Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

My family could be related to Scott Brown

My reborn grandmother?

My maternal great grandmother who was multi-racial had the surname “Brown.” Her name was Louise Brown and I looked a lot like her actually. I am planning to do some DNA searches with name searches on both sides of my family in order to find our European and American relatives. I know we have lots of Anglo/British blood. Brown is also the name of one of the queens of England. Actually The movie Mrs. Brown named after the man the queen married.

But the idea that it is a British name. My maternal great grandmother was multi racial and married a Castillian from Spain. We have the pictures to prove it. My grandfather was the result. He looked totally Italian. I have a good photo of him on my fb account. Anyway this just reminds me I have to get into my DNA ancestry research more.

Good luck Chuck. I mean Scott.


Scott Brown Wins: Hocus, Pocus, Dems Out of Focus

Coakley was 15 points up at the turn of December, just before the new year. And now she is almost 15 points down and was in a dead heat for a minute while Brown was gaining on her in the polls and in the minds of the people…the independents.

Is this is the beginning of a sea change for the arrogant Dems? What Dems sought to change has changed them–business as usual.

We cried that he speak for the people. Be a populist candidate, govern like a centrist, be a Democrat , but build a republic for the people–do something but don’t let the fat cats get it all. 

Obama you don’t get it. We thought you did. We thought you cool. Who’s the fool? Is this just a single seat lost over some stupid shit?

 We shouted you shut your ears. And here’s the result Dems losing a bulwark seat like Ted and JFK’s old senate seat.

Well, hocus, pocus out of focus came to mind. You would have to pay me to blog and stump for you leftists now. I am not doing it gratis anymore.  This is how  we get paid back. A woman who can’t even think or talk straight. With no energy, no class, no sense of love for the people. Who files to run for Teddy’s seat a week after he dies? I hope Martha rots in a democratic hell!

Martha Coakley Don’t Got IT! Go Martha–I mean go away

I am putting her in the pig trough because she does not belong in governement! Ha. I just saw her weak, soulless, squeaky plea for votes. You suck Martha. Get off the stump and go home.

I don’t care who wins. He or she will just be a benchwarmer anyway. They should have fixed up that Kennedy guy and made him a Dem and he would have won. They have no balls. Go Martha, I mean go away.