Brittany Murphy–Death by Anorexia? updated

Last public appearance of Brittany

No autopsy yet. No final cause of death. So don’t believe that if someone writes it. I am only speculating that she might have an eating disorder.  Here’s a final photo of her. If you compare this to what she looked like in Clueless. Then we  have some clue–a smoking black dress. In fact there is no autopsy planned as yet. Her husband really can’t stop an autopsy because she died so young. Unless her personal doctor signs the death certificate. I think that’s the way it goes.

UPDATE: TMZ reporting that Brittany was sick and vomiting in the house. Told that she felt sick and ended up in the bathroom. If she was not eating and had flu-like symptoms and was taking MEDs on an empty stomach and was underweight and undernourished ALL that changes everything.  That can cause  cardiac arrest. Pills on an empty stomach will also make you very sick especially if you have already not been eating.

Besides being underweight there is the question of the natural hormonal levels falling if a person has lost too much body fat. This can cause heart attacks. Pills and anorexia can cause hormones to drop. You are your hormones. Doctors won’t tell you this especially if you are young.

If she had diabetes then maybe she knew she had to eat often. Don’t know the details on that. But pills and a weakened heart (heart is a muscle made of protein) can be bad news.

My take: When someone dies of cardiac arrest at age 32 and looks thin as a rail one has to suspect that her heart stopped for a reason. And not eating or too few calories and too much exercise can cause cardiac arrest. She may also have taken diet pills or something to that effect.

It will take an autopsy to find anorexia. But that’s what I am betting.

Brittany Murphy died of cardiac arrest early Sunday morning, after her mother had found her unconscious in the shower, according to a report by TMZ. The actress was 32.

She was found in the shower unconscious. That means she dropped suddenly and if it was a massive arrest died on the spot. The neighbor who saw them cart her off said that she already looked dead.

There is gossip that she had breast augmentation and lips enhanced. Not sure. But the pic I saw of her she was flat as a pancake. If she is anything other than flat then she had the surgery. What’s more any surgery is dangerous. If she had it, it was really recent surgery. She had debunked the notion of any kind of surgery and any kind of drugs. She said that a Sudafed would “blow up my heart.” Strong words for a little lady. She uses caffeine and that’s all. Only way that can kill is if you use way too much.

MJ too was already dead when they took him away.


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