Who will get Paris and Prince?

Who will get and whose kids are they really? Not buying that these are MJ’s biological kids, not convinced. Another good example is look at OJ who looks less black than MJ and his kids don’t look anywhere near as white as MJ’s.

Anyhow, I digress: Photos of Paris and Prince but damn I have to ask — are these really his blood/DNA children?

For me the question of paternity looms large as in was there a double surrogate used here? I don’t think they are his kids really. I have too many relatives who are like 2% black and they look like Paris and Prince. But when the dad is black, I am not buying it. The kids would look way more black.

Just look at Barack and others where the dad is black, the kids will look black in most cases.

But who will get the kids, and what killed him and how did he get 1/2 billion dollars in debt?

Heloise wants to know

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