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Shooting people in the head at a meeting! That’s some Nazi shit

This is a hate crime. While I hate the politically correctness shit, started by a Jewish intellectual and writer, I have to say that a white woman killing shooting three non-white people in the head at a freakin meeting smacks totally of Nazi Germany tactics against Jews and anyone else who said one word of dissention. That’s why this political act of terrorism is not on the MSM. It’s a hate crime and a capital murder crime.

Just watch what MIGHT or might not  be revealed in the coming days:

That this is a hate crime and was politically motivated therefore a terrorist act (because higher education jobs are purely political)

She shot them all in the head at point blank range

Maybe all but ONE were non Angl0-Saxon persons

She thought they HATED HER or had a grudge against gaining tenure

She thought they held her race against her

She PLANNED it with help from her husband

She’s a Socialist (whom the Nazis hated) we already know this.

There will no mention of this being a hate crime

Why am I incensed over this? Because the MSM will try to sweep this crime under the rug by ignoring the ramifications. And because non whites who have committed crimes real or imagined have been excoriated on TV News for decades and never had a voice to fight it back then. There are too many good black men in prison for crimes that they did not commit or are non violent.  And this has ruined their chances of gainful employment for life. And employment  and jobs and providing for yourself and your family is what life on earth is about. You must produce or else.


Democratic D.A. Delahunt Let Amy Bishop Go!

I found this big bit of information at this link:

it was Bill Delahunt who made the call to release Amy Bishop back in 1986.

Now that it’s confirmed Alabama Prof Amy Bishop was involved in the death of her brother back in 1986, I followed up on a RedState post inquiring about Rep. Bill Delahunt’s (D,MA) role in handling the 1986 shooting death of her brother. Delahunt was the DA who opted to not pursue charges at the time.

In an interview at his home this afternoon, Polio, 87, said, “There was no coverup.” He said he followed all department procedures and then-District Attorney William Delahunt’s office conducted an inquiry and the decision was made not to file charges.

It seems Delahunt was accused of being soft on crime during a run for Congress back in 1996. This new issue could prove even more troubling for Delahunt, assuming he intends to run for re-election this year.

In a testy final debate last night where both candidates displayed their growing distaste for each other, Democratic Norfolk County District Attorney William D. Delahunt described as “despicable” efforts by Republican Edward B. Teague to link him with a man who killed while out on a prison furlough in 1979. “You took advantage of a grieving man,” Delahunt said, referring to a letter by Joseph Gilmore of Canton that Teague has publicized. In it, Gilmore writes that Delahunt failed to follow through with a promise to notify the family that his daughter’s killer was out… 

What Alabama Massacre Says About Race in the U.S.

I was thinking about the message of these murders: what message or code does it send to the people in this country about race? And what they are telling us about the entitlement that whites feel when they are threatened by someone who is not of their ethnic group or racial group.

While Amy is white, she is also from a Jewish family. Her superiors were not Jewish and they were not Anglo-Saxon or German Jewish. They decided her fate. She rejected the decision and decided to kill to get even. My aunt said that Jews don’t believe in murder or killing because they know they can’t get any money from a dead person. So she was surprised that this woman would kill. They would rather sue.

But this sends a horrible message to the work world. If a black person or a foreigner (Indian) tells you something you don’t like don’t sue…KILL.

At 42 if found guilty she will either face the rest of her life in prison. These murders make me mad on so many levels. Especially when you see how silent the Jewish part of the MSM has been. Not a word about the race of the people this woman killed. Not a peep. But the black underwear bomber was everywhere and so was the Muslim gunner at Fort Hood. Who else did she shoot that we don’t know about? One is in critical condition and the death toll may stand at four when it’s all over.