Daily Archives: June 9, 2009

The Trough — It’s On Here at #52!

Hey readers this link from wordpress.com just came in and I am tickled pink. I never get recognized. The Trough has been ranked at #52 as a growing blog. And I was born in 1953.

Thank you wp



T-Mobile satellites suck!

Yea, I live in the Dallas metroplex. But my phone doesn’t. No, it lives in the satellite twilight zone. I am not freaking kidding. I get a lousy 1/2 a bar with my blackberry curve.

It sucks big time and if they don’t FIX IT — I am going to cancel IT.


John Johnson’s (Jet founder) Son died of Sickle Cell

T-boz national spokesperson is touting what she has learned from SCD. I have no family members that I know of with SCD or trait. But I do recall that the adopted son of John Johnson, we used to live in the same Chatham area in Chicago, died at a young age of SCD.

His surviving daughter, he died too remember and Oprah did not go to his funeral or something like that, now runs Jet and Ebony and Fashion Fair. Linda Johnson. Never met her though. But John Jr. had a crush on me or vice versa.

The human body is a terrible thing to waste.


Rush’s Real Time, Uncle Tom Rant

Rush was touting white man’s burden today. That’s so passe, but apparently not with the Rush-hour crowd. He said that the political winds were beginning to blow right in Europe because we won’t be there (read America) to take that call.

So, it is our global burden, it’s spandex don’t you know, to save Europe from itself, from its own left leanings, its own left foot. We have been there and that’s why Europe can go left.

Wow, what Uncle Tom logic. They need us but we don’t need them. Is that how it goes? And we are the saviors of the Western world, all 500 million of us, legal and illegal.

Then he castrated Obama, as per usual, with his indictment of how the ecomomic thing is about to blow up in his face and ours.

Rush is right about so many things. But Palin and Obama are not among them.