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Yes, Mexico City Had a 5.6 earthquake too

If swine flu is not enough, the Mexicans are quaking in their boots over a new strong earthquake.


Media Don’t Mention Swine Flu Comes From Pig Crap — Pig Poop is Prolific!

The U.S. should be pointing the dirty finger at itself as reported 4/26-09:

The recent swine flu outbreak taking place in Mexico may have originated at a US-owned pig-breeding farm by the name of Granjas Carroll (aka Carroll Farms), which is owned, in part by the Smithfield Food Company. Smithfield also promotes the consumption of genetically-altered foods, and even owns certain genetic lines of pork breeding. On April 12 of 2009, before the swine flu outbreak was covered by mainstream media outlets, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada broke a story on how Carroll Farms was polluting the drinking water near the towns of La Gloria and Perote, in Veracruz.

As one unfamiliar with pig as food but pig as polluter I have been seeking something be done about the pig farms in N. Carolina before it is too late and the ecology is totally ruined by the great glut of feces that swine and swine farms generate.

Pig poop is prolific.

And if it goes uncontrolled more disease incubation. When the left rallies against pig farms we get shut up. But who is shutting up now? Those living with swine flu, that’s who.

From the same above-named source: at ground zero the local Mexicans are complaining of:

large quantities of pig excrement in the waterways to the smell of chemicals and feces in several towns.


Wave Bye Bye To the Bird, Pontiac that is

Can you believe it? The GTO, Pontiac brand fire bird is going, and gone. One of my first ciars was a pontiac and I loved the way it drove. That was like 40 years ago, but that does not diminish the thrill at all.

I mean I don’t like gas guzzlers and muscle cars, but I used to like the Pontiac.


TIVO Or Not TIVO — Politicos and TV shows I can no longer watch

During the political heat of last year by the time I watched the news or CNN it was old news. Online sites had captured the whole thing in a capsule. Then I would blog it and research it and I was an expert. No need for the papers, too late, no need for the news, too soft.

I used TIVO in the headlines to play off “To Be” I use a DVR, but you get my drift.

There is mucho blog chatter about ratings for post-election political talk shows. The ratings are down, and Heloise suspects that the TIVO or DVR crowd has also cut back on the programs that it records for later watching.

For the record I record all the 5:30 major news networks. That is redundant because each one repeats one.

I made that up, but it is soooo true. But I record them just the same. I also record all the Sunday talking heads: from McLaughlin to Meet the Press. I press that record series setting.

Reading on Huffpo today got me to thinking about Chris Matthews’ Hardball. I no longer record his show. Why because it was not record-worthy. I no longer record Rachel Maddow show. Why? She was getting boring with a capital B. She just got duller and duller as she continued to talk bad Bush and good Bush (which I am sure she is conversant with) and I lost interest.

I watched with rapt interest Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, but no more, bye bye Idol Stars!

Then there are the other shows I TIVO — Celebrity Apprentice, Top Model, 60 Minutes, Dateline, 20/20 and a few specials as they arise.

That’s my list more or less. It was what kept me abreast of the rest.

Tim F. Geithner — Cronolegy?

Tim Geithner has done it again. Is he this strongest link between Wall Street and the crone-ology, or knowledge of the banks and their corrupt schemes? My word “cronolegy” meaning knowledge of the crones who were involved.

The evidence is strong, stunning and damaging:

Timothy F. Geithner, who as president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank oversaw many of the nation’s most powerful financial institutions, stunned the group with the audacity of his answer. He proposed asking Congress to give the president broad power to guarantee all the debt in the banking system, according to two participants, including Michele Davis, then an assistant Treasury secretary.

Obama may regret this Tim move.