The Life of Hypatia Portrayed

Hypatia has a film. Her biography is well known to myself, but apparently not to the woman who protrays her on the screen — what else is new? Weisz looks good but is the movie any good?

It was shown at Cannes this month.  I am glad to see more dramas revolving around historical figures, especially ones that are not well known. Hypatia was a religious woman, forget the atheist and pagan tags because Christianity would not exist were it not for official religion of Rome — Stoicism and the splinters it created. Plotonius and Platonism included in the mix. Religion is not what you think and as soon as the world realizes that there will be no more wars.



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Meaning of "trough" -- Trough is the bottom of a transverse wave. And generically means a low point or a place to fill. Venus is related to this meaning. Veins are to be filled, and venusian people are loving. The left is more venusian than the right, hence The Trough--where Heloise helps the great and the small. Heloise the politico from Physics preacher, blogger, gardener, beach lover, book lover, writer, author.

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