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Hell, I dated a Palestinian and a Jewish guy at the same time

My university was full of foreign students. Ironically I have dated men from every corner of Africa, or had a friendship with, including a super liberal guy from S. Africa. But for nearly a  year I dated two guys one was a PhD in politics and was born and raised in Palestine and the other was a Jewish guy from Chicago who was getting a law degree.

I had interesting experiences with both. I met the Jewish guy in aerobics class and he did a psychic test on me…which I passed 100% to the surprise of both of us. And the Palestinian guy took the apt. next door to me and that’s how we met. That’s not uncommon for me to date more than one guy at a time. Men do it all the time.  In the end the Arab guy smoked too much for me, as the SE Asian (a Christian convert) and the smoke was making me sick. The Jewish guy drank too much and I dumped him because he couldn’t keep it up. He ended up stalking me.

I’ve had deep attachments to many Jewish men because I met them at work or other places.

My beef is with the MSM. I mean it’s just me and this little Web site and my big mouth and my understanding of humanity through anthropology and my study of rebirth. Is The Trough that big a threat to folks out there? Grow up, like I told a BAC religious family member who couldn’t get over my belief in rebirth.

And yes, race, family, location, country and color do matter under the laws of rebirth. I know, I know too much. Get over it. People don’t talk about the many other things I write about like book, films, and history. No, they are cherry picking my articles that are not even about them. You hear that? My articles are not about any ONE in particular unless you are a politician or a public persona or a media moghul. All the peons running around getting uptight about my little corner of the world.

 My rants are about the imbalance in the media, government and economic stratum of this country and the world.  Perhaps we or I can’t change anything, but I can talk about it.


Amy Bishop is Jewish–Her Mother is Jewish! Told you so

Yes, Heloise was right. Amy Bishop is related to famed author John Irving which is Jewish name and he is a New York Jew. Naturally he ain’t talking about that connection now that his second cousin is a mass murder of non-whites. If they are first cousins on her mother’s side then it means that Judith Bishop’s mother or father is brother to John Irving! So is she Judith Irving (maiden name)?  Changing names is what Jewish people do best when they are trying to hide their real identity.  Bishop is tacked on. Protestants, Catholics all accept converted Jews and vice versa.

The Ipswich mother of accused University of Alabama in Huntsville rampage killer Amy Bishop is a cousin of John Irving, author and Academy Award-winning screenwriter, a publicist confirmed today.

Irving, a native of Exeter, N.H., currently working on his latest book, declined further comment on his kinship to Amy Bishop, 45, through Anne Tate, a publicist at Random House in New York.

I found this little proof by backtracking on a referrer to my site. Then I looked up the names.  But  I don’t have to. I knew she was a Jew period.

Help! Vegan forced to find meaty solution

No one would believe me if I just told them that every day my head is reeling, and the room spinning and blood pressure so low that I have to hold onto things in order to hide the fact that I am about to pass out.

For the past few weeks this has been my reality. It’s partly Meniere’s disease. I can’t drink coffee, eat sugar, no caffiene, no bread, no gluten, no wheat, no eggs and no meat or alcohol.

I have researched the Internet and short of eating a steak I could not find iron. I have been taking megadoses of iron and eating vegan trying to get my levels up. No avail. I have to watch my sodium intake too. And soy and wheat gluten stuff tends to be high in salt.

I see no other alternative for now. I’ve been vegetarian for forty years. In that forty years I have eaten meat two years out of that. I think I can temporarily eat meat to bring my iron and tissues back to normal. When the sun and heat returns I should be okay. I’ll eat what I bought today…no beef, no pork and see where that takes me. Last time I did it I included eggs. But I am highly allergic to eggs.

Strauss-Kahn (IMF or WTF) and Madoff (Ponzi master) have a lot in common

Strauss-Kahn born of two Jewish parents is a wealthy French Jew, appointed by Sarcozy, now asking for a GLOBAL currency. He is the creator, one of them, of the euro. The euro is about to be the global dodo bird. If the euro did not work and he was the brains behind it, why is he head of IMF?  He also wants to move IMF from DC. The world bank is also run by Jews, big surprise there. 

 This has been predicted by many including the Bible. He’s a French Jew (large population of French Jews anyway including Sarcozy) and he is over the IMF. WTF?

There are more Jews than we can count who are presently gobbling up the money and the resources in the world. I mean this small fraction of humanity owns more than Europe put together. Now this Jew, Strauss-Kahn wants to create a global currency. Just who will this global currency protect or favor? I mean since Jews like Madoff have stolen half the world’s currency and money I guess the world does need more money. Just more money to be stolen. This is why I say don’t send money out of the country…we will never see it nor will those who need it.

Born on April 25, 1949 to a Jewish family in an affluent Paris suburb, Mr Strauss-Kahn spent part of his childhood in Morocco before studying at an elite political science academy.

Named Finance Minister in 1997, he played a key role in the introduction of the euro and oversaw the part-privatisation of France Telecom and Air France.

He was forced to step down two years later because of allegations that he had received payment from a student health insurance fund for legal work he did not perform.

He was cleared of any wrongdoing in 2001.

During the French presidential campaign, Mr Strauss-Kahn attacked the successful conservative candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, saying he presented a danger to France.

But Mr Sarkozy said that Mr Strauss-Kahn was “the most capable candidate” for the IMF post and secured EU backing.

Mr Strauss-Kahn told the IMF board that he will build consensus and not pitch North against South; rich against poor.

That, however, suggests a more cautious approach.

“I don’t think he will push through radical changes,” says Mr Chowla at the Bretton Woods Project.

Now get this, above someone said that Kahn will not do anything radical he has, he was anti-Sarcozy for a while. He is the power behind the creation of the euro.

We know what’s next: Pledge alligiance and get the Israeli mark of the beast or else we will all be zion in our homes.

Simon Dumps Jewish Girlfriend for Muslim One (Afghan)

Simon Cowell has popped the question to an beautiful Afghany girl. He used to date this ugly Jewish girl (Jewish men are handsome but Jewish women are ghastly) and I wondered how long he was going to sleep with her. I never thought he was going to marry her and he ain’t.

He’s engaged to Mezghan instead. She’s gotta be a Muslim. But really Afghan women are Persian or Indian. They can be beautiful but not a given. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Oh and did I mention that Cowell as well as Paula Abdul have Jewish roots.

Everyone knows that Jews have exerted extraordinary influence on popular music throughout history, but it seems that not just one but two members of the Tribe are calling the shots on one of the music industry’s most visible outlets, Fox’s “American Idol.”

It is known that pop diva Paula Abdul is Jewish, and recently it was revealed that Simon Cowell — the show’s brutally honest Brit — is of Jewish descent, too: His paternal grandparents, Joseph Cowell and Esther Malinsky, were married in 1915 at West Ham Synagogue, in East London, the Web site Jewtastic reports.

This is from a Jewish site. That’s why he does not look “Jewish” but he’s as mean as any Jew. Why is this woman marrying him? Must be the money.

Marie Osmond’s Son Commits Suicide — he was 18

Famous Fridays: Here’s a link to Radar. A woman did not see him jump but arrived shortly after and saw paramedics hold a sheet up. He jumped from his LA apt bldg from the 8th floor. He was depressed, clincally. Michael Blosil 18-year-old son commits suicide.

Marie Osmond’s teenaged son, Michael Blosil, has killed himself by leaping to his death around 9 p.m. Friday in Los Angeles, reports Entertainment Tonight, which quotes Marie’s brother, Donny Osmond, as saying, “Please pray for my sister and her family.”

This is new in that it was originally reported that he died but no reports early on were that he died, not how he died. I think that suicide and early death will be the bane of famous people. It wasn’t just the Kennedy family.

Desiree waves bye bye on fired Friays

Desiree got canned today. I knew the last scandal with that couple would seal her fate. She is the pretty gal from Chicago that my cousin and sister would spot getting coffee downtown Chicago.

I guess we will be seeing her again out and about.

Killer Whale, Killer Whale Grabbed that Gal By Her Ponytail

This woman was hugging this killer whale when her ponytail got under his nose. He was probably trying to mate with her or got bored with his life. And they call me stupid and a moron. I don’t think so.  I was not hugging some crazed 21-foot killer whale in a huge bathtub in Florida like this Jewish gal from Indiana. I think she’s Jewish. Her husband Scott Brancheau is her survivor. If that’s her married name and Gross is her maiden name and the media is going crazy about this stupid shit, and she look’s Jewish to me. Based on that I think she Jewish.

But how many stories are there about family dogs killing, maiming people who feed them everyday? Or folks just petting them? I think all animals should be considered wild. Who’s more wild than the animal known as man? Animals are not more wild than people, just have bigger teeth and bigger bodies. They don’t have CNN to follow them around if they get killed or if they are Jewish.

Contacts over Lasik

This post is a kinda just say no to Lasik and PRK. After a thorough eye exam I am not a candidate for Lasik. I also said no to PRK. I read stories online of suicides due to bad outcomes. I have large optic nerves, which may be congenital. I’ve needed glasses from a young age. That also made the docs think I was a candidate for glaucoma…bad news. But the good news is that those who are myopic also tend to have enlarged optic nerves.

If in my case, I was born with such eyes and have always needed glasses and tend to have dry eyes then finding the right contact lens gets tricky.

 As a teenager (1970) I got the hard lens.  They kept falling out because my eyes were so dry.  I was the laughing stock, of my boyfriend at the time, whose social group The Lockinvars gave a huge party downtown Chicago  (the famous Kahil El Zabar). This was like 1970 and only hard lenses were available. He  laughed when he saw me on my hands and knees  at their big blowout party at the Playboy club looking for my contact lens on the floor! I found it.

Never want a repeat of that little scenario. So, I went to a local doctor had eyes examined and she gave me a new contact (a year out) that is supposed to actually help with dry eyes. I asked her to not overcorrect my eyesight so that I would not need to use reading glasses. I might have needed a cane with PRK…but I said no thank you.

Result: I got a great fit. I have worn them all day long from day one. No pain, no dryness. I will have to get the exact name of them and post it. But they are new and I did not have to gradually break them in.

Jewish Cop Coverup–Killed Katrina Victims in NOLA

Lohman a former cop is also a coverup killer. This is looking ugly. A Jewish lawyer may now be behind the coverup of Toyota’s lying over the problem with its cars.  Atty. Wienstein worked for NHSTA and then Toyoto! But I digress.  Who says Jews don’t kill or become cops? Hah! This Jewish pig covered up the killings of black folks struggling with Katrina.  Mind you some of the killing cops may have been black. But hell, they’re brainwashed pigs anyway.

They were helped by other cops. Lohman confessed but was not caught. But look how long it took them to catch former cop Lohman. Here’s his pic and the rest of the case see above link.

You know this case is going in the pig trough. People did not believe me when I told them that Jews had taken over NOLA and planned to whiten it up and move the blacks out because it is a seaport that they can use to help the Jewish Mossad mafia infiltrate undetected into this country. They are smuggling Jewish spies into this country as we speak. It may take a year before my words catch up to what the media will report. It will be another case of I told you so.