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More Confirmation? MJ OD?

In a headline and blog nobody has read yet — I said that MJ ODs. Now A Daily Beast MJ confidente reveals that MJ did accidentally OD? WTF?

Who could fulfill 50 concerts? Not even 50 cents could do 50 concerts in 50 days, or thereabouts. It was a ridiculous number. And recall that he thought he was signing up to sing ten.

MJ you got it wrong. When did he take the OD? He never woke up. Did he want the doc there to fix his mistake? But the doc bungled that too? Oh boy, a bungle turned  debacle.



Michelle Malkin — Never Can Say Goodbye

Malkin and other GOP dinosaurs never can say goodbye to pulling up flowers instead of weeds.

I mean she was brief but brutal. Especially the clown-like photo she chose to post of Al. The guy has written books and is a Harvard grad. Michelle thinks that Al has little shoes to fill in the senate…why because he is incapable of wearing long pants and tie up shoes!

I am not in love with Al, not even in like with the guy but come on Michelle grow one in the sun.


Paris and Prince Birth Certificates — View Them

TMZ has exclusive docs. The nay sayers were saying that TMZ et al had no documentation.

Jackson is listed as the father. So maybe he didn’t have to adopt his unchildren. But that is not the end. Not sure about the legality of it.

He was father to the kids but…who will get them?


Coleman Concedes…what a loser

That’s all folks. No more Norm.

MN Supreme Court Rules For Franken

MN SC I said SCOTUS but meant MN.

Jackson Neglected to adopt his three “kids”

That’s a good one Perez . Unbelievable!

Get in a long line — MJ Viewing on at Neverland

If you know where Neverland lies, Encino CA, then it is your turn to view MJ body.

It’s a big death for a small town.

Neverland MJ’s final rest? Body en route there

TMZ reporting that MJs body is en route to Neverland. Why? Story is still developing.

Did you know George Clooney is not dead?

George Clooney is alive and well, thank you very much. I did not blog this. But TMZ is now debunking a bunch of bloggers gone wild with death celeb scenarios in a “take your pick” celebrity free for all. They thought it would go under the wire in light of MJ and Fawcett deaths.

Perez is begging bloggers to debunk it and to stop themselves. That’s funny coming from Perez.

Everybody out! Of Iraq that is

Is today the day that we are supposed to be out of Iraq or something? I missed it. And one thing’s for sure, they are yet there. The Daily Beast link there looks at the mission. I hate talk of war.