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Kenny Ortega on Nightline

Kenny is on Nightline trying to pitch his reason for making This Is It. I am not buying it. It has no soul. The film fake documentary could be sold and seen anywhere. We know MJ can sing and still dance but we can buy the CD for that.

I did not want to use the word boring for it. But that’s it…it was pure-D boredom. Did he sell the interest of the film on Nightline? Hell no.

And you know how the Nightline folks are–they let you sink your own boat with a heavy oar of words or in Kenny’s case lack of words. The interview was short, very short and he did not say a damn thing. That’s what was so funny about it. They gave him a chance and he bombed it.

Should we be mad at Sony for not demanding more? Can MJ’s legacy be saved? I hope so.


“The Secret” is out about James Arthur Ray — Oprah Endorsed

The secret is really out about james arthur ray.

How could I forget this bullshit “The Secret?” In 2007 Ray and a black guru appeared on Oprah. Later that year my cousin had the DVD and told me to watch it when I got a chance. I couldn’t believe it: He stole it and put his name on it. It was all about the laws of attraction.

The laws of attraction AKA law of karma is well laid out in the book of Alice A Bailey. And every charlaton, geek, phony guru in the world has come to feed at the trough that is Theosophy and the occult. Ray was playing with fire and he got burned.

I recalled his interview on Oprah and said then it was a bunch of bunco crap. I couldn’t believe my cousin fell for that crap. I watched some of the video but it was so corny and stupid I could not even watch the whole thing. All I could think of was what a ripoff of all things occult.

Yes, I write Theosophy and occult and have the title “rebirth” in my book. Ray also used the word “rebirth” for the folks who would go into the sweatlodge. He has attracted many jewish people…they have the dough and the wander lust to eat that up.

from Huffpo:

early 2007, Ray took over Oprah’s couch for two highly-rated shows devoted to The Secret, a New Age documentary purporting to unlock the mysteries of life and the universe, and show the way to happiness and success.

I was once asked to reprise my role as leader of Theosophy as I started it as HPB. But I said thanks but no thanks then. I have all but turned my back on so-called spirituality because I live it and it is not a thing apart from my life.

Grey’s Anatomy: Give Peace a Chance

Next year we might be singing what right with Grey’s Anatomy. They are making a strong comeback by featuring one doctor up close and in tight circumstances. Hell, he’s a neurosurgeon so why have they not been rolling with that?

I worked with spine surgeons, same damn thing. They are bad ass and they know it. They are bad ass and they show it. Bad ass is a technical term in case you didn’t know it.

But this episode is good, startling and impactful. The writers and producers of Grey’s should be proud that they have made such a turnaround. A new cast member is a very cute black surgeon.

When I was working with docs most were white because the black docs did not have the patience it took to do the extra time and rotations to become a surgeon. The pay off is tremendous.

Obama and the Midnight Soldiers

He was sobered up by a midnight visit and greeting of the caskets of soldiers who returned in caskets. It was 18 flag-draped ones. He was not the first to do so and he won’t be the last to greet the dead and fallen.

Is it sobering enough so that he will stop muliplying the forces over in Afghanistan? I hope he takes a stand on this. It reminds me too much of Viet Nam and I don’t want to see us over there at all.

Movie Review: This Is It

Movie Review: This Is It at bc

Golden Globes 2008/09

Patrick Dempsey has been nominated for two Golden Globe this year’s nominees.

Most of the films on the list I have personally seen or reviewed.

Liz Taylor Over-the-top tweets for “This Is It”

Liz Taylor has tweeted about a million tweets to sum up her over the top rave review of  This Is It. She saw it last week but was sworn to secrecy. It is released for a simultaneous watch all over the world. Here’s what she tweets, retweets, and retweeted about the film.

Mo’Nique is not funny on new BET show

I recorded the new Mo’Nique show and watched her monologue. It was not even close to being funny. Hell, I’m funnier than she is.

She is a pretty good actor. I am not new to Mo Nique. She has lost weight and looks great. I watched her old sit coms for  years. And I can’t wait to see her in Precious. But baby you ain’t funny. Either you are or you aren’t. She is getting her material from where not sure, but it sure ain’t funny. Give it a rest Mo Nique.

French Court and press roll over the Church of Scientology

Wow, this was no head fake or legal trick–the Church of Scientology now has to face fines and charge of fraud from the French. They plan appeals naturally. But while not banned in France they were heavily fined.

French find for the plantiff.

They were subjected to this e meter business that read their problems and then were asked to buy a boatload of vitamins! That’s fraud.

Here’s the link from NYT

A Funny Man and a Serious Woman got married


The almost-funny couple

Fred Armisen and Moss got married today, and this morning Whoppi revealed it on  the View that this TV couple were about to tie the knot. Not in a TV way or a sit-com funny way but in a real way in front of just a few people. And so they did.

Fred looks like the Armenian doctor I almost followed to Boston. He plays Obama and a whole bunch of other men. He makes them human and makes us laugh. Fred is more like Gov. Patternson than Gov. Patterson. What will he do if Patterson loses the election?

I have been watching Mad Men it is really good TV.  I guess Fred will keep Moss in stitches and she will keep him  barefoot and pregnant in their 1960s kitchen.