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The Bachelorette — Austin and Dallas — In the house

So far so good. I spent the weekend looking at kitchens at IKEA in Frisco, Texas. But now it is time to watch The Bachelorette.

The race in mini Coopers through LA and Hollywood was like something out of the great race. I dug it.

Take it from Heloise there is nothing sexier  or sweeter than a musician from Austin, Texas. Wes is hot .  Is he her type?  Jake the pilot from Dallas has been picked for the first one-on-one date. And he is over the moon, and gorgeous too. They are doing a country date all alone at the nightclub. She is wearing red boots and a black tasselled dress. She is not the cutest girl on the block but she has a great figure and lots of personality and she said yes to the challenge. That’s the je ne sais quo called attractiveness, she is all that.

Texas is in the house.



The Link is on tonight

It promises to answer a lot of questions but it probably won’t. Like why the wait to unveil the link?

Watch and tell.


Let North Korea Blow

My name for North Korea is “Nukes” because they have so many letters in common and they are determined to do it.

North Korea is a rogue state no doubt. What’s a man to do who is charged with keeping us safe?

A state like NK that has three letters in common with nuke, means they are going to have their way. If I were president I would let them do their thing, then wipe them out when they blow another country or themselves up.

If we rattle sabres with them, it will become a war we cannot win. Let them start it. The starters are not necessarily the winners.

American cannot afford to become embroiled in another war be it cold or hot. Let the Nukes make the first move.

President Obama can posture about this all he wants or needs to, but he cannot lift a black  finger nor press a red button, no, not yet.


See “Valkyrie” 60-Second Movie Review

Tom Cruise is gooood in Valkryrie.. I loved this taut thriller. I did not see in a theatre because the reviews were mixed.

Cruise hits his mark in this well-researched, true enactment of the last coup d’etat that did not hit its mark. Col. Stauffenberger was nine months too early. But if it had succeeded likely millions of Jews and others would have not died in the war.

If you’ve read as many Holocaust and Hitler books as I’ve done you would know that the last year the final solution got souped up and pumped. This is why people like Anne Frank and her sister died. The Nazis were looking for everyone and tried to kill every Jew in the final months of the war because Hitler knew that his men and the world were closing in on him.

Cruise got the firing squad while others were hung. The big guns got the gun, and the minions got the rope. The buzz about this film was how much Cruise looked like the real Colonel. He did, maybe he was this guy before.

The only critique is that the film got a little confusing and it was hard to follow the storyline at times, mostly because there were so many characters involved. In some real films the parties are shown before and after so that one can easily follow it.

Good flick, see it. I give it 3 and 1/2 stars out of 5.


Obama: Read My Blogs “No more New Blacks!”

Obama pick — Sotomayer.

Clinton tried it, Bush tried it, Obama has tired it — brought new black folks on board. Clinton did not get Lani Guinier  (Jewish and black), but Bush got Clarence Thomas (And we got the worse confirmation circus ever — black and white but not biracial. I reviewed his memoir for BC .),  and Obama did a rerun with Eric Holder (looks biracial) I did not approve any of those picks. I call them the new blacks. They are new to the role or to their skin.

Obama will likely try to find another Thurgood Marshall, but he will put up a black male version of Tim Geithner (oops think he did already), I predict. If that is the case, that will go down in flames and he will come back with a black woman, who will fit the bill. Or a Latina. but a Latina will not be confirmed. It could take three candidates, no doubt.

The question remains: who will Obama appoint as SCOTUS justice? Newt or was it Karl said that they Bushies studied up and were vetted up months before, years before they made a pick.

Really? Is that how they came up with his bosom buddy Meyer? They looked high and low and vetted until they dropped and came up with Harriet Myers or Meyers. Heloise blogged passionately as a Conservative to block this woman’s appointment. To make that SCOTUS fight sweeter, the Catholic Church came out and said, hell no she’s no Catholic. Going to Catholic mass does NOT make you Catholic. And having a law degree, a JD  or kissing Bush butt, does not make you Supreme Court material.

I argued that she was a Jew, not a Catholic. I have nothing against Jews, just those who pretend not to know they are Jewish or hide and lie about it like the guy that lost by hollering out “macaca…welcome to America” Allen was his name. He lost, Meyers was not confirmed. I argued that she was a liberal in conservative robes.  I was not alone.

It worked, the rally against her.  She was shamed into withdrawing her name. So, so damn much for the lies of the Rovians and the Newtons. Vetted my cute ass!

When Roberts came up I thought, now your talking. And he was confirmed easily.

Whatever Baracko wants Barako gets, sometimes. Don’t listen to them Obama, listen to me, read my blog : “pick someone you want who will pass the smell test and does not owe money on taxes.” It can be a Latina, but if it is, I predict she will get shot down. It should be a black woman this time.

No more Meyers , no more  Clarence Thomases.