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Two Trumps Up! Annie Duke and Joan Rivers

Trump has just fired Brande the Bunny and Jesse and Joan wait in the wings.

A funny thing happened to Jesse on the way to the final four — he didn’t bring his wife Sandra Bullock with him. Bad move Jesse and you will pay with your place for that gaffe.

 He was faulted for that because he raised no coin, nada dime, not a sous…stupid swine, blue collar guy.

It’s pretty clear, unless Annie does a major muck up, she will win the Celebrity Apprentice 2009 and the big cha-ching  for her charity.

In case you did not see the show, the two teams had to do a jingle for chicken of the sea and a 30-sec spot. Clint did a great song and the spot was good too. But Annie’s was better, more branded and more contemp. This is what the chicken people were looking for.

Annie has been bragging nonstop about her oneupmanship on this one. She deserves to be a poker player. Will Joan poke Annie in the eye and win the Celebrity Apprentice?



Celebrity Apprentice — Final Four: The Face, The Poker, The Bunny and The Dude

Piers has interviewed the final four. He no like the blonde bunny. He thinks she is too dumb. He hates Joan’s use of Hitler toward Annie. Everyone hated Piers and he won, as he boasts. But he is leaning away from the Bunny and Joan “the face” Rivers.

If the Jesse the dude prevails with Annie as the final two, Annie will probably walk away with all the chips.


Newbie Engine (Wolfram Alpha) To Gobble-Up Google and Bloggers? Updated x2

Wolfram Alpha, the newbie, launches today per CNN.

Updated article from The Daily Beast where this new engine was tested.

In testing by The Daily Beast, Wolfram Alpha easily computed a variety of facts: Which European country has the most Internet users? How many people are alive today with the name “Nicholas”? What is the height of the Empire State Building divided by the length of the Triborough Bridge? How do oil exports in Iraq compare to those of Kuwait? What are the monthly payments on a 20-year, 5% fixed-rate mortgage with a loan of $200,000? What is the body mass index of a person who is six feet tall and weighs 200 pounds? What nutrients are in two Snickers bars?

It works as I expect it would you put in your long question and you draw back a short answer that details only what you need to know. It searches millions of sites maybe, and then compiles one conclusion. One, the power of one revisted.

That’s good for many of my queries and will save time. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can link or blockquote it.

Will that be enough? Well, it may not be good news for bloggers hoping their site to show up on the search. It appears that will not be the case.


If this new thing gets going and promises what it can get then maybe searchers will find my many answers to questions posed on rebirth, life and death.

The new system, Wolfram Alpha, showcased at Harvard University in the US last week, takes the first step towards what many consider to be the internet’s Holy Grail – a global store of information that understands and responds to ordinary language in the same way a person does.

Hope so. Here’s finding you. This could be the fiddle on the roots that gives google a run for its money.


Top Model — Top Show

Did you know that Top Model was syndicated globally? It is and it should be. It allows young women to upgrade their image in an age of low self-esteem.

I know a little about modeling myself. I wish like hell I had the old photos of myself when was a photographer’s model. Some are nude, one is a short video and others are me posing in yoga postures back when I could stretch. Then there are the photos taken by my boyfriend’s mom of us modeling clothes for her to sell.

Nothing like it, looking young and hot.

The problem is that I’ve lost touch with the men who took the photos.

But I see what Tyra Banks is looking for. The black girls have been pretty boring in presenting themselves. No pep, no real life, no real “look at me” visa.

However, I think the winner of last week’s competition will probably win the honors this year. She is a beauty and she is top model material.

You gotta have a gimmick girls and that starts with personality. That’s why my old photos as well as my late ones have panache, because I’ve got personality.


GOP Announces New Layoffs — Hot-Air Models First to Go (Steele, Palin, Jindal)

Since this has become an age of firings, layoffs, plant closing, scandals, gun terrorism, funky politicos, Heloise wants to know when will the GOP start laying off some of its loudmouths?

The first layoff might include Michael Steele. He has become a sandtrap without the sand, just trap.

Steele cannot reconcile his white genes with his black genes and ends up sounding like the old Mr. Greenjeans!

Then there is loudmouth Sarah Palin. She’s got to go. The outfits, the misfits and the gaffes have hurt the GOP brand immensely.

What would a piece about layoffs at the GOP be without an honorable mention of Bobby Jindal? Jindal is confused.  An Indian, turned Christian, turned WASP, I can’t stand it. He can talk but he ain’t saying much.

Layoff the loudmouths first GOP and you will save us all a lot of hot air. That takes care of the elected brand, what about the unelected brand or the de facto leaders full of hot air?

Hannity and Limbaugh come to mind. They are flying high on helium-billed ballons. They are pure entertainment taken with a grain of salt, well shaken but not stirring.


George Zinkhan: Professional Killer–Suicide–updated

His body has been identified. He has killed himself, but it ain’t over.

The latest from a Huffpo article above. He dug himself a shallow grave and shot himself in the head and fell in. The police found him on May 9th and have released the findings.

Now even college professors with a gun can kill. What is America coming to? What is this country all about.

Why is it so easy to play God with a gun?

This man went to the community play to kill his ex wife. He shot into the crowd and now three people are dead and others wounded. I call this terrorism regardless who is president.

It is not domestic terrorism, nut-job terrorism, political-bend terrorism, no, just plain terrorism.

Can you imagine your old college professor a killer? I don’t think so. But a professional killer is what we have here. Who is Prof. Zinkhan, really? He is a marketing and distribution professor, but now he is a wanted man who fits this description:

George Zinkhan, 57, is a 6-foot, 3-inch white male with a goatee or beard. Current information is that he was last seen wearing a polo shirt, blue shorts, and a backpack on Saturday afternoon on Prince Avenue. He was last thought to be in a maroon 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade in the area of Prince Avenue. (same source below)

Have you seen this man? If so call the cops not 911, even if you suspect. Where is he, good question.

UPDATE, 7:25 p.m.: Police are still searching for George Zinkhan, a University professor and suspect in the shooting deaths of three people at Athens Community Theater at noon.

Police surrounded his house in Bogart, talked at the house with bullhorns and broke down the front door to inspect the home, but Zinkhan was not located in source the house.

Here’s a huffpo update. His passport is missing and he has a ticket to the Netherlands. It began in Athens, GA where will it end, or better when will it end?