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Elin Chases Tiger Through The Woods

See my post on this article. I’ve done a little searching and here’s my post about it. Below is a comment I left at savorydish a wordpress blog. She has a cute premise about how the story gets bigger as it is spread by school kids. But this one does have some life to it:

LOL. True dat. However, don’t forget the cliche where there’s smoke there’s fire. How can someone crash an SUV into a fire hydrant and a tree in their own driveway unless they are on drugs or distracted, or being chased by a golf club?

The golf club in Elin’s hands does pan out. The Rachel part I’ve put a question mark there. Once again my number one post is about Cheyenne Woods because people are googling all things Tiger right now.


White House In-Security?

This is really a non story in a way. Did the couple have last minute invite? Does not seem they did or else charges would not be pending against them. And yes, I don’t have the pic, but the woman in the white hair and red sari did have a photo op with Obama and Biden, separately.

I saw the photo on TV I think. Should have snapped it. But there was no context to go with it. Just a pic that shows she was freakin there.

Only a skinny blonde in a bottle and a red sari could talk her way to the top of a state dinner. She’s no Marilyn Monroe.

Tiger’s Wife Whips His Head Over Sexting Rachel?–update

Update: Rachel has been caught in a bunch of lies by the Enquirer. They have some evidence and that’s all she wrote. Rachel gave Tiger her cell number and said that “he’s blowing up my phone.”

I can hear the sound of sweat beads falling from Woods brow. I wanted to know how could someone crash his SUV in his own driveway if not under some kind of duress. A woman named Rachel could be the source of that stress. She’s gorgeous no doubt. We were wondering how long it would take for the cure, the wedded bliss to wear off. Apparently not long. Elin and Tiger have two kids together. He can afford a freakin harem so why settle for one?

The original story did not add up. Now this adds up. Here’s a link from TMZ about it. The cops were reporting that his wife did in fact hit the back of the car with a golf club. But they were silent about how or why until now.

The end of domestic bliss? Tiger better get himself a pretty creole gal.