Jonathan Capehart Can’t Hide His Homosexual Side 


Capehart does homophobic Jamaica

Video from Morning Joe‘s 2008 (kinda long winded) Capehart admits he’s gay or something like that. Morning Joe this first week of May 2010 (just noticed I wrote this exactly one year ago today! Wow) and it is getting lots of hits all of a sudden. I watched ole Jonathan reacting as writer Richard Wolfe (the gay British Jew who loves Obama and wrote “Renegade” an ass-kissing book about Obama) said that he (Wolfe) was “well hung.” Then the cameras cutaway to JC and his mouth was well, hung open! LOL.

On Morning Joe this morning, we already knew JC was gay, but he can’t even hide it. DC is famous, in case you didn’t know for its good-looking gangs of gay black men, who happen to be middle class and well educated. I am being nice in saying his “side,” because surely he has a masculine side too.

Capehart is no stranger to controversy. He has sparked controversies with his articles on gay sex clubs, the Morning Party and gay support for Republican Mayors in New York and Los Angeles. He is also a correspondent for the critically acclaimed public television show ‘In the Life,’ and a former officer of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.


It’s no secret that Jonathan Capehart and his boyfriend, architect Giuseppe Lignano have been together for at least 10 years and counting. They are a power couple around town too. He’s obviously very much the Italian stallion judging by his name alone. Could not find any pics of him, that is, until someone recently linked to my blog and I was able to find a posted pic to co opt it for this site. Thank you whoever you are for the photo of JC boyfriend. 

Read more: July 23, 2001

I’ve watched enough gays in movies and life to know that they like to think of themselves as “women” or “girls” depending on what their bend is. That’s the part I don’t get about being gay. Why do gay men and women want to be the other sex that they hate or won’t sleep with? I don’t get that.

JC said he emailed Joe that “Rahm is sexier than Tim FYI.” WTH? He went on to say “I figured I would just put my opinion out there.” He said he had to make a choice (really?) and he did.

Did he mean his choice of whom he would rather sleep with? I mean I saw the same People cover and even wrote a short article on it. But I am a woman and yes, Rahm is one sexy Russian Jew, but so is Tim, but he’s not a Jew, but German. So we have a German and a Jew up for hunks on Obama Island.

What’s the racial rundown on Capehart since he has piqued the public’s interest? My guess is that he has a lot of African blood. One of his parents is from Barbados or one of the British-held islands. I can tell by the flare of his nostrils common among West Africans. He has a little white blood to be sure but his stature and his dolichocephalic head (long head) tells another story and his phenotype would indicate mostly African blood unlike most blacks in America.

He is probably second generation immigrant from some island. Pure guess mind you. I don’t konw his parentage or ancestry.  But whites and Jews prefer immigrant blacks to blacks born in the states.



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  1. Heloise, you are so sadly mistaken with your take on gay men. Your quote “I’ve watched enough gays in movies and life to know that they like to think of themselves as “women” or “girls” depending on what their bend is” is so off the mark that I feel sorry for you. Gay men don’t think of themselves as women or girls, as a joke we will call eachother “girl” but thats as far as it goes, it’s just a joke between other gay men that stems from our history, you should research it before you make such assinine statements. As for saying we that women are the sex that we “hate”, again you are so far off the mark that I can see you are actually a bigot with regards to gay men. There are gay men who hate women YES just like there are straight men you hate women (and beat them constantly), but 98% of gay men LOVE women, love powerful women who overcome huge life obstacles and go on to become successful.
    I read your statement and I just couldn’t believe how off the mark you were, perhaps it’s not even worth commenting on, I have a feeling you are going to turn a blind-eye to the truth regardless and write whatever your bigoted heart dictates.

    • LOL thanks for the reply. You know I’ve been blogging a very long time and my nickname is actually “Net” so yes, I invented the mental framework or thoughtform for the Internet back in the 1970s actually when my ex gave me a name that is Egyptian but means Internet. So, someone back in 1998 shortened my name to “Net” my other ID.

      You know if you think or know more about being a gay male than I do, since I am not a gay male, then your opinion is valid. But guess what? So is mine. You are entitled to disagree but not to attack. The gifted are often misunderstood. And that’s me.

  2. Richard Wolfe if married to Paula Cuelo and they have 3 kids. Unless you have proof he is gay, why would you state that he is?

  3. Are you serious? Someone is stating that since Richard is married, have a wife and 3 kids that must mean he’s not gay?
    Wow, obviously you don’t know much about life.

    Does that person not know gay people have been doing stuff like that for ages to pass as a straight person? also they get a gf or marry to cover up their true self.

    There have been people to come out of the closet at 60yrs of age, yes they’ve been married and have grand kids but guess what? They are gay so do not think just because someone is married with kids does not mean they cannot be gay because you are so wrong anonymous.

  4. Heloise, you are a cu*t.

    God bless.

  5. First ad fremost…I am tired; no, sick nd tired of the media, bloggers, scoopers and the like tying to make anyone out to be gay because of some dumb ass rumors. Richard Wolffe is a friend of mine nd is as straight as it comes. His wife and children are stellar examples of a solid family with strong roots and beliefs. He is a family man and not homosexual in the least.

    When people make comments that because someone is mrriedthat does no exempt them from being gay, it holds water, but the contrary holds true too. A married man can be straight and most are straight, not gay. So, this story by Heloise is so full of crap tat it annoys me beyond reproach. Joathan Capehart is gay and good for him. Leave the straight guys like Richard alone, please and be careful on what you blog, Heloie. It could damage familes for no good reason.

  6. u r sick

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  9. Korie Seagull

    You are racist, homophobic, ignorant.

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  11. Wow you’re an ignorant homophobe

  12. I wasted so much time reading this TWICE to make sure it wasn’t parody. But sadly, it just appears to be ignorant, racist, homophobic garbage. And really poorly written.

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  14. Trust but verify

    Heloise8 can’t get an in-focus photo online and she’s to be taken seriously? We are feeding her need for attention, though. Think positive thoughts, thinking humans. Maybe she’ll (somehow) get to know a variety of people and find that, in every group, there are good people, bad people, and everything in between. And that includes people like out of focus, out of touch, mean spirited heloise8.

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