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LIVE: Celebrity Apprentice Winner — Joan Rivers!

Celebrity Apprentice gets cool. Donald Trump is going to pick Joan…I can feel it at least 30 minutes before he announces Joan Rivers as the winner, no surprise. I have to say it: a River trumps a Duke!

“Whore, pit vipers” amd “worse than Hitler” that’s a pretty good moniker for a day at the office wouldn’t you say. But  this is what Joan Rivers called the two gentiles. Melissa said that it is not about hate and she does not hate Annie. You can tell by the lovely names of endearment.

Joan’s “God’s Love –We Deliver” is a small grassroots organization. They serve meals to anyone who calls up and asks for a meal. This is Joan’s charity. It is a connection as she put it and it saves lives here in America. She said that the number of volunteers is what sets this charity apart. It services AIDS patients but not exclusively.  They put up tiles with the names of deceased in the kitchen.

I think Trump should give it to both charities. Which one is more deserving I ask?

Annie’s charity is in Africa and helps folks over there who are refugees. It is international in scope — not a domestic charity. So far, the others seem in Joan’s corner and for her charity. I think Joan will win based on the nature of her charity. It’s only fair. Joan did not raise as much money but that was really to be expected.

Annie is a winner and not so much a whiner. The Rivers’ call her a liar. Say it to my face. But did Annie ever say to her “I want you to die from cancer?”

Joan Rivers wins the un-job, the big bucks and the prestige!



Boardroom bully: Joan to Annie — “This is so disgusting”

During the final board room, Joan laid Annie out with her flap about the “lies” she said Annie told on her.

The question at hand was what happened with the decorators who quit both teams. Annie said that the decorators were not happy with  Joan. The decorators said that they would no longer work with the Apprentice. I think the man was outwitted and outwomaned by Joan and Annie.

Joan said this is everything that she does not believe in for 75 years. In other words no employee has ever been unhappy with Joan as a boss. She said she will not be berated and lied about on TV. What happened to the decorators?

I think they were not going to take orders on their particular business. They said they could not work miracles in 12 hours — that was their bottom line…no miracles, no full drama makeover in a couple of hours.

To be fair, I listened to Joan talk to them on the phone before they quit and she was rather unclear, dubious and demanding. They no like that and summarily quit on her and on Annie.


Joan Raises Over 100,000–Annie Raises Over 400,000!

She said she would bump Joan off and she did money wise. But who won and who wins the un-job of Celebrity Apprentice and who gets the dough.

Joan got the best celebrities and her party was way better.


Annie Duke No Like Jews! LOL

Annie picked Tom Green for your team and she treated him like crap. He’s Jewish too and she just ignored him and berated him. We know she hates Joan and Melissa Rivers. They are too funny.

Movie Review: Grand Canyon Adventure–River at Risk (IMAX)

The actors include : Robert Redford (narrates), Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Wade Davis, Shana Watahomigie, Tara Davis. But its real star is the Grand Canyon and the vanishing Colorado River.

Grand Canyon Adventure is scary, surreal, serious and significant.

It is from director Greg MacGillivray (river anthropologist) an IMAX sensation.

It is not a newly released film but it has come to the IMAX here in Fort Worth’s new History of Science.

It opens with an aerial view and a helicopter ride across a city with bright lights. Because I have neurological issues I could not watch that part. I thought I would have to leave early because of it, but I just closed my eyes and waited until the movie actually started. I am glad I waited.

If you think that Bobby Jr. plays a large role then think again, he and his daughter are only bit actors in this sea change happening on the River. Bobby Jr. is the Riverkeeper and he came along for the ride with his good friend Wade Davis and his daughter.

Most of the film takes place in the Canyon but much of it is reminiscent of An Inconvenient Truth, in a good way. Why, because it gives the audience much needed information about water and the conservatin of same. It hopes to impact how we view and use water. It’s everywhere but is vanishing from somewhere in the Southwest desert and in parts of Mexico. The flora and fauna of this ecosystem was also a part of the message.

Water is here to stay but it is not staying where God originally cast it. Its role in the natural world is being changed by human activity. That’s the critical part that we get early on from Robert Redford’s wonderful narration. The film also asks us to do a little critical thinking–if human activity can create the problem then it can also fix it.

So despite the “truthiness” of this timely movie we also get its sense of urgency.

Redford asks us to make it our sense of urgency. Humans need fresh water. The end of Adventure turned into a bit of a PSI with the two daughters.  But never mind, it does not diminish the power of this 43-minute film. We are not turned off by its political message, while we literally take flight through most of the world as seen from an aircraft of one sort or another.

If you’ve never been inside an IMAX, just imagine the inside of an egg shell cut open with seats inserted and voila it’s an IMAX theater big enough for a lot of birds.

Some background was in order from the actors. According to Bobby who first came to know and love the river from his dad and their white water rafting on it forty years ago, there used to be huge sandbars. Sandbars so big that the Anazasi could farm there. They could also fish there, But no more. They can no longer fish the river because of the vegetation changes and because the dam has changed the very temperature of the water–it is now a full 20-degrees cooler than it used to be. That changes the ecosystem and who and what can live there.

This film goes fast– so hold onto your seat.  You need to either buy it or support your local IMAX theatre.

See it fast before it’s gone like the mighty Colorado River that these riverkeepers hope to save.