Andrew Breitbart —The Gay Jew With a Plan (updated)

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Update: Okay whether or not Andy is gay is not official. So what it got your attention.  Besides Jewish men are over-represented in the gay department.  It looks like AB might get another 15 minutes of fame thanks to breaking the weinergate story.  AB took the spotlight and the mic to trumpet that he was right…again.  Good for you because a certain congressman (congress also means contact and can be used in sexual congress in case you didn’t know it) but a Congress man named Weiner got his dick handed to him, or rather he posted it online to twitter.  Even I don’t know how to post pics to twitter!

Good job Andy, keep it up. is the latest creation from the creator of Huffpo, or one of them. He is a proud queen. And a Polish-Jew who touts himself as a conservative. Many of Heloise’s articles from bc were picked up by and distributed all over the Web…thank you for that.

Here’s a sample from his pulldown menu:

But he is cracking under the weight of his own celebrity . Dailykos has this video segment wherein he engages in ad hominen attacks on everybody. He wants to know why the Von Brunn should be a Right wingnut instead of a left wingnut. Von Brunn hates conservatives, therefore he is a lefty, doesn’t wash with me.

Andy, can I call you that? Is also cannibalizing his own Polish Jewish people. Andy is a Hollywood hater but Hollywood rose from the ashes of the Holocaust. See how many letters they have in common? This guy really does not know what he is, so he’s gay. Oh boy.

Did he help slant the lean of Huffpost to the right? That’s a good question. He had a hand in its development and many think that she is really not the lefty she claims. She started as a Republican a RINO, who has only ONE black on her staff. She gets the coup de grace award.



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  1. Victoria Dwyer

    My gay-dar has never, ever failed me… well, I’ve never been wrong when I thought someone was gay but admit I’ve missed some, which always surprises me. :~) Anyway, someone, somewhere knows and has proof that he’s gay, and for good of AMERICA that person(s) should out him.

    Andy will be a much happier monster. Possibly no longer a monster if he’s true to his soul.

    Cm’on!! Do your duty some patriotic, brave homosexual! Imagine what that would do to the Tea-baggers!

    • Did you see that movie bout outing political gays in the closet? It was good. Can’t think of the name of it. But Andrew must be gay bcz he has too much time on his hands to go after nice, little black civil workers.

  2. That dude is so gay! I just saw he on CNN! My radar went off the meter. Wow! This explains a lot!

    • I guessed but I am usually right. He said he was in love with Lisa Bonet from that old movie. I thought “he’s too gay.” And he is Jewish as he confirmed well after I wrote this piece. Thanks

  3. Gay or not gay he is a b-tch the big difference between him and Sara Palin is no one wants to bang him but most want to punch him! It is nice to see the right having some gays about though but they still need to get real I want to be able tp choice between the parties not run to the one that won’t stab me in the back! BTW good ole W big queen gotta love the way he went back to crossing his legs his last couple of weeks in office! Do you think this guy could possible join the fight for gay marriage? It would be nice to live in an America where people are judged as a whole package and not just by the frost thing that comes to mind!

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