Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Teyona –America’s Next Top Model Winner

Teyona from New Jersey rocked the runway in Brazil. She took some stunning photos and doubted herself at the end. But in the end she rolls out the extra humph.

She’s a photogenic beauty as Tyra called her.

It was sort of predictable in that a white girl won last season and I predicted that Allison and Teyona would be the finalists.

Teyona is also a very sweet girl. No nasty words fell from her lips or her hips. She was class all the way.

Her nerves at the commercial were almost her undoing but I think it was because she wanted it soooo badly. And she got it.



One Torture is Worth A Thousand Words

What about we don’t need to see photos of torture don’t the leaders get? There was no need to say we won’t release more torture photos. Stop already, it’s torture!

There might be a thousand words one could write about the issue that is unknowable. It is the torture cloud of unknowable things. But one thing we do know — if it hurts it’s bad, if it’s uncomfortable and unwanted it’s torture.

I wish they would stop already talking about it.  As the photos of abuse and torture have shown that each such photo is worth a thousand words. Multiply that times a thousand and we have a gazillion reasons not to keep up the torture, the talk, or the photo reveals.

The good news is that Obama is on the right track in listening to his generals—enough already with the photos. They really will be killing and forming cells of conspiracy to get us all in our beds.

Stop the madness.  Thanks


FRONTLINE: “The Madoff Affair”

Frontline kicked butt with this hour-long LOOK into the Madoff Affair.

It asked the tough questions. If you have been following the money meltdown followed by the Maddof debacle then you won’t want to miss this new look, in depth at what Madoff has wrought on the world. The Killing Of Hitler was on just before that. Is that a message? I called the Madoff madness a financial holocaust on the Jews which included gentiles.

The thing that will make you mad is the utter greed of the fedders funds. They were paid to look the other way, make no mistake about it. Then the Madoff SEC nexus. It does not look good for the SEC at this point. There is NO excuse for what happened.

It could be the end of inheritance as we know it.