Whitney Houston just a common crack head

I love me some Whitney singing but let’s face it from her own lips she reveals to Oprah that she was just a common crackhead. That’s too bad. And yes somebody made a lot of money off her habit. She mentions that too.

The candid interview is nice but somehow it seems that it might encourage kids to imitate this superstar singer/diva. She did and so can I.

I did watch the whole second interview and at the end she sings from her new album “I look to you.” She touched Oprah with that song. I guess she was saying that she was looking to her soul her self and now she knows her own strength.

I am not knocking that she was a crackhead. I was using drugs too without my knowledge but with my consent. Does that make sense? Well, I used speed and that was before folks really knew that it was the addictive drug that it was and docs gave it away like candy. I pulled myself out before I became addicted. It was too late for my ex he did succumb to drug addiction as did my brother and uncle.

I feel for the common crackhead. But keep your distance. That’s a good album title don’t you think?

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