Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

What the Chuck?

We all know that the profits from big pharma are obscene. Without missing a step or batting an eye: the drug companies are stealing from people to pay pharma. The cost of drugs are as high as eagle shit. Reciting chapter and verse, singing from the same hymnal is easy. We know the words by heart. The drug companies will get paid. The drug companies AKA big pharma will have their way with the sick patients who need, or think they need hundreds of pills yearly to stave off sickness and death.

American health care is built on what’s called allopathic medicine. It is the opposite of preventive medicine or care. It means that the symptoms are treated, the pain is ameliorated or alleviated. It means that you buy some time in your busy life to keep going despite the pain and the infirmity. The medicine of the east is Ayurveda medicine. There is osteopathic medicine or the dreaded DO. There is napropathic med, there is naturopathic, there are nurse practitioners, there are midwives, there are nurses of all stripes and colors. Then there are the medicines that the docs they work for push. We need–they push.

Can Obamacare survive the revenge of the pharmas? I don’t think so. Could Obamacare reinvent the wheel and start from scratch a new way home? I think so. The power and lobby of the drug industry along with shaken doctor syndrome will be what drives the nail in the Obamacare coffers.