Daily Archives: April 19, 2009

Amy Poehler: The Other “Leslie” in Parks and Recreation

Amy plays Leslie Knope on her new sitcom. But some are not laughing. I say how dare she not be funny? SNL has taken the blogger influence seriously by what else — blasting bloggers with a queer-looking woman who writes her own blog “bitch please.” She’s funny. She has done some things Heloise has done — reviewed movies she has not seen. That’s funny, but I was not trying to be funny, just comes naturally. Anyway, Amy is no Sarah in her new niche:

Poehler plays Leslie Knope, a low-level Parks Department employee in Pawnee, Ind., whose primary talents include deluding herself that this job will be her launching pad to national political prominence. Inside joke alert: Leslie plans to become the next Hillary Clinton.

I used the above headline because Leslie is my first name and I made it available on BC where I wrote many political articles. One or two of them was on SNL and the Sarah Palin improvs and the Clinton ones as well. But I have a bad feeling about Parks, it no working. And works sells.

This past SNL  “The Best of Amy Poehler” was pretty funny. One of my articles about SNL was widely read and their star rose rapidly. I think it’s cute they chose my first name. It’s an uncommon name among black or white women. And it’s British.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of PAR and it did not tickle my funny bone. Amy was good on SNL but as I’ve asked about Sarah “is she ready for primetlme?”