Daily Archives: June 24, 2009

Oscar doubles the fun from five to ten

Oscar just got twice as fun. It will be harder for the predictors to predict the winner but so what. The best pic will have ten to pick from instead of five.


Don’t cry for me Argentina

Heloise might have to start a new trough — affair trough. But for now people are voicing their opinion at Huffington Post (video and comments) on this bad boy.

Mark Sanford…you done it now. I don’t know what’s bigger news — the buzz or this foreign affair? I’ve not seen this type of fury and interest since Obama.

Mark Sanford Jets to Argentina — Must be nice

I am not smirking or laughing as I write this. Who are the dems to point fingers at those who take marriage vows so lightly. Vow wow! Mark Sanford gov of s. Carolina is cool. So cool that he just picks up a phone and a jet and is off to see his lady love.

Must be nice. All he need do is apologize and he is off the hook. He has resigned one position and maybe will resign the other. But one thing is certain he not going to the White House.