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Hey Tina, If Jews are so smart how come they can’t fix Israel?

This really galls me. The reason that Africa is so fucked up is well because it is run by Africans.  It is not because it was once colonized by Europeans. It is because it is run by Africans who are criminals and rob their own people.

Now, If Tina Brown and the Jews at the Beast think that Jewish men are the smartest on the planet then why the fuck can’t they fix Israel and relations with the Arabs their damn cousins? I don’t get that kind of smart.

No blacks or browns on Beast List of 25 smartest people

25 Smartest People of the decade list created by a bunch of Jewish Harvard eggheads has been published at Tina Brown’s Daily Beast and NOT ONE black or brown person on the list! But guess what? At 3% of the US population half of the list is made up of Jewish people!

So this story goes in the pig trough. Oprah and others make many lists usually for the amount of money or political clout or influence. I know black folks are not as smart as white people but give me a break. Not one black person made this list? Black are convenient when it comes to the best athelete or some other bullshit but when it comes to brains we are no where in sight.

To prove my point I went back to the list and counted and listed the number of Jewish men on the list. I counted 11. I posted the list and their rank on “The Trough Reports.”  And they occupy the top spots as well. The top Jews in the world are the two co-founders of Google — Brin and Page. Yes, they are both Jewish, I double checked.


Clemmons is Crazy and Huckabee let him go

Never thought I would be using the pig trough this way. But cops have been in the news and so have people who have killed them. This story gets bigger every day.

Huckabee did not have to grant clemency so soon. Black men tend to get harsher sentences. And with the wipeout of crazy houses back in the Reagan days there is little to do with crazies but lock em up and throw away the key. They done that with this guy. He was pegged as crazy from the jump and is why he got so much time.

But somebody thought it was too harsh. It was harsh because they could not lock up this crazy. Huckabee didn’t get it. And now Huckabee is a Huckawont.

Tiger Nixes Tournament Appearance

Tiger has a problem and he is hiding from it. He was expected not to play at 1000 Oaks because we thought he was seriously injured in a car wreck. Well, he was not physically hurt but he has been public relations hurt. His squeaky clean image has been tarnished.

Maybe his lip needs to heal but maybe his image needs to heal more.


Huckabee and the Right: Look Who’s Not Talking Now

Will the right wing talkers be talking about the Clemmons cop killer act? Not so far. This rapist and criminal convicted of many crimes had his sentence commuted by then-governor Mike Huckabee.

He said that if he had 20/20 hindsight that he would not have released this man. Huckablee was blaming the state of AK and WA. This could sink his little boat. He who once was Huckabee will be known as Huckawont.


Chelsea Clinton (gentile) to wed Marc Mezvinsky (Jewish)

Already checked on Marc and his parents who like the Clintons R political animals. His mom lost her seat in Philly. When I read they were from Philly and saw the names I checked and his mom is Jewish and so is his dad.

No word yet if Chelsea will convert. But one thing is for sure there is a trend afoot of Jewish men marrying powerful goyas. I wonder if it started with Caroline Kennedy-Shlossberg? Yep she is married to a Jewish guy but did not convert. I guess the Catholic church sanctions this now because they were so complicit in keeping Jews from leaving Europe and Hitler’s clutches. It must be Christian guilt. Yeah, that’s it. Well, I hope he doesn’t kill her.

This guy could run for prez one day. He won’t win but he may enter politics cuz it is in his DNA.

Movie Review: The Blind Side

Director John Lee Hancock who directed The Alamo and The Rookie plays it safe in this cry-on-cue biopic The Blind Side. It recounts the game-changing football moves of Michael Oher. This inspirational story is brought to us by a life of loss. A life that begins with no parents, no home, and separation from siblings. Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) is literally a bigger-than-life character.

Michael Oher (pronounced oar) is an exceptional giant of a boy who is taken in by a wealthy white family who make his new life possible. Since Oher is a large African-American male in real life, someone who looked like Michael was in order. Quinton Aaron’s Oher is likable despite his intimidating size. He is a big, strong man-child with a marshmallow interior. He tells Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock) that his crack-head mother taught him to avoid pain by closing his eyes until it was over. He was supposed to close his eyes while she did drugs and other bad things in the house. That is all we learn of his biological mother and her many babies by unknown fathers. Leigh Anne does share one scene with Michael’s mother but much of the film focuses on the time the family spends with college football recruiters.

This true-life drama is set in two distinct worlds in Memphis, Tennessee — a white wealthy one and a poor black one. The black side of town is aptly called Hurt Town. However, the juxtaposition of these worlds never creates tension nor do the awful “facts” of Michael’s life.

Sandra Bullock, as the well-groomed Leigh Anne, “discovers” big Mike (as he hates to be called) picking up discarded popcorn boxes after her daughter’s volleyball game. On the way home she sees him again and her conscience nags her so she nags her husband to stop and pick him up. He is walking in a cold rain when Leigh Anne invites him to spend the night with her family; that night changes everything. Because Sarah does not take no for an answer from anybody, including Michael.

Sandra is superb as Mrs. Touhy. We never doubt that she believes in the potential of Michael and his good nature. She is smart, tough and fair-minded in her role as the wealthy socialite who steals the show period. But don’t expect this rags-to-riches tale about a virtual orphan to steal your heart. Michael Oher and Precious Jones are not this year’s black bookends. Mis-education, oversized bodies, impoverished upbringing and lack of real family are where the parallels end. Oh, and don’t forget the buzz-worthy performances by their “mothers.”

There is one major difference — Michael Oher really does get the fairy tale ending complete with the Touhy family as his legal guardians. That said, a true story with those ingredients, in my opinion, represents a missed opportunity by this director who fails to deliver a more memorable tale.

The Blind Side is a drama. But I was often confused about the genre, especially when I heard peals of laughter from the packed-house audience. The film is full of laugh-out-loud moments and that’s okay. The film has some genuinely in-context funny scenes and there should be laughter in life. However, there is no grit here.

The polar opposite cultural settings do not collide or mix where they should. They do not disturb us. We get to know all about football practice and the promise of a college football career. We are certain that Michael will go to college and get drafted into the pros (which is a rare event), but we are not sure who this one-dimensional hero really is.

Unfortunately, John Lee Hancock seemed determined to turn The Blind Side into a Saturday Night football-game film. But he stops short, and instead includes just enough camera on the love and total acceptance of the Touhy family. That touch and Sandra Bullock’s performance save this film from itself.

Tigergate or Textgate…you choose

This site is saying what all the gossip sites are saying that the two had or are having an affair, that Rachel is a known home wrecker preferring and purring up to married men. They have been texting each other and he has been “pumping” her with his iron. Oh boy, have I got a headline for you.

He has turned down the state troopers three times an interview. This is big news because Tiger has kept a low profile and has lots of endorsements and doesn’t everybody crash their driveway at 2:35 in the morning?

Movie Review: “Old Dogs” Bites the Fans that Feed It

This new film is out and about. Barking at and shitting on everyone that goes to see it. I did not see it nor review it. But got lots of laughs reading the reviews of it on Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s the link.

The reviews are far funnier than the movie. So, it inspired me to come up that headline. To add one: Old Dogs is a MUST-NOT see film! LOL

Valerie Jarrett: Aide de Camp Obama (my cousin didn’t mean it that way)

My sister and cousin live in Hyde Park near Obama’s home in Kenwood. And my cousin’s mom gave my cousin a message (she was an early supporter of Obama back when he was senator) she told her that since she lives so close to Obama and in Chicago, that if she ever saw Valerie Jarrett out and about that she should give her a message.

First, I should start by saying that my relatives know Valerie’s former father-in-law very well–Vernon Jarrett. He is deceased now. His son Bobby Jarrett was married and divorced from Valerie and she kept his name. He died five years after they divorced.

Anyway, my aunt told her daughter (my cousin) that because Obama is so hated by many sections that to remember that “it’s just a job…and to take care of himself first.” Well, my cousin did not want to talk to Valerie but she saw her in an aisle at the Co op in Hyde  Park. And Valerie was sort of staring at her. My cousin is a beautiful woman who looks Iranian actually, and she kep running into her at the store.

So she thought she would deliver her mom’s message. Her message was to say that Obama should be sure to take care of himself emotionally because it is such a powerful job and he will be hated.

Well my cousin basically told Valerie that “for Obama to remember that it’s just a job.” She could tell from the reaction that Valerie did not take it well and replied “yes, but it is a very important job.” She may have thought my cousin was somehow demeaning the job.

But let me tell you that my cousin was a huge fan of Obama especially when he spoke at her alma mater Northwestern University.  She had tickets to hear him speak there, before he became president.  I just wanted to clarify that and say that my family is much entrenched in Chicago and civil rights politics. They have all been Obama supporters as senator and now president.  We are a little disappointed however by some of the people (not Valerie) that he has put in his cabinet and who advise him.

I forgot that Valerie was born in Iran and my cousin does not look black at all but Iranian. Interesting. So, if you read this Valerie it was the well-dressed woman with long, thick black hair, short in height, pretty, who spoke to you at the Co op in Hyde Park.