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Why Didn’t America See Al Qaeda Coming?

It seems the simplest of formulas and requires a little knowledge of history. America fought a few wars with the Arabs and divided lands they did not own. Set up and propped up dictators that we did own, so how come we did not see the creation called Al Qaeda?

The history part is easy–every religion has turned into a bloody killing machine at some point or another. If the religion did not kill it caused other nations or groups to kill it. Case in point may be Buddhism. They were the cause of the Chinese communists coming to town and running them out of their own damn cities.

It is as easy as that. Islam is a religion and its original founder has died. It has gone the way of other religions and become a cult. Perhaps it was a cult when Mohammed was still alive. Regardless it is a cult now and has spawned other groups that preciously guard their books, scriptures and bibles.

One might say that it’s their turn. The Spanish tried to kill them off once and for all but did not succeed. America is now trying to kill off Islamic killers but we have not succeeded either. History is repeating itself. No, religious history is repeating itself. The militant group known as Al Qaeda won’t rest until they have their day.

My solution is to wait until they have gotten powerful, let them kill up a bunch of folks over there, their own people and then take them out like Bush took out Saddam Hussein. Instead we are going into a quagmire. What happened to the thinking that bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki? I mean they did bad things to us. We did not send in some fucking troops to fuck around. Hell no, we sent in the big bombers and bombed them to hell. And regular folks along with it.

Finally it was done in Viet Nam but that was stupid. We should have gotten the hell out of there long before that.

Talk Google To Me

Murdoch is making news again. He wants to “unfriend” Google and friend Microsoft and its search engine Bing.

I have followed Rupert Murdoch and his search for Web grail. What does he want? He wants more money for his news services. His empire is so vast that one can only link to it from Wikipedia, while Wiki lists his personal fortune at 4 billion and dropping he’s still the biggest online and offline game-changer to reckon with.

Bing came to my attention because it’s a Microsoft brand. I held Microsoft stocks at the time and was hoping for a merger between Yahoo! because I also owned a few shares of that corporation. It never happened. The talks between Yahoo! and Microsoft never got past first base. What was Yahoo! thinking? There was no consummation between the two giants and Yahoo! stocks tanked famously. Then one day I noticed some Web site hits directed by Bing. That piqued my interest. So, I set  Bing as my search engine to compare the difference. It did not work. I am yet a diehard Googler.

Enter the 2008 market meltdown and the election of Barack Obama. The stock market meltdown held the hands of many business and jobs, some which have never recovered. And now President, Barack Obama has the happy job of overseeing an economy at 10% unemployment. We the people don’t like that. One of those industries hardest hit–newspapers and news services. The hard copy of a newspaper is hardly worth the paper it is written on. No one is buying it. Instead they are directing themselves to sites like the Huffington Post, CNN, Time, Reuters, and online new services that do not charge for its information.

But as we all know nothing is free, even for a hinterland blogger, lost in the blogosphere save for engines like Google. It is not free to those who host a major online magazine or a major news-post. About the only way it is actually “free” is if you do not own a computer and you walk to your local library, wait in line (with some homeless folks), use their computers and servers, then go online!  That’s about as free as it gets.

So I don’t get free. Many Web sites have very high traffic volume yet still do not turn a profit or quit their day jobs. So, with or without the Bing search-engine changes money made–especially for those with huge numbers in the form of steady traffic, large cadre of bloggers, credentialed writers and famous contributors. If the changes Murdoch seeks become reality major Web sites will survive. The big guys will fend for themselves, offset costs, turn a pretty profit via ad revenue, and have the capital to pay for links to online news. It was Murdoch (he was not alone) who decided that the “free” business model was not working. He told his people to talk Bing and freeze out Google. Murdoch is now making news and seeking to change online news distribution as we know it.

The calculation goes something like this: 1) Microsoft would  unlink or  “de-index” the news from Google search engines. 2) Bing would gain what Google lost. 3) Microsoft (or Murdoch) would seek annual fees or a pay-for-link use from blogs big and small. 4) He would stop the “stealing” from his vast news empire. 5) Bloggers would take the mark of the beast in their hands–just kidding. 6) Even though research shows that this shift in surfing will affect only about 5% of the whole pie that Murdoch should still make his move.7) Murdoch gets his way and nothing changes on the surface of cyberspace.

Murdoch and Microsoft are still talking Google shutout. Bing and Microsoft would gain what Google loses. What’s more, Rupert believes that he will staunch the online bleeding of his content, especially when sites use short quotes and then link back to the source, and they have paid nada for this information. What do you think? Will Murdoch have his way with the Net? And will this change everything–effectively ending Net neutrality?

2009 AMA Awards–Over-the-top sex

Janet Jackson lost “Control” and mixed it up on stage with other dancers to kick off the2009 American Music Awards. She shook her mane and butt with head-banger like momentum, served with a twist of pop diva. It worked. And the audience sang along to a moving tribute to her brother, Michael Jackson.

But the real movers that brought down the house: Alicia Keyes and Jay-Z duet. Alicia started her number off by crooning at the piano a familiar rendition of “New York, New York,” then broke into “Empire State of Mind.” Wow. (A youtube version of the song is below.) Jay Z took the mike and rapped it up countless notches. A Rod introduced them while touting the team’s win.The song was new to me, but is acoolsong even for non-consumers of hip-hop.

Will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas performed. They are a global phenomenon and they know it. This eclectic group is officially the top 21stCenturyhip-hop orchestra in the world, based on the 27 million albums sold. Their appeal is a mix of subtle spirituality and pure funk.

“Rated R” was the night’s other highlight, from the album by Rihanna, but I didn’t get it. Something about a crazy house. I didn’t like the song or the way she looked performing it. That act followed bya Michael Jackson win for best male soul artist. Beyonce won female R&B soul artist but she was not there to accept.

J Lo is back and she performed a boxing number followed by Whitney Houston who sang “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” Samuel Jackson presented Whitney Houston with the International Music Award won by only six other artists. Who would have the gravitas to follow Whitney?

Favorite Pop/Rock male went to Michael Jackson his 23rd win, this is a record win for AMA awards. Twenty-one was the old record.

Eminem and 50 Cents performed a sort of battle of rappers number. They’re like the old timers now. Honestly, some of the performances and themes were over my head, but still interesting. You got to see how the older artists have had to evolve in order to keep up with the latest trend in musical tastes. Jay-Z won best rap/hip-hop-male and rattled off a short speech thanking God et al.

The audience audibly held their collective breath as five nominees were reviewed for Artist of the Year. And the winner: Taylor Swift! She won big, a total of five AMAs.Here’s a complete list of winners for 2009 AMAs.

The AMA was closed out with a raunchy performance by Adam Lambert. I found many of the night’s performances a bit on the raunchy over-sexed side. But Lambert was, well over-the-top performance that made gay male sex its centerpiece.

Jennifer Hudson–Sings Under the Big Tent

Not only will the big guest list dine under the big tent on the lawn but Jennifer Hudson will be crooning to the crowd. Wow. But your invitation is not in the mail.


Rush Throws Down the Gauntlet

Hacked emails and Obama’s promise to restore science to its rightful place are among the hot topics that Rush Limbaugh is doing a great rant on his radio talk show today. He has simply thrown down the gauntlet and calls the MSM one universe of lies and the universe real people inhabit as the one with the truth.

The controversy now dubbed “climategate” centers around some hacked emails of Mann and others that suggest that climate change and global warming are a hoax or made up data. Rush said that the whole concept of climate change is a fraud. He has called out Obama and the Al Gore’s of the world while ranting that: “there is no climate change..no man made global warming…how else can it be said?” He is so funny he said that the MSM should be looking for Al Gore right now to explain it all.

Now if we can reverse engineer global warming and working backwards see if the “hoax” stands up to scientific scrutiny as Rush rants that the science behind global warming does not hold up to scientific scrutiny.


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