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Youtube Sensation: Bearded white man beats crap out of braided black guy on Oakland bus

A 50-year-old gray beard from Chicago, IL beats the crap out of this black guy after he hits him first. It’s not a racial thing but a class thing IMO. I mean who’s riding the bus iin the first place? I do when I visit LA but I have a car. And the black guy is just spoiling for a fight. In the video he says he is 67 but in an interview says he is 50.

It has gone viral. White guys blue T shirt reads “I am a motherfucker” and he was–he warns the cornrow guy not to mess with him. It is priceless.


Nicholas Sarcozy: French have elected a Jew

Now his anticsmake more sense. I guess the French have held out as long as they could. A Jew is now running France. They are also trying to exterminate the large Muslim population in France.

I was doing some research about the jews involved in the Kennedy assassination. I think Oswald was a jew too. But the jewish mafia we know had a hand in jfk’s death. I happened upon this article about Sarcozy after another one noted that Wikipedia is owned and run by jews and that they often coverup the jewish roots of prominent people. How convenient. Heloise won’t coverup the hidden jews for anybody. My job is not to bash them, but to uncover their asses wherever they hide.

I predict that there will be a huge terrorist attack on France or it will become involved in a war within Europe. Either a war or a huge act of terrorism that can be blamed on their sizeable Muslim pop. The war, all started by and sponsored by and covered up by….one guess.

Bill White (D) (Methodist) runs for Gov of Texas

This Harvard educated economics major former mayor of Houston Bill White who claims to be a Methodist is what I call an “undefined Jew.” He looks like a Jew, he legislates like a Jew, he went to a Jewish U. Harvard.  I for one don’t want any hidden Jews as governor of Texas.

You know the drill if he wins he will try to run for  president. Even though the Bushes were all Jewish/Israeli puppets and criminals they were not Jewish. They just hired every Jew that applied to highest office in the land from Chertoff (father a rabbi expert in the Talmud) who holds dual citizenship with our “friend” Israel to Perle.

Why hand it over directly to an undefined Jew? I won’t be voting for Bill White Dem who claims to be a Methodist.  Here’s his wikipedia bio. It does not mention he’s a Jew. Of course not.

Anton Apolo Ohno Wins Record 7th medal

7th Medal for Ohno

Blogging Ohno at Dancing With The Stars put Heloise on the blogging map. While sterotyping this guy puts gluteal muscles into high gear while shifting and moving on ice and on the dance floor where he won that season of DWTS.

I wrote about his prowess in an article that went near viral “Another Night at the Apolo, Ohno that is” published by Blogcritics.org. I predicted he would win and watched the recorded dance moves of Ohno over and over again. He is Japanese and a brilliant guy all around.

Way to go Ohno.

Here’s what I wrote about him back then:

I have watched every episode of this season’s Dancing With The Stars. I knew Laila Ali would make it to the semi-finals because she had a trump card to play — the most famous man in the world as daddy. Muhammad Ali attended the show to cheer on his daughter recently, and that made her an automatic shoo-in. I think she would have made it on her own merits, however.

The judges found she was “bringing sexy back” to the dance floor in her own graceful manner. A classy boxer with grace, only a daughter of a world champion could accomplish that feat. Laila has knocked the judges out with her performances. And People magazine finds she is beautiful as well.

The real show stopper has been Apolo. It is no coincidence that Apolo Ohno and his professional partner have been brought back for two encore performances – the last one for their pase doble. I taped the first one to replay. If he had any doubters or detractors, I think they have reached an accord about the talent translation that has happened for this former Olympic speed skater.

The choreography and the crisp ballroom dancing these partners have managed to bring to the floor have had the crowd on its feet. I imagine those watching from home have had much the same reaction. Not only is he is a gold medal speed skating champion, but he is also a real cutie-pie and now, potential winner-take-all for this season’s show.

Overall, this season has not been as great as some of the past seasons and performances, but there is no doubt that each of the “stars” dancers’, almost, have evolved from two flat feet planted on terra firma to two uprooted dancing ones. What a novel, fun reality show watching the transformations.

My prediction: I think Laila and Apolo will garner the most votes and finish as runner-up and winner respectively.

I have enjoyed watching many seasons of Dancing. It brought back memories of greener days.

If you see BUSH on the Ballot–RUN the other way

and vote for anybody else. Bush, Cheney or any name associated with anything or anyone in the Bush cabal. They are kryptonite.  It was a deliberate destruction of America carried out by the Bush and his daddy and his granddaddy. We’ve been hoodwinked, we’ve been had by the most evil on high: The Bushes of Maine.

Now, on the other Dem side we had Kerry (Jewish liar) and Edwards (adulterer and liar) to choose from. That’s why Bush was  elected he was the lesser of two evils. As some say it does not fucking matter who you vote for. We will all be used up and soaked for our money in the end.

Finally have you seen “9/11 The Missing Link?” That’s all I’m gonna sa.

Movie Review: Loose Change: 9/11 An American Coup

Loose Change went straight to DVD. I went straight to Netflix and watched it yesterday. It has changed my life. A black man who heard the blasts in the small government building that went down in freefall some blocks away from Twin Towers , it was never hit by anything, said that he heard blasts. He told the cameras and before the report could be published he was mysteriously killed the day before.

That’s what we are dealing with. I even hesitate to write this on my Web site. They are all in it together: right, left, center and conservatives. The dupes are only the American people. We vote them in they fuck us up.

 My aunt told me from the getgo that it was an inside job. That NYC Jews owned the twin towers and a Jew now, Feingold on Sunday Morning  this very morning is talking about how the negotiations went with the families. He was in charge of the settlements to victim families

Those who want Bush, Cheney and his ilk back, good luck stupid. As I said many times and my research reveals this about human nature:  that holocausts and genocides will always be with us. We cannot fix that ever. Now many believe that Haiti was destroyed along its fault through HARP or other weapons that created the near total destruction. Don’t know about that one or about the levees in NOLA.

All I can say is see this film. Then go online and search for yourselves how this coup was carried off and who actually carried it off.  Loose Change does not talk about the Mossad or how Jews masterminded the whole thing but it is implied. I mean who OWNS Florida as well as NYC? I rest my case. But don’t rest…see Loose Change for yourself.

I used to be  a 9/11 denier in that I only believed what I was told. That some Muslim students (the “dirty whites” that are now genocided in holocaust in their own country) pulled this off. It totally smacks of Hilter tactics: fuck up something and blame the people you want to exterminate for it! Sounds right to me. In this case it is Muslims.

Bin Laden NEVER took responsiblity for 9/11 and we never went after him but after Iraq OIL. The public said it right all along: BUSH WANTS OIL and Cheney wants to take over the world. Honestly, I may never vote again. Kenneth Feinburg (total Jew) put in charge of dispensing the 7 billion dollars to the victim families. What else is news?

Chapter closed on Bin laden and good riddance!