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Palin not in demand on speech circuit

They tell her that her new book is selling but she is not, well, selling. The talk and the speech circuit. Remember that the one that pays big bucks for a speaker to sell himself in front of a big crowd? Yes, they command fees, just ask Bill Clinton. She ain’t getting none of that pie though.

In her speeches she screeches and reaches for intellectual air pockets but her presence has already sucked all the oxygen out of the room. She sounds like she is going down but not coming up. She has titled her memoir that she just finished “Going Rouge” I wonder where she got that title from?


Sick Fridays: Dennis Hopper hospitalized

Dennis Hopper hospitalized today for something or other. He is 73 and working on the TV series Crash. It seems easier for old men to get fresh roles on TV than it is for old women to get fresh roles.

Nonetheless he has a part on the TV series. Hopefully he won’t end up on Famous Fridays this week. For now he is in the hospital. He is best know for being the sidekick motorcycle rider in “Easy Rider.” Long time actor and a damn good solid actor.

Infamous Fridays: Couey convicted child killer dies in prison

John Couey convicted kidnapper, sex offender, child rapist, child killer buried alive victim Jessica Lundford near her Florida home.

He died at 51 of natural causes. He was ill and faced the death penalty. Many new and tougher laws were enacted after this murder in 2005. Confessing and giving details of the crime were hard for the family. He kidnapped her, held for for a few days (typical) might have kept her in sexual bondage for days or years but the cops had the dogs out looking for her. Since she was being held near her home they would have found her.

He convinced her to get in a big plastic bag, and put another one on top and buried her alive. Slow, painful death. He didn’t die soon enough.

Bold Poll on Facebook–killed by Secret Service

The wingnuts have really flown off the handle with this one. Some facebook user created a third-party (outside) poll and linked or imported it into fb asking if “Obama should be killed?”

The cause centered around healthcare outrage. Some fb users found this friend a threat and reported it to facebook admin. The poll was taken down. And they believed it went up over weekend when the wingnuts flew in cause they thought no one was minding the store.

Good work to the finders. Good luck getting anywhere close to the President.The service is like a cloak wrapped around him. Nowadays they would have to take out an army of secret service to get to him. Not like when I was in that office. Oh no, now the horse tenders have finally closed the barn door. Safe is no longer a four-letter word.


Great Race off to a great start in Tokyo

This season’s great race looking good. They started off in Tokyo and had to eat wasabi. WTF hot wasabi. It is like fire moving through your mucous membranes. It is like they are on fire! I love some wasabi. But eating a whole boat load of it in two minutes sucks. The teams had to suck it down too.

There are actually some black teams. Well, one is an interracial couple. She was Miss TN and she is black and he is white. Then there are two strapping, corn-fed black ball players from the Harlem Globetrotters.

This is the first time that a team was eliminated from day one, minute one. The yoga couple did not see the clue on the top of the first pack to help them find the license plate that went with Japan.

Cool mud and rain in Viet nam. I hate Viet Nam.


Famous Fridays: William Safire Dead of pancreatic cancer

William Safire was a firecracker. He embodied a crackpot wordsmith and pundit all rolled into one. He was a conservative word whore for the right. He came up with nattering nabobs of negativity that Nixon or one of them used.

He did not work for Kennedy–one of the few dying these days who did not. It is nice to know that there were some genuinely conservative Jews in the media who helped the right get their message both right and out to the public. He was a talking head and put many words into many mouths. However, he had a real pundit’s head on his shoulders.

I did not know the guy but he was famous and he died, so we file him and bid him a Famous Friday farewell.

Roman arrested in Switzerland

I recently read the book “The Pianist” which was a true warsaw ghetto tale. But started doing research on the Polish Krakow ghetto from where Roman Polanski and his Jewish family were living when all but Roman ended up in German ovens.

The Krakow ghetto is harder to research. You have to hunt down the ghetto stories much like the quick police have trapped him with a warrant from 1978. They are too fast for me.

According to cnn Anjelika Huston was there when the incident happened. She’s a slut too. She blamed the victim by saying she did not look 13. Who the hell does really look 13 when full of makeup and oil?

Girls always look older than their age belies. Roman was nabbed in Switzeerland because the Swiss were about to bury him under some great film honors.

They have bad taste.

Vanity Fair featured archives — All about the Kennedys

Archives from Vanity Fair. I just read the article about the Hotel du Cap. I’ve seen du Cap from a little distance. When we were driving from Menton to Monaco you can see it jutting out into the sea. My friend pointed it out to me and told me that it was called du Cap. But it was the wealthiest few square miles on earth. I am not sure how he conveyed this but he did. My french was not too great at the time, nor was his English.   But he was right and I got it. I have photographs and passports to prove it.

I just looked out into the inky sea and saw this glittering place. Knowing from a long-ago dream that I had spent time on the french Riviera. I thought the dream was about this life and taking le train bleu to the Riviera. But it was not. We took the TGV together not the train bleu. There was no TGV back in the day.

The train bleu is what USED to run from Paris to the cote d’Azur and I relived it in a dream that matched the place to a T. Who knew? I found out I had been there in another life when I went there in this life.

Makenzie Phillips — You lie!

Makenzie I’d like to invite you to pull up a cozy chair in front of a zillion people and have a cup of hemlock. You are a miserable liar who needs some serious euthanasia to put you out of your misery. If the best you can do is create crazy for real victims of physical, emotional or mental abuse is to lie then you need to die by your own hand.

Sure the Egyptians were advanced and practised incest especially the royal family including the Ptolemies. But you are no Cleopatra–Makenzie.

By the way Cleo patra means literally lover of father.

I do not watch Oprah anymore and this crap and her death fawn over white women is sickening, and yet another reason to steer clear of the downward spiral of TV and desperate daughters like Miss Phillips.


Obama Cares: Talking Down to the Fired Up

Roger Simon said: “If Obama can’t sell government as a force for good that is who he is, and if he can’t sell that then he can’t sell his presidency.”

Before President Obama made his media blitz this past Sunday he went on the road. He played host in small towns and hamlets to audiences that regaled him. The crowds listened to the President recount how one voice began the rally cry “fired up and ready to go!” He shook his head and laughed at himself as he recalled his displeasure to find he was soaking wet in front of an audience of twenty people. But it was that atypical setting where he got the word and found his candidate voice. Obama hoped that the magic and the fire would return by, well, if he retold how he found it in the first place. Those who sat close to the fire of his speech were warmed by it; however the crowds outside held up clear signs of the times that could not be ignored. Somebody was fired up this time – the right.

Obama Cares!
I watched three interviews and felt talked down to with all of them. But I was not outside among the fired up nor among those who cat-called “communist.” Socialism was the mortar but the rocks of the five interviews—the Carter comments about overwhelming racism behind the ugly mocking of Obama and health care reform.In the Meet the Press interview when asked about Carter’s contention, Obama calmly disagreed. He stated that for the media race and controversy was “catnip.” He repeated this at each interview, which was as homogenous as the nightly news that racism was not solely behind the outrage.

While the President was right to defuse the reminder that he was black, he missed an important opportunity to talk to the people. Instead he talked down to them. His only specific was the “ 3 principles” he mentioned on This Week 1) affordable health insurance (if you don’t have) 2) reforms will give you more security (If you do have insurance) 3) deficit-neutral spending while driving down costs in the long term. How can a complex overhaul of a thousand pages be boiled down to a couple of sentences? President Obama put away Professor Obama when he needed him most.

George Stephanopoulos challenged the President most when he cited the dictionary definition of “tax,” and secondly when he closed the interview with the Kennedy-Khrushchev meeting debacle. He asked Obama had he met with a similar brick wall. Obama answered with “somehow I am not breaking through.” I felt Obama’s discomfort with the analogy because he said he was not having problems on the foreign policy front, but on the home front with health care. Truly he was not breaking through the brick wall of his own making. However, This Week’s Roundtable summed it up nicely: Those who are insured don’t get it. So, why health care reform now?

On Face the Nation Obama pressed the padded-profits button and overcharges by insurance groups. He argued that they passed the costs on directly to consumers who were overcharged by 14%. Michael Steele made a few cogent remarks in his Republican rebuttal for Face the Nation. He was clear: Taxes will be greatly increased on the middle class—bottom line. The Right was squeamish about a massive tax and spend that loomed and was inherent (they argue) in health care reform.

Children of the ACORN

What were the right talkers up to while Obama shelled out five network interviews? Fox News Sunday and Glenn Beck (Saturday) were shut out completely. So Fox covered the big cauldron that ACORN fell into with a discussion of the advice-to-the-pimp video LOL. Fox had a black guest but it was not Obama, it was Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN. The buzz, and it’s getting louder, was that their funding from the feds was slated to be cut. The lack of transparency through the ACORN umbrella stuck to the wall: the non-profit taxable status of the parent organization—the only one in the country! This was news to me.

Fox Sunday played the video and Ms. Lewis’ reply was that it was indefensible and that those folks were terminated immediately and the “couple” was thrown out (too funny). Why would any legitimate organization entertain such questions in the first place? Some questions have no real answers.

Finally, Glenn Beck’s guest climbed up a royal tree and outlined Obama’s ties to “communists.” And how he came to power because he was guided to move to Chicago where the needed connections would be found.

With five fiery interviews the President needed to close the deal and save his presidency. He needed most to shut down the populist backlash. Members of his own party told him to forget it—we don’t need their support. We will go it alone and get it done.That’s a wonder in itself. Opposition voiced concern that a veritable Colossus of Barack was planned, and that the power of the President’s persuasive speeches and appearances created a temple to his personality.

The Democrats have rightly worried that a rapid reform bill would become the hanging gardens around the neck of the left, or the dreaded great pyramid scheme of illegal aliens. The media blitz over and with 142 interviews behind him can Obama rest now? It was obvious that he knew a herculean task laid before him—that of cleaning out the stables amidst wild horses. This time President Obama had to take down the fired up.