Nicole Richie biracial, but baby daddy Joel Madden Jewish — Updated

Not a problem. Nicole is adopted. Lionel is NOT her daddy. If you look at the pics of her as a child she has wavy, dark brown hair. She looks perfectly biracial. More white than most biracial people. Joel Madden’s family changed their original Jewish name of Reubens Comb to Madden some time back. The couple are featured on People with new baby Sparrow.

We won’t know how the children will look until they get a bit older. The baby’s daddy is rapper joel madden (couple)  and he is white. The racial mix of Nicole’s children actually mirrors that of my sister’s grandchildren. And they look white (I don’t have permission to display their photos) but with blue eyes, fair skin and blonde hair and thin shapes they look white, trust me.

That brings me to the birth certificate. If I were Nicole or my relatives I would use white. Why? Because that is how they are doing it in Brazil with their new racial classification. Yes, that simple. Regardless to the racial mixing the person becomes classified as white if they look white. That makes sense of and minces the old one drop rule. Today that is passe because some people have such a small percentage of black blood and look entirely white.

When Kos, Daily Kos, debated side by side with former Congressman from TN (name…he lost the senate seat) I quipped that only in America could a “white” man look more black than a black man and be called white. Kos is from Guatemala or somewhere.

Anyway I think that with the new racial classifications going on at public schools now wherein you can more closely identify your race there will be a shifting. More Mexicans will be able to become “white” on paper and same for blacks who have not already done so.

I think that will put us closer to the system they use in S. Africa of white, black and coloreds than we might like. But in many ways it is far more accurate.

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  1. Nicole dad is actually Sheila E’s brother Peter Michael Escovedo so Nicole in essense her niece. Sheila and her family is mix with mexican from her dads Pete side and from her mom Juanita side is creole which is black, french & native american if I’m not mistaken , getting back to Nicole, I’m not sure who is Nicole mom though.

    Her kids are octoroons I guess and the older one looks like daddy but you can also see the black in her as well.

    • thanks I will check it out. I think that Skip Gates started his series “Finding your roots” from the articles and interest shown by the public for this topic.

      I treat this topic because it is rooted in rebirth which I know to be truth.

  2. There’s a lot of bullshit on your site. Joel Madden is NOT Jewish. YOU say so, nobody else does. Jewish newspapers run corrections to note that he isn’t.

    You seem to have a thing about calling white people “Jews” when they aren’t. Classic anti-Semitic tactic.

    You see everything in terms of race; Hitler thought exactly that way, too.

    You write poorly and your views are juvenile. And screaming of racism.

  3. You are the only one calling Lionel Ritchie’s 2nd wife, Diane Alexander, “Jewish.” What is your problem???

  4. Hitler was a nut with syphilis and was giving commands for troops that never existed only a loser would have such a piece of garbage as a hero. Even Stalin was a better person and that is saying something.

  5. nobody – not even brazilians- will call that baby white. and that’s wonderful. everyone’s not trying to pass, not even nicole richie. so no need to try to “rescue” her children lolol. “mixed” people with black mothers have always been considered black anyway. i guess some people think their privilege extends to their children because of the color of their wombs… good luck.

    • Race is not real. It is only a system that serves as a means to divide people.
      This blog topic is a perfect example of that. The idea that people with mixed heritage having to choose a classification is absurd.
      Our society is f’d up enough that it does not allow someone with even a fraction of African blood to claim their whole personhood.

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