Daily Archives: December 13, 2009

The Lovely Bones — brittle to its core

I was thinking of seeing Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones” but the top critics over at RT highlight the Bones as rather brittle. I can tell they read Heloise’s movie reviews at bc. Thanks.

So, I will wait until it’s on Netflix.


Houston Goes Gay!

Annise Parker had a big target on her back for being what else gay. She and her partner of 19 years went down to the wire and despite anti-gay  groups and Christian mailers condemning her lifestyle she won the election 53.5 over her opponent.

Mayor Bill White is running for governor against the incumbent Gov. Perry.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Houston and just left there last month after spending a week at Galveston. It is a really multi cultural city. It is multi racial and the new mayor has a black adopted daughter who may also be multi racial.  The dating and marrying trend however among Hispanics has been to intermarry with whites over black. They seem to prefer their own group first and then marry out of their group to marry whites and other groups. But many do marry blacks.

Houston needs help though not just on the racial front because it is a largely Mexican immigrant and Hispanic population. If the rate of intermarriage continues that will help the assimilation of later generations. But the problem was never the younger generation, they will get English and they will get looking and acting American. But it is their parents who will never speak English that pose such a burden on places like San Antonio (damn near all Mexican) and Houston that has a sizeable black population.