Daily Archives: February 12, 2010

Angelina Jolie In Haiti

She’s there trying to help the orphans in Haiti. She should just adopt them all, period.

She is giving an inteview with CNN about her work there.


3 shot dead at U. Of Alabama campus

A woman in custody for the shootings according to CNN reports now. The SWAT team has arrived on the scene. One woman in custody for the shootings. There are others reported shot as well. It was in the engineering building.

Were foreign students the target? Engineering is one of the main degrees that foreign students go for.

Another week another terrorist shooting. I don’t call them domestic incidents they are all terrorists when one person kills up a bunch of folks in a public setting. I know this goes against the definition of terrorism as political, but that’s my take.

CNN: Woman shoots up U. Of Alabama campus

Just watching TV and CNN reports a woman in custody for shootings at U. Of Alabama campus. This is on the Huntville campus which is on lockdown. At least 3 victims taken out on stretchers. It was at an engineering building. May have been some foreigners involved too.

Luger Dies at Olympic Practice (captured by TV monitors)

Practice at Olympics leads to death of luger breaking news. I just watched the news since this story broke today. The stadium has those huge flat screens and everyone in the place saw this guy hit his head and body with great force against a metal beam. He was bloodied and near death. Taken by ambulance to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

They did show the footage on TV with a warning that it was graphic because it showed this guy getting killed.  Also there were two other lugers hurt during practice  just before this fatal one.

Patrick Kennedy quits politics

Kennedy calls it quit and plans not to run or rerun for election in RI. He says his life is moving in another direction.

Who cares? We need term limits. The pres should just be one term too.