Jack had a bad back but not a big deal

But Gore Vidal, a Jewish relative of Al Gore, and in-law to Jackie Kennedy, was gay, way gay. And he admitted to being turned on by Jack’s great ass, even after he became JFK. Yup that’s what he said. But by Jack’s own admission he did not have big deal down there. But he had a big itch that he needed to scratch sans wait.

Having a bunch of VDs and STDs some that were never cured may not have been the cause. The cause was that he had been a she in previous and many other lives before. He tried to hide his man breasts too in photos. If they showed in a photo it got nixed. Also he hated being photographed while eating. He got women because of his charm and his ability to please.

He preferred to make it on his back, what’s up with that? He said it soothed his bad back.

Just ask.



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