Daily Archives: April 28, 2009

Specter Has Left The Building!

GOP senator Spector said he has voted 10,000 times and he does not agree with them all. He needed to add meat to his political muscle, so he hefted the GOP out the window. It was heave-ho after 30 years and 5 elections in the state of Pennsylvania.

He’s has probably lost his grip with age and his seat may be next. There is no guarantee his will keep his seat. Some say he should lose his seat to save his politcal soul.

Does he have one? Rush Limbaugh seems to think Arlen has no use for the right. Rush, today, quipped “…and take McCain’s daughter with you.”


Illegal Bugs Too?

We know that Mexico and illegal aliens within the drug trade are helping Americans get high, but now will they help them die?

The right thinks that’s the right equation.


Dem Darlin’ Arlen Specter (D)

Politico says it’s so .

Selma Hayek — Getting Old And Getting Married — Again (Venice)



It seems to be the equation in vogue today. That coughing = fear.

Coughs could be anything. Fever however is something to fear.


Mexico Shutters Schools and Public Venues — Now What?

Folks in Mexico are not happy that they have been put into an isolated pig trough to wait out the coming, maybe, possible pandemic in their country.

Mexico City is like 20M strong. That’s a lot of people. And congestion like that helps to spread the virus like syrup over pancakes. Therefore they have shut the doors.

On NPR the kids are bored with staying at home. It is close to summer break so I guess they get a break early.

Here in Texas near San Antonio, where the school districts (public) in that large metro are already 100% Mexican-Americans, no blacks, no whites in those public schools at all. That is where the cases of flu in Texas are at this time. It’s like 3, I think. But that means that the pig flu was on board somebody’s bag.