Earl Wood was not a 100% black either. Black American’s need to accept their complete make up. Unfortunately BaraK Obama and any other mixed person out their cannot honestly say ” look what I have achieved as a black man” because The fact is they have another race in their genetics. So their accomplishments does not prove that a black man is just as intelligent as the white man. The proof of a black mans intelligence are those blacks that are 100% black that are as intelligent as the white man and there are many.

    • Thanks for your comment. But I am black and have seen more “black” people than you have. I got into the study of reincarnation because the “black” people in my family did not “look black,” and I wanted to know WHY.

      Chicago blacks look very different from most blacks in this country because many come from New Orleans.

      I get Tiger does not look black, I get that. But based on your very argument that most blacks in this country are racially mixed, then by definition, black does not look like black in this country. You can go to my politikos site and see many family photos there.

      We don’t look black in my family but we are black, period. My cousin does not look black but like an Indian from India. Northern Indiians are “white.” but not Anglo.

      I have a MA in anthropology and have studied it for 20 years.


  2. In the same article you call Cheyenne Woods Tiger’s cousin AND niece. She is actually his half niece. Tiger’s dad was married prior to his marriage with Tiger’s mom. They named their child Earl Woods, Jr. Then Tiger’s father (Earl Sr.) re-married and they had Tiger. Cheyenne is the daughter of Earl Woods, Jr., Tiger’s half brother.

  3. Have to agree with the first poster. Many, but not all,people calling themselves Black do not look entirely Black (assuming that West Africans are the baseline for such a statement). This is because their racial heritage is mixed, usually with that of White heritage. A more accurate definition of Black in American really relates to the experience of mixed-race people of mostly Black African background living in America, and not purely racial origins. I will also agree that Blacks really have a scewed idea of what Blacks is. Soledad O’Brien (CNN anchor), for example, is called Black, but could pass for someone from southern Italy. She recently won an award from the NAACP. Many so-called Black Obama appointees are very mixed–the Attorney General looks like a White guy trying to break out of Black man’s body. But, people call him Black anyway. I suspect that many prominent Blacks in the country have significant White heritage that they down play in order to make their way and take advantage of both worlds. Give me a break!

  4. Why are you so angry about having such light skin? If a white person was to speak so full of anger about having a touch of black in them, it would be racist. What is that double standard about? You are very pretty, why don’t you embrace all of what you are and not hate the white part of you? That is exactly what Obama is doing. He should be proud of all of his heritage.

  5. Why is this an issue when America put the criteria on black people decades ago by saying that if you had 1/10 black blood in you then you were black. So don’t get made when bi-racial or mixed racial people with that drop of black blood in them identifies as being black. When I look at my family, I see a various hues of color from the lightest to the darkest and it just makes me that more proud to be black because we refuse to be defined by society and what it think black people should look like. We defy those descriptions, labels and stereotypes, as do most black families that I know. We cross multi-racial and ethnic lines in our family. So if someone identifies more with their experiences and/or the environment that they were raised in, I say more power to them. Let’s move away from having to always defend the choices we make about our racial identity, just decide and go with it, unapologetically! Truth be told, we all have multi-racial blood and ethnicities in our families, just check out the next U.S. Census in 2020.

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