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Southwest using “It’s On” in new ad

I should have been a wealthy ad executive like I planned but no one would hire me in that field. But if I had a dollar for every ad I’ve inspired I’d already be rich.

I used “it’s on” in regard to the dust up between Annie and Joan Rivers when they were in the heat of battle. Then Huffpo uses it as a headline, now Southwest is using it and it works, it’s real cute.

Damn, I thought I had it, now I know I do.



Huffington Post engages in satiric misspelling — Huffpo responds!

Update: Guess what? Someone from the esteemed Huffpo got on my Facebook wall and thanks the people who defended them! WTH I thought. Then one of the wise guys makes a personal attack on me. I told them that I have forgotten more words than they will ever know. Huffpo said it was intentional.

In my mind, that was moot. They need to master the basics first. Like the piano,  just do the runs and leave the fancy pants stuff to Heloise LOL.

I have Huffpo comedy linked to my facebook and I looked at this non-funny Conan skit.

The Huffpo headline read “Conan loves teh Internet…” It is called satiric misspelling by wiki. But everybody who reads the blog regularly knows that they have THE worse headlines of any major blog.

So, I don’t think that they need to go there with “teh” another blogger on my facebook said it was deliberate as I thought it was too. Naturally, I looked it up and that’s what it is called — satiric misspelling but Huffpo does not need to go there. LOL

Conan is NOT funny.


Does Jillian confront Wes next week?

She bangs on the door and drops tears from her eyes. Who will make Jilllain cry?


She cut Juan and Dave Loose!

Juan said he did not see it coming. Oh boy, he’s a loser, but a successful one.

Dave is the bad guy who hated Juan and he feels wronged. David seemed a little sneaky but he liked Jillian. She sent them packing, but did not kick anybody to the curb, or throw them under the BC bus.


“Don’t let this cute face fool you.”

Jillian is tough like me. Not really, I’ve been a fool for love. But don’t let this or that cute face fool you, Jillian knows what she wants. So she wanted to send Mike packing and so she did.

She sent home the “nice” guy. One guy said that women like edgy bad guys and he did not get it. Well, I get it. Women often pursue men who will hurt them because they’ve been hurt so much and don’t want to get caught so go with men who won’t catch them. It’s not a cure. Marriage is the cure.


Jillian fuming, while wearing a cute coat

Jillian takes the lucky 13 men to Vancouver BC. Now, don’t think because she was wearing a cute coat that it was winter or fall up there. Hell no, I’ve been to Canada many times and it was probably the middle of summer!

This gal has a smoking hot condo. Oh well, she’s an interior designer. I think she has the upscale IKEA kitchen. I just spent a weekend there buying a white craftsman look kitchen cabinets. Her kitchen is the bomb with those mini subway tiles in aluminum or brushed aluminum look.

She had a nice date with Kiptyn and did a happy dance when he left and accepted the rose.

However she will be fuming when she learns that a couple of the dudes has a date or is dating someone else…Ouch.

Who will go, who will stay? The soupcon girlfriends will change everything.


David Death Defying Dangling Photos Upset Family

The family of David Carradine is not happy about the Thai newspaper who published the photos. They want to sue the tabloid bastards.

If you go to that link there is a link to tell you how to get to the photos, but I did not go there.

That stuff is sacrosanct and not good politics.


I got binged!

My blog stat searches revealed that someone found me using bing.com! I am so excited. Now for Oprah to find me.


Obama On The Court

The SCOTUS has stepped on some Obama toes during the GM vs Fiat game. It’s game on! If Obama has his say. But the court has said hold yer horses! The case is brought by GM workers who will lose money because of the bankruptcy and the Fiat GM merger.

So the courts have put a hold on the Fiat sale and is saying that what Obama did was illegal in forcing GM to file Chapter 11.


Maddy — Disney’s Black Doll Debut

Disney is looking kinda dizzy these days with the debut of its new doll named Maddy. But black critics are asking: Where’s the black prince? Good question. And then there is the doll who will come out in October, some are pumped about it and other are feeling pimped at the news.

Is this just another blackface stereotypical doll? As an anthropologist who has studied slave archeology and black folks for decades do we need another lump of plastic with a black face? I think Disney is late to jumping on the black doll bandwagon and the reception of it may not go well.

The old Minnie doll and Mickey Mouse are actually the “blackface” doll version, quiet is kept. And now we see the similarity in names “Maddy” hello. Heloise no like this. It smacks of blackface to this black woman.