E. J. Dionne a gay man with no teeth?–updated

Okay, he does have upper teeth. But in the old video he looked toothless. I think he is missing a few lower teeth.

He’s still gay, still a Jew, and still missing some teeth.

Did you see the movie Outrage? See it if you think I am making up this stuff about right, left and center politicos being big on the gay tip. There are too many gay men in DC to count. Even AC Cooper is gay and Jewish.

Just watched EJ Dionne, the journalist, on one of the Sunday talk shows and I swear he has no freakin teeth. That is sort of par for the course for men who are deep into the gay culture. No pun intended but that’s what I heard. Not going into detail but think about it, no teeth, no women.

I googled him and he is useless and stupid like I thought. He adds nothing to the conversation. He is just a piece of wood taking up space that a good black journalist could take up much better. He was sitting on one side of the table and Rachel Mad Cow LOL, according to Rush, was sitting on the other side. Two gays, one Jew, maybe two Jews, adding NOTHING to the conversation. Besides I am sick of seeing both of them.

Where are the black and brown journalists who can hold a seat with more confidence and interest than these two goons?



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  1. yer an idiot

  2. Dionne is married with three kids. And he’s Catholic. I clicked this search result because I was thinking about his teeth or lack thereof. What I found seemed to be a bigoted hate filled rant about nothing. Its times like this that I’m glad my computer has a back button.

  3. You are the biggest bufoon God has created,Is this ur idea of journalism.E.J. could wrap your stupid ass up with intelligence based on the crap u have written here. And less you forget he’s jewish and gay and has infuence. You are black and stupid so where does that get you.Do you think blacks get by by being as ignorant as your sorry ass. The only panel you will be on is that of the stupid sitting in your basement perhaps collecting welfare.

  4. Not only r u an idiot, but u r a biggot as well! Shame on you….

  5. You certainly have one putrid case of bigoted , stupid , crazy.

  6. Heloise 8
    The trough is aptly named….
    You’re a Pig !

  7. I notice he has the same mouth as Barney Frank wondering if that means anything?

  8. I wonder why conservatives and Republicans don’t call critics of Ben Carson Racist and Bigots is that tact only to be used by liberals?

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