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Are Plain White Americans In Cahoots With Cartels?

Yes, I know, I’ve seen plain white people for one reason or another in cahoots with drug runners, sellers and may be even cartels. White suburbanites are selling drugs for money, plain and simple. They are using drugs too, not so simple.

I’ve seen it in my neighborhood, hate to say it. Not surprised it has been found in Winetka, Illinois. Sixteen suburban homes were rented and connected to Mexican drug cartells. According to Nightline they are armed and very dangerous. I think the key is that the homes were rented, they were in their temporarily to hide in plain sight, among other plain white folks.

My advice, watch your neighbors and the traffic that comes and goes. Don’t try to take them down yourself, but watch them, they will get the message.


Where In The World Is Barack Obama? The Summit. You Say

Cuba Needs U.S., Not The Other Way Around Obama.

In 1962 before JFK was elected president there was an disconnect entre us, U.S. and Cuba. Jack had hundreds of Cuban cigars brought in surreptitiously before as president, he slammed the Cuban door shut. Before we know it the Cubans will be at the Federal trough asking for help.

Who would have thought that fucker Fidel would outlive and outlast like 9 presidents? WTF, but that’s dictators for you.

I have no hard feelings toward the Castro brothers. They have reaped what they have sewn, pure-D poverty for their countrymen.

Yes, I think we should lift the embargo and the barriers. My only quandary comes in the form of illegal activity from Cuba the likes we are seeing from Mexico with whom we share a patently porous border with.

That is the problem with Cuba that it could open itself up to the black market and start bilking Americans and selling drugs to kids as quick as you can say — cigars.

The SFGate reported that Obama is being black at the Summit. He is touting his mixed-racial heritage to win political points.

Race occupies a far larger and more troubled place in Latin American politics than it does in Europe, where Obama rarely mentioned his ethnic background this month during his first overseas trip as president.

During his European trip, not so much talking about race. But he has put race and poverty on the South American table. As everybody knows that in countries like Brazil and Haiti and Cuba where black men and white-looking women marry and miscegination all the time. The population that is or looks white is growing and has been recently codified in one of those countries down there;

It went something like the old New Orleans paper bag test! If you look white you were classified as white. That’s important because in the aforementioned countries the white counterparts get to sit at the table while the darker brothers get the crumbs from the table, just like here.




Bloggers Do It Better

Bloggers and online content does what the newspapers can’t do, or won’t do. In the interest of fairness they are bleeding objective. But are they? Here in conservative Fort Worth, TX we have the Star Telegram.

It could be on the list as the next paper to close this year. That would be a travesty for the Telegram if it were to telegraph its last this year.

It’s a decent paper. We have a great world class zoo as well. Two things to buy into a city. We hope not. But what the hell were they thinking? Why did they not sell online content sooner, like ten years ago when the newsprint was on the wall?

I would have paid for news content and then digested the story, blogged it and gave it away. I would have thrown it away for nothing, just for the traffic and the readers.

But the newspapers need the bottomline, they survive or die from the razor’s edge of that line. But bloggers — we are free! Not really, but you get it.

If this were true then there would be no ID of right and left wing journalist and news sources. Yes, bloggers do it best. What exactly is it that we do? We digest the news for you. We are never bleeding objective, we are subjective and that’s what people want.


Susan Boyle — One-Tube Wonder (full audition)

Every time there is a hit, literally, on youtube it is always somebody singing. The human voice has that power, the power of sound. This woman is ugly but she can sing!

Boyle bowls ’em over