Shaun White–Jewish Atlantean defies gravity

That title is probably over your head. And if the comments were open I am sure I would get called some bad names. Too bad, it’s my site and my first amendment right.

You would know whereof I speak if you read the many books and Web sites I’ve read describing ancient Atlanteans one thing is clear: they had long red hair and they were able to defy gravity through magic.

A Rosen by any other name

Rose, short for Rosen, West, and yes, White are all Jewish names. So is Black, so is Green, Berlin and Berliner. To be fair I think that people with such names are “undefined” Jews. Meaning they are trying to hide the fact.  They take refuge in churches such as Universalism, Unity or Episcopal.

Online, I could find little that verified that Shaun was Jewish. I watched his mom in interview. But I KNOW that “White” is a German Jewish name.

As for Evan Lysacek he looks Jewish and his name is probably Eastern European (from Chechoslovakia or Poland). My guess is that he is an Eastern European Jew. One site his parents were Jewish and they are from Philly. Case closed when I read they were from Philly. Honestly, I write what I know then look it up. This was a perfect example. I knew he was Jewish but can’t verify it online.

That does not mean all with “colors” for names are Jewish but they are probably German Jews. Why? Because the Germans demanded that Jews give up the pretty-sounding German names for simpler ones if they did not have Jewish surnames, some did. Those who did not have “Jewish” names had to change their names.

It happens. White people here have demanded some blacks change their names. Have you ever met a white Washington? I have not. Not sure how true this is but read that whites with the name “Washington” changed it because so many black people had that name.

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