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Beyonce wins Best Female Vocal Performance

Halo wins by Beyonce. I don’t own any of her music. She’s getting awards and was nominated for ten categories.

Only one tip Beyonce I used to be a tailor and I know you guys made the dress. Okay but you don’t put no huge freakin zipper up the back of a designer type dress.  What were you thinking? In a hurry?

Bocelli sang Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water in Italian

You can download Bridge by Bocelli and Blije at itunes. His song with Mary J Blige (who is just fab) solo and a duet and wow, knock your blogging PJs off. I’ve provided the link but you will have to search and download and pay yourself. I will record it on TV and upload it to here later.

The set was introduced by Wyclef Jean who spoke a little Creole which is a dialect of broken French really. I don’t understand a freakin word of it because it is not standard French.

Nice job. But I plan to help the local homeless folks in town instead of Haiti. You don’t know when or where you money goes, if it goes. But they are getting help from the world and it is pouring in.

It is only the worse earthquake in the world as Wyclef said would be because the housing they built was absolutely rubbish in the first place.  A quake of 7 mag is about a middling type quake, it is not the worse and not the least. It depends on where it hits and what’s on top of it. It was one of the most destructive because of the super substandard housing sitting on top of it.

Paris and Prince accept MJ’s lifetime award

Only MJ would have two white kids on stage accepting an award for him calling him “dad.” Oh boy. Yes, he was about love. It’s a four-letter word. Easy to say, easy on the brain but so hard to be real. Folks think love is real but only spirit and force of the spirit is real. And there is no emotion attached to TRUTH. It just is. Jackson I noticed you never used the word TRUTH to promote your message of save the planet and save the bullshit.

Too much like doing right? L-O-V-E is not T-R-U-T-H. Not synonymous at all.

Lionel Richie Introduces Jackson Tribute

It is a bit hypocritical of a huge consumer like Jackson and the Hollywood crowd who use lots of resources yet cry foul when shit on earth gets used up.

Remember nothing man does can ever compete with the fury and the force of nature. So maybe these guys can go on fucking up earth, eating meat and building huge homes. Keep it up mother nature will take care of  you.

Jackson’s song “What About Us” is a beautiful piece of music. It was done in “This Is It” which did not save the film but no doubt it was a beautiful piece of music.

The tribute was in 3-D bloggers can’t compete with that.

Beyonce Wins For “Put a Ring on it”

Nice title. This Creole gal was on 60 minutes. She is big time making big money with a rich ugly husband. They have the money for plastic surgery so they need not worry about big noses or big lips. They got big money. Good luck Beyonce.  You got nerve girl.

Tonight is Grammy Night

I have it set to record. Tonight is Grammy Night. It seems like so many award shows have been on lately that  I thought the Grammys had already come and gone.

No, tonight is Grammy night and there is a tribute to Michael Jackson. That might make it worth seeing.

Heloise Hot on Jews

This is not really a book review as much as a book attention. Heloise reads tons of books and many of them about Jewish life in Eastern Europe and daily life in the 30s and 40s Anytown, Europe because it fascinates me.

This book The Girls of Room 28 is interesting. Lots of Jewish names in it that you will recognize like Rahm, and Zucker and Winkler. These are German Jewish names. The book is about some of the women who survived Theresienstadt. That is part of the subtitle too.

I like the book because it covers much of the daily life in the jewish ghettos of Europe and when Hitler’s henchmen would come in shouting: “everybody out…to the trains” that is. They would move families in cattle cars and do the selection at the camp. Thereafter many sent camps that had the purpose of holding them until they could be moved to the killer death camps.

In Theresienstadt camp they made movies. And some of the same names in TV and movies now crop up. Interesting. I told you that Jews’ genius is that they are the premier city urban adept liver. They are masters at living in the cities because of their history. This is another book that really highlights that level of living or not living in some cases.

Hitler used propaganda (taught to him by Jews) to show that his camps were not all bad. Some were clean and nice where people got food. Starvation was one of Hitler’s favorite weapons of mass destruction. That’s a horrible way to go. This book talks a lot about that weapon.

We know that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake and now we know that millions of Jews were burned in ovens along with their entire families. I’ve been watching reels of this since I was 13 when in Catholic High school.

I read this book in one night mostly because I skimmed a lot of it. I was looking for life on a daily basis like any good anthropologist.

Famous Fridays: Pernell Roberts died 81

Two different but famous men died this week. One on TV for years with black hair and a bright persona: Pernell Roberts, died at 81. I watched him for years in Bonanza and in Trapper John.

The other with light hair and a very dark Jewish persona: Also JD Salinger died this week…the novelist who wrote novels that sounded gentile but he was a Jew from New York who ended up a recluse somewhere. He wrote The Catcher In the Rye. I guess I read this in high school. But nothing else of his.

Heloise Never Fell For Toyota Hype

With all the cars I have bought over the years I’ve never bought a Toyota named after its founder Toyoda, some Jap who’s tres riche now, is building crap.

Has he always built crap? Not sure. One day I was seeing a lot of Toyota Tundras and I live in Texas where there are many Ford trucks. I thought WTF why would people buy that Toyota truck junk when they can have a Ford? Little did I know how prescient that thought was.

All the Tundras recalled and a whole long list of others. This is too bad for folks who believed the hype over ONE brand. Never put your eggs in a Toyota basket because they will surely brake long before the car does! That’s funny Heloise

Scott Brown needs therapy for traumatic childhood

Scott Browntelling Barabara Walters (the eternal media Jewess) that he won’t cry over his childhood. But perhaps he should and get some therapy while at it.