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Why is Justin Barrett a Larry King guest? Or Larry you disgust me–updated

Updated: Raw Story cited my article over King guest and email re: Louis Gates being a banana eater.

 Update: the above link actually cites The Trough and blogger Heloise by name. That was back in July 2009 after I wrote it. But never noticed the backtrack till now. I am either famous or infamous for being anti-semitic. What the hell? Black and brown folks have been the butt of derision, hate and hangings for centuries. Internet is the great equalizer. Below is what I wrote originally:


I did not watch this episode in question. If you did please leave a reply as to the merit of such a guest. This blog reflects my thinking when I heard who and chose NOT to watch King. I don’t get this so please explain to me why some white-bread cop from Boston need only send an email full of known anti-black racial slurs to become an instant guest for Larry King?

Barrett is fool’s fodder and King has sucked up the bait hook, line and stinker.

This cop needs a platform to say he is not racist? Good thing his boss did not see it that way. He was suspended pending investigation of the email wherein he used banana-eating jungle monkey four times. Gates name is a part of the rant but was not called this slur per the pig who admits he wrote it.

How can clumsy hoofs type anyway?

Larry you digust me. Time for you to retire to Israel.


Arianna Huffington’s book “Pigs at the Trough” 2003 back in print

I’ve bought and read a couple of Huffington’s older books dealing with spirituality. But who knew she wrote on fiscal matters as well? Will it become Huffononics next? All I know is the brief heard on TV that the book Pigs at the Trough will be reissued. I chose The Trough as my blog after a physics lesson. But it has a generic meaning as well.

Debbie bows out at curtain call

The courts have spoken after Debbie Rowe and Catherine Jackson (my mother’s name was Catherine and dad’s name was Jack)have reached an agreement just before court date. Catherine will get custody of kids while Debbie will get visitation rights.

Yahoo and Microsoft reach search deal finally

Whew, I almost sold my yahoo stocks before I left Texas for CA. But I am so glad I held on. Nasdaq is off and running with news of this deal. The last whiff of a merger saw a huge uptick in yahoo stocks to close to 30 bucks when it nearly doubled in a damn day. I swore then I would not be caught without YHOO next time around. And I nearly sold them short. Jack knows better than that.


Brew Or Die! Who knew a beer with a prof and a policeman would save the ratings of Obama? The WH is the setting for the brew or die on race relations here in America.

I am here in Petaluma CA and getting news has been a bitch. But today the news junkie got her fill of a few headlines.

Will the meeting be televised this roving reporter wants to know? Who will lift the glass first to toast this historic event? Who knew Heloise aka Jack would be back in California in wine country while the current president tries to save face with a brew –who knew?

You are too clever for me Barack. I hope it helps.

Kai Chase dishes her observations of MJ household

A pleasant and pretty Kai Chase spoke to Today about the last days of MJ.

She was in his employ since March only and with a three week hiatus returned and was there the day Dr Conrad Murray ran down the stairs about noon la time saying something was wrong.

Murray MD has thus far told so many lies thus far you need an excel spreadsheet to track them!

He was by no means alone in the house and when U call 911 your locale lights up. He could have shouted as soon as he knew something was amiss other than his patent lack of innocence–call 911 now.

But Kai reports no such shout came from Murray’s mouth. Rather a whisper that something was wrong with Mr. Jackson.

Murray and others should lose their licences over this shit.
Thank you Kai for your honest account.


jill to wed ed instead–it had to be U

Jill would have to chose another man if two things: one if Ed Swiderski, the cute Polish guiy from Chi hadn’t shown up as one of the extra five–and if Wes hadn’t been so damn crazy!

So it had to be you Ed. Hope this one works out. The family seemed to love both guys. But Ed must have gotten busy in the bedroom this time is my best guess. Heloise had it right all along as per usual, told you so and all that good stuff.

ed the one who will wed jillian?

Iam hoping to watch the final episode when it airs. If not I can imagine the outcome as a no brainer–ed.

Online cheats think they know the man and the plan but they don’t, even if they guess right.

Tiptyn is a good pick bit we think Ed will best him and pull ahead in the lead. Could great sex be the explosive ingredient we are not privvy to? I wonder. It may be too soon for that. No sex is a problem in this case.

San Francisco had crystal clear skies all day and about 70 degrees today.

San Francisco in steep decline

The city by the bay is yet beautiful but economy still reeling from 911 and wall street meltdown. I will post lots from my walking tour later.

Omer was a pretty child — but he ain’t his

I am stuck waiting for flight, that I know. I also know a false claim. Omer Bhatti wants to be MJ’s boy by biology as well as friend of the family ties. But it just a dream. Reminds me of the man who claimed and swore he was lovechild of JFK.

He got airtime on 60 Minutes too. But just not true.

I write about race–yes I do. This Omer is of Arab descent thus white. His features are fine and may have one European parent too. MJ is NOT one half of Omer’s DNA. No matter how well he dances and dreams.