Daily Archives: February 2, 2010

What? The Oscar Nods Are Out

Okay people sharpen your pencils. It’s time to fill out your ballot like you a member of the SAG or whomever the hell votes for the best.

This year there are 10 best pic nods. The ones I have not seen I will have to do some research on. In FW we can’t get a damn movie to watch that is not wide release.

Remember that Heloise put Sandra on the Oscar map with her fabulous review of her performance in The Blind Side the little sleeper movie about a big black boy and a rich white family. Go Sandra.


Blacks need aversion therapy not more education

I’ve been watching the spending of states and the Feds on spending when it comes to education in the classroom. There are good points to this when the infrastructure goes bonkers and looks like hell inside the building.

But this is no stereotype of blacks: they avoid therapy and all things mental health. This is a huge mistake. They suffer from more and deeper health ailments of the body because they have so many neuroses that are left untreated. There are neuroses on top of neuroses that are eating away at the self-esteem fiber of black Americans.

And they are not the least bit concerned about this deficit of devotion to getting well from the inside out. The money they spend on cute clothes and comfy cars and fast foods could be better spent on healing the hurt inside.

It hurts to be seen as black, unlovable and ugly. That’s the outside version that is easily internalized even by blacks who do not fit the black box in terms of phenotype.

Many members of my family are not calling themselves white or looking white. No, it’s others who are labeling us one thing or another. And many have to tell whites and blacks, including myself, that no we are not “white” we are not black either. We are mediterranean. But for simplicity sake we correct and say that we are black.

But that does not make it easy when white people are quick to point out with one barb or stereotype or another or even and epithet or two like the N word that you are not good enough.

And all the educational spending in the world will not FIX a broken self esteem. Yes, it is about the soul and the image of same.