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Jackie Graces the Oct 2009 Cover of Vanity Fair

Jackie O is fetching in yellow. She is also hoping to sell mags for Vanity Fair. The sale of magazines is sagging but the interest in Jackie hardly seems to be lagging.

ET reports tonight that the reason for the cover story was based on the bitter battle Jackie had with Manchester who wrote “Death of A President” in 1964 or so. I probably have that book around here somewhere. The deal is that the book went too far. It detailed more than Jackie thought was okay. It was published in 1967 and Jackie found it fascinating.

Frantic Murders, Frantic 911 call: Who killed this “black” Brunswick, Ga Family?

Here is the frantic 911 call made by Guy Heinze Jr. He was arrested but after he reported his whole family dead. The dead family is believed to have been African-American. No photos of the dead people have been released, i.e., not of murder scene but who they were.

The plot thickens because there is speculation that it was a drug deal gone bad and a bad dealer killed the whole family. That is just what they do. The names sound German Toller and Heinze, but black people might also have those names. They are not Hispanic names.

The police are keeping a tight lid on who the people are. They suspect everyone and anyone including the person who reported the murders. Heinz was white from the photo. But he said that these people are his family. He does not look biracial so it may have been a blended family.

Illumination is the Biblical word

St. Thomas Aquinas on St. Paul is a heavy way to start a journey on illumination. But that is the goal for the soul.

I listen on the radio, for now, to a teacher who teaches straight from the Bible. And today he was speaking of illumination. I know that word. I’ve experienced it when I wrote “Walking in the light” after I had the experience.

It is a good word. One that Patajali uses and expounds on greatly in “The Light of the Soul.” The light from the Spirit does not get hot, does not burn and does not give heat…only light. It fills the head or the head chakra. But many say that the whole body becomes full of light.

I wish I had time to really study St. Paul in depth, but I don’t. But the next best thing is to listen, meditate and study with those who do.

Adolf Hitler’s past lives–updated

I am not sure that people are interested in Hitler as a man with a past, life that is, many in fact. He was one of the kings of Germany (Rudolph) which sounds like Adolf doesn’t it and rings with his current first name.

He also had a future life, i.e., after Hitler. I have disguised his identify in my book Dinner With DaVinci. I can tell you this. I could post his picture or a link right from the Web. And he lives in Chicago. He does not look black but Hispanic actually. We dated and he liked me a lot. He was into politics and at one time a professor at a college in Chicago. Although I disguise his true profession in the book. I can reveal it here. All but his name, rank and serial number. I am beginning to sound like Dan Brown. Anothe one. He was Dante I am pretty sure. You can read that chapter at The Trough too.

Anyway, we dated for nearly a year I think. He did my astrological chart and told me many things about my sun at 17 degrees Capricorn, Libra moon and Cancer rising. The cardinal cross they call it.

Men who loved me also crucified me. Maybe because I was pretty, hot. Hitler he was pretty asexual and Aries, just as Hitler’s history has described. He again a vegetarian. And my sister introduced us. She actually introduced me to Abelard reborn also. He used to cook for me. Once my sister and I went to visit him. He asked us to do a threesome! Can you imagine? Funny coming from a man who could not even get a hard on. (He smoked too much pot.)

Both live in Chicago my “Abelard” and my “Hitler” and know each other, but are not friends, just peers.

If there is interest I may put up excerpts from it. He had a past, present and future just like the rest of us. But oh the ironies of his life. So many I wish I could tell–it would make your head spin. He is yet alive and he has at least one son I think. Therefore can’t reveal his identity just yet. And on top of all that–his father is famous. Ouch. Heloise you are too much.

I may have to novelize my own life it’s so crazy and mystic.

They Killed them at Chelmo

If you have been watching all the JFK and Teddy specials then you might have noticed that they recount how Jack was not only a speed reader but an avoricious one. I once wrote a poem in which I called myself a book. Books were my friend along with soft serve ice cream and they still are.

It is all about the book. Books are endangered because of the Internet and because of individual economies.

The Germans fooled the Jews with pretend generousity. They told them that they were going to work and to areas where they could live. They had to transport them there first. One of the first places of transport was to a place seldom heard of Chelmo. It was where there were gas vans set up waiting. That’s how it started. In the Years of Extermination the author names each chapter with a date.

There are no real descriptions of atrocities in terms of how they killed people they planned to kill. Germans planned not only to kill jews but also Gypsies and the mentally retarded.

This time in German history has a special meaning for me because as jack I spent time in Germany just when Hitler was getting started. Hitler is well known to the Masters. I have traced his lives back to the Middle Ages in France. He was pushing pograms back then as a monk, a Catholic monk no less. I have traced him to his present life. What does that mean? It means that the jews went mostly in cooperation with their destroyers. Yes, there were a few who resisted but that is only a small number. It means that it was woven into history even before it became history. Because history is about patterns. That is something that I watch closely.

Hitler blamed the wars on the jews and kept predicting that if there is one more war, meaning WWII that he was going to eliminate all the Jews in Europe. He started the war and then blamed the Jews for it! How convenient.

How does American history hold up to the scrutiny of the world and what do with those who have changed the face of this country. The jobs have been taken by many immigrants. The low paying jobs. But in Hitler’s German the Jews had taken mostly the middle class and upper class positions. They were very wealthy. The Jews had most of the money of Germany, the beautiful estates and homes and the huge and successful businesses. Jews are smart and hard working. They died for it. But they also died for the lack of assimilation into the culture.

Jews were teachers too. They killed the teachers right off. Then they went after the businesses next. What were they thinking? The Jews doubted their intuition. They doubted that the Germans meant to kill them off. They were wrong.

The lack of jobs and the poor economy of Europe was the backdrop for taking away what the Jews had and giving it to the regular Germans. It was a true case of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Everything else was a sideshow. But how do you take a persons goods and money and leave them without an outcry? The Germans had a solution for this it was the boxcar and the vans and finally the crematoriums and the showers that they built.

It was a burden for the German soldiers to kill all these people without nervous breakdowns. The early days were spent figuring out how to kill a lot of people without destroying mentally the people who were doing the killing. Sanitize it and it will go away.


Ted will be buried near Bobby and Jack

That’s so special. That’s my brother and he deserves the honor. Now it will appear that all three of us are together. Only the old bodies are there okay?


Famous Fridays: Uncle Teddy memorial at JFK library

He did not die on Friday, but that is not the reason I call it Famous Fridays. It is because JFK died on Friday. But many people have services on Friday anyway. Tonight is Ted’s night. And Duval Patrick who came from the southside of Chicago…shoutout…is now governor of Mass. but he is not very popular. Obama will talk at the funeral. I think Obama will only serve one time. I wanted to see him elected. I can’t see anyone really who should be president. I think the whole system stinks. I digress.

Happy Famous Friday.

We’ve been warned–wolves put in charge of counting health care sheep

Sen Dodd bears watching There are many links online about how the wolves in the senate have been put in charge of counting the health care sheep. Senator Dodd is the head wolf in charge. He and his wife have totally enriched themselves. We can only hope that he dies soon too. Kennedy was also in the pockets of the insurance industry…don’t kid yourselves.

The elites have everyone in their pockets and those same pockets are filled with ill gotten cash. I can’t even listen to Dodd eulogize Teddy. He got like no freakin Iowa votes and he was voted off the primaries!

Dodd sucks.

Official Coroner report: Propofol Kills Michael Jackson WTF–We KNOW!

Thank goodness that the Jackson family did not buy the okie doke that the police were trying to dish out about MJ that this was not homocide. We knew, we know he died from a drug overdose. We told you day one. Now it is official. Can you believe it?

Murray had already been a drug pusher for MJ, not a doctor. He should go to jail along with the white doctors who did the same thing.

Jaycee Dugard had a bad case of: Cops, Social workers and Parole Officers–Lawsuit

Updated: here’s the latest I just read yesterday: The Dugard family is suing the state of California for laxity in duty of the parole officers and police who actually saw Jaycee in the house and believed it when pedophile Phil  told them she was his niece. What’s more he was listed as a low-risk sex offender pedophile WFT?  There are grounds for a lawsuit for sure. The cops were derilect in their duty when it came to watching our for a female who fit Jaycee’s description. Never checked the huge backyard, never heeded the warnings of brown and black and white neighbors, never reported that a young female was visiting this Phil pedophile. What did they need to see: Phil the pedophile fucking the girl in the living room? I guess so. Even then they would have believed the white folks over the black folks. Sue the shit out of them Jaycee!

jaycee-dugardPeople has Jaycee Dugard on its cover. She looks like she did when she was a girl. Hell, she never went outside! And only did work as a printer or something like that. She is alive and looks well.

Who is policing the police in this country? It really seems like if you are white you can literally get away with rape, murder and kidnapping.

Jaycee is not your girl next door, wait, she was next door for 18 years. And in a side-by-side comparison between young Jaycee and currently, she looks normal. Her life was however anything but normal. And the sad thing is that her caring non-white neighbors tried to alert the cops about “weird Phil” whom they stayed away from.

Neighbors TOLD cops that there were kids living in the backyard. But the local sheriff did not believe anything told to them by black people. The parole officers did not check what the white folks were doing! WTF!

This is the kind of total public employee work ethic that makes you mad as hell. The babies slept in his arms every single night! That’s not normal…hello. A crazy, sick white man got away with murder and rape and serial murders because when black folks and brown folks told them that they thought something was wrong with the white neighbors. No one raise an eyebrow or a finger.

How did he get captured? A young officer noticed the children of Jaycee fathered by her captor were pale and acting robotically. They were with their dad while he was sharing his new-found religious fervor and was passing out flyers at Berkeley and had the kids with him! WTF is all I can say.

The warnings and the paid personnel, how can they sleep, missed the boat and the camp grounds right under their noses. In defense of California you gotta know that because of all the illegal aliens there–they too will set up camp grounds in large backyards. So in that sense his backyard may not have looked so differently. But when people tell you that a sex pervert and convicted sex offender is acting more strange than usual can’t they at least take a looksee? I don’t think so.