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Rebirth Research is Everywhere –Jews who survived or died in German concentration camps

Jews recall past lives in concentration camps of Germany.

That is only one link I found. There are books and archives on the subject. There is proof. It’s just not my particular field of study.

But last night I had a rebirth dream involving someone I recently met and like very much. In the dream he revealed to me that he had a past life as a concentration camp survivor. He used the word survivor in the dream. Then I saw his skin and it was real scaly and ugly. He had on gloves that were tattered.

What wierded me out was that he is a white German male in this life and in the dream he appeared as a black man, but was telling me that he had been Jewish and a camp survivor. So that suggests to me that he had maybe two lives leading up to his present one in order to burn off much old karma.

One thing I learned in rebirth research is that in order to trace a person’s life you have to be a part of their life. Makes sense because you must first blend your astral bodies and then you can meet up and travel together in those bodies.

Also one reads the others aura just by being in their presence. It is called spiritual reading. So when a psychic you have no connection to tells you stuff that seems right it is probably a good guess or they picked up clues that do not seem obvious.

One cannot know intimate past life details about another unless, UNLESS they are connected to you in this life in some way.

This was the problem I faced — in that I had not found one particular identify, which I think I have now found.


Cleopatra VII Was Christ

Or Jesus, or Yeshua as you like.

I explored her past lives and the one leading up to the life of Yeshua. Read the evidence laid out in Dinner With DaVinci.

But first you must understand, maybe believe in, rebirth/reincarnation.

If you believe that you or anyone has only been here once and never returned then, you will not be open to the plan that has already been laid out for the evolution and final perfection of man. I hate to use a word such as “belief” because it implies acceptance without proof or need for proof. It also suggests to the atheists that there there is no plan, no God, no discernable organization to the comings and goings of man, plant and animal. They couldn’t  be more wrong.

She wanted to be “Queen of the Jews” and take their lands. But Mark Anthony would have none of it. So after the death of Ceasar, Mark laid down the law and made Herod king of the Jews, under Roman rule.

Cicero, Anthony and Cleopatra returned/reborn Romans all — living in Texas, where else? It’s all laid out in the book.


They’ve Already Found Cleopatra’s Sister Arsinoe

Here’s another article from March 19, 2009 that shows how history is resurfacing literally.

Evidence obtained by studying the dimensions of Arsinöe’s skull shows she had some of the characteristics of white Europeans, ancient Egyptians and black Africans, indicating that Cleopatra was probably of mixed race, too. They were daughters of Ptolemy XII by different wives.

I KNOW the family and I know that we were of mixed racial ancestory then and now.


Finding Cleopatra and Anthony Tombs Nigh?

The dig, which begins next week, could reveal answers to the many myths surrounding the pair — including speculation about the Queen’s reputed beauty and the couple’s suicide. Teams from Egypt and the Dominican Republic will begin excavating three sites along the tunnels in the hope that one of the deep shafts will lead to a burial chamber. The sites were identified by a radar scan.

Breaking News

Will they find the tomb? Recently a painting of Shakespeare found to be the real deal, then new info about Lincoln has surfaced, now Cleopatra. These are all, just some of the lives I trace in “Dinner With DaVinci” which I’ve made available.